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D.P. Bezuidenhout Attorneys


Need a personal lawyer
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Enige nuus dis MeV roelofse en MNR roelofse
Can your union bargain on your behalf and bind you to a collective agreement?
Dankie ek gaan al die inligting geniet.
Ons neem deel aan wedlope in George en lewer 'n gratis diens aan die atlete deur hulle met water en Coke te bedien. Hierdeur lewer ons op 'n ander manier 'n diens aan die gemeenskap.

We would like to get to know you and have therefore created this page to find out how we can help you guys with legal issues. Feel free to comment or message us any time.

Yours faithfully

The DP Bez Team Ignorantia juris non excusat.....(ignorance of the law is no excuse), an ancient legal principle which is still very active in modern society. To every person living or doing business in South Africa, it is important to know what the law is and how it would be interpreted. We therefore wish to interact with the people to whom this ancient Latin maxim applies and thereby hope to reveal the law for what it is, instead of it being a possible obstacle or threat.

Operating as usual


Even more if there is no will....

Even more if there is no will....

maroelamedia.co.za 16/12/2020

Hofaansoek oor Tuinroete-strande gebring | Maroela Media

maroelamedia.co.za Die saak dien Dinsdag 22 Desember voor die hof.


Southern African Legal Information Institute

The Durban High Court has ordered the Madrasah Taleemuddeen Islamic Institute to ensure that the Call to Prayer, which is made several times a day, is not audible within the property of the applicant, who lives approximately 200 metres away. The applicant complained about the sound "invades his private space" and "deprives him of the enjoyment of his property and interrupts his peace and quiet". The applicant added that he finds Islam "objectionable" and that in his opinion it is a "false religion".

Read the full judgment on SAFLII: https://bit.ly/2EJDlpB

#BeInformed #OpenAccess #FreeLaw


Southern African Legal Information Institute

It's Flashback Friday!
In 2002, the Western Cape high Court was faced with an unusual situation: an accused in a botched robbery, which had led to two murders, had a bullet lodged in his leg which the police wanted to get their hands on. The bullet was the only piece of evidence that could link the suspect to the incident, and the police wanted to perform ballistics testing on it. The accused, however, denied being involved in the robbery and steadfastly refused to allow the bullet to be removed, arguing that forcibly removing the bullet would violate his right to bodily integrity and the right against self-incrimination.

Do you remember how the court dealt with this strange situation? Refresh your memory: https://bit.ly/30WrD3y

#FlashbackFriday #BeInformed #CriminalProcedure #ConstitutionalLaw


Southern African Legal Information Institute

The Supreme Court of Appeal delivered a judgment today which concerns the actio de pauperie, which comes into play when someone is harmed by an animal. The court was asked to determine whether the defence should be extended to include negligence of a third party not in control of the animal. Read the full judgment on SAFLII: http://www.saflii.org/za/cases/ZASCA/2020/100.html
#BeInformed #FreeLawAfrica #OpenAccess #Delict #RomanDutchLaw


Bezlaw Properties

FOR SALE: Industrial property measuring 60x62m. Situated in Cradock Industrial Area. 2 buildings on the property, 1 with water and the other with 3 phase electricity. 4 smaller workshops & storerooms attached to the main building.
Contact us on 0769569969

businesstech.co.za 09/08/2020

New law aims to help criminally prosecute tax offenses in South Africa – what you need to know

businesstech.co.za National Treasury is seeking much more bite for the South African Revenue Service (SARS) on criminal tax offenses.


Bezlaw Properties

Due to our clients' requests and having the ability to do so, we have started a separate property page wherein we intend to post all things property related. Rentals and sales of our clients will also be advertised through this page so feel free to WhatsApp or message us directly.

We have decided to create a separate page concerning property matters only. This page is in order to help our existing & future clients with managing & selling their property/s through our firm and also getting legit tenants for them.


SABC News Western Cape

An 11-year old boy is expected to appear in the George Magistrate's Court in the Southern Cape today for the murder of a 12-year old boy from Borcherds. The boys allegedly got into a fight. The victim sustained a stab wound to the neck and died on the scene. Police spokesperson Chris Spies says the boy was taken into custody last Wednesday evening. He was released into the care of his parents pending his court appearance.

moneyweb.co.za 09/06/2020

It just got much harder to litigate consumers into bankruptcy

High Courts should merely consider the cost award and award no costs if it believes that the matter is in the wrong Court. Legal fees then becomes an issue between the plaintiff and its attorney, excluding the defendant.

moneyweb.co.za After Western Cape High Court gave Standard Bank the boot.




lawyer.co.za Legal Costs are attorneys’ and advocates’ fees that a client has to pay. Your lawyer will at the outset give you a broad indication of the cost of his/her services.

news24.com 23/05/2020

WATCH | Cops to be probed after woman forced into van released without charge


za.pathlegal.com 21/05/2020

Which Is A Serious Offence Theft Or Robbery - PATHLEGAL


za.pathlegal.com Which Is A Serious Offence Theft Or Robbery

select.timeslive.co.za 20/05/2020

Whatever you do, do not pay a lockdown admission of guilt fine: lawyers

Where do the covid regulations say you can't walk on the beach? Where does it say swimming/ surfing is forbidden? What is classified as "beach" in terms of the regulations? The regulations only provide that you must exercise within 5km of your home between 6 & 9am. If your house is within 5km from backline, the regulations don't prevent you from surfing between 6 & 9am.

select.timeslive.co.za If you pay you will have a criminal record, when in many cases your legal rights have in fact been violated

moneyweb.co.za 16/05/2020

Court cases are piling up against government lockdown

Let the fun begin!

moneyweb.co.za These cases won’t go away, even if lockdown is lifted, as government is seen to have over-stepped its powers.


For the month of May we are going to our clients who are not able to attend our offices. This service is limited to the George area and only by appointment.

georgeherald.com 26/03/2020

Covid-19 and our courts

All our matters which have been placed on the respective court rolls have been postponed till after 16 April 2020.

We will be following up with the Registrar of the High Court and Clerk of the Magistrates court, regarding a new date for each matter as soon as possible.

Regarding new criminal matters, we are available to assist with bail etc. during the lockdown, should you require such assistance.

Please contact 0769569969 or 076 7361221

georgeherald.com GEORGE NEWS - Although Lower and...


During the lock-down period we will still be working on all our client's matters from home.
We are also using this time to streamline processes in providing our clients with fast & efficient service.
Consultations and legal advice can still be acquired over email or telephone.

Dawie: 076 956 9969 / [email protected]

Wikus: 076 736 1221 / [email protected]


Now more than ever, have we realized that there is a significant need to make legal fees affordable to our clients.

Just ask us how... 065 989 5295


In light of all the talk about this virus and how we have come to hear how the regulations are interpreted by individuals, we provide the link to the gazette so that you can see for yourselves what the law says and not what the media and news purport the law to be.

Contravention of these laws carries a 6-month jail term or fine or both.


smartlegal.co.za 11/03/2020

Top Attorney. Best Price.


smartlegal.co.za 10/03/2020

Top Attorney. Best Price.



We are so excited in being able to provided this option to our clients.
Now there is truly no excuse, not to pursue or defend legal matters.

tech4law.co.za 27/02/2020

The South African Law Firms Hourly Rate Survey Results - Tech4Law

It is quite common to hear comments about how expensive attorneys fees are. As we want to provide the best value for our client's money, this article which surveyed the hourly rates of attorneys across the country provides a guideline where we stand with our fees.
It is also important to note that this article and date was published in 2010.

tech4law.co.za It is called “Leaving Money on the Table”, when you could charge more for your services, but you don’t for whatever reason. The extra revenue which you could generate without doing anything extra, with very little resistance from your clients, is “money left on the table.” I think we all f...

businesstech.co.za 26/02/2020

New rule changes will force South Africans to try deal with legal cases out of court

Wonder how far one would be obliged to pursue mediation. On some occasions it gets even more messier and expensive than running a trial.

businesstech.co.za An amendment by the Rules Board for Courts of Law will compel South Africans to declare that they have considered mediation as a solution to any forthcoming legal matter before commencing litigation steps and starting a lawsuit.



There is now a Legal Solution to suit your needs, Cover with your Attorney of choice.
For more information you can follow the link below, alternatively you can speak to your attorney about SmartLegal. We are here to help. ⬇️⬇️⬇️



Smart Lawyers. Better Cover. Made Simple. Visit our website to see how.


We are now able to provide our services at R175 per month.
Contact our office for more information


First e-toll, then AARTO.. Now this!

sowetanlive.co.za 17/02/2020

Legal insurance has its pitfalls

This article seems to represent the general feel of the public towards legal insurance companies..... It all comes down to the fact that the public needs to get through the "red tape" of the insurance company before they even see an attorney.

The alternative would be to put down a significant amount on the attorney's trust account for them to even listen to a matter.

Our firm has partnered up with a company that understands the public and the attorney's needs.

It is thus possible for the public to walk in the door of our attorney firm, speak to a real attorney (not a consultant) and signup for a policy that will cover his legal expenses at our firm.

If you want to know more, please contact our office on 065 989 5295.

sowetanlive.co.za In spite of the apparent benefits of legal insurance - experts say benefits are typically at 1000 times the monthly premium.

smartlegal.co.za 17/02/2020


We are proud to be in partnership with this great initiative. Legal matters have now become much more affordable.
Contact our office for a brochure and further information.
065 9895295

smartlegal.co.za South Africa's only Professional Legal Insurance Provider

za.pathlegal.com 30/01/2020

Black And White: The Reason Behind A Lawyers Dress Code - PATHLEGAL


za.pathlegal.com Black And White: The Reason Behind A Lawyers Dress Code

businesstech.co.za 26/01/2020

South Africa’s strict new driving laws coming in June


businesstech.co.za Transport minister Fikile Mbalula says that the new Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) Act will go live in June 2020, along with a new zero-tolerance approach to drunk driving.

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We are the ones who you turn to when you feel that you can’t “do this” by yourself;

We are the ones who think about the merits of your matter and the application of the law long after you have gone to bed at night;

We are the ones who believe in your matter and who passionately argue for your rights in court while you’re at work;

We are the ones who see solutions for you after you’ve already given up trying to find them;

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