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Lions Mane Mushroom Benefits
Cognitive Improvement: In a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial conducted by researchers at the Hokuto Corporation in Shimokomazawa, Nagano, Japan, a group of older adults (approximately fifty to eighty years old) with mild cognitive impairments were administered Lion’s Mane mushrooms. Researchers found that the non-placebo group increased their cognitive function on the Hasegawa Dementia Scale (HDS-R) in comparison to the control group, depending on what time of day the mushroom was consumed. During the four-week follow-up to the trial, researchers found that cognitive function in the non-control group had declined significantly after ceasing the consumption of medicinal mushrooms. These data indicate that Lion’s Mane may be effective in alleviating mild cognitive dysfunction, but only when consumed on a consistent schedule. Lion’s Mane has also been demonstrated to be effective in improving cognitive function in healthy subjects. In a study conducted across various universities in Pavia and Caligari, Italy and Zurich, Switzerland, researchers examined the impact of H. erinaceussupplementation on brain function in healthy wild mice. They uncovered a significant improvement in recognition memory and an increase in excitatory synaptic current in fiber-CA3 synapse during the behavior test conducted after supplementation.
Anti-Cancer: The anti-cancer effects of Lion’s Mane have been validated by several clinical studies, though the mechanisms by which the mushroom is able to inhibit carcinoma growth is not well understood. Two studies performed by researchers at Kangwon National University in Chuncheon, South Korea have indicated that Lion’s Mane polysaccharides are able to enhance and sensitize doxorubicin-mediated apoptotic signaling (doxorubicin referring to a type of chemotherapy medication), thus aiding in the treatment of drug-resistant hepatocellular carcinoma growth.
Hypoglycemic: In a double-blind, placebo controlled study conducted at Tajen Institute of Technology in Ping Tung, Taiwan, researchers evaluated the effect of Lion’s Mane extract on blood glucose levels in diabetic rats. They found that the extract from H. erinaceus’s fruiting body significantly lowered elevation rates of blood glucose levels in treated rats. The treated group also demonstrated significantly lower levels of serum total cholesterol. Researchers concluded that extracts of Lion’s Mane not only have hypoglycemic effects, but may also reduce total cholesterol levels



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Chaga Mushroom Benefits
Anti-Cancer: In a study published by Wonkwang University in Jeonbuk, South Korea, researchers investigated the anti-proliferative and apoptotic effects of Inonotus obliquus on human hepatoma cell lines (specifically HepG2 and Hep3B cell lines). Utilizing the Western blot technique, the scientists screened the cytotoxicity of a chaga mushroom water extract, and found that HepG2 cells were more sensitive to the product. In fact, the water extract both inhibited hepatoma cell growth and induced apoptotic cell death. These data indicate the potential of the chaga mushroom as an adjuvant cancer treatment, particularly in relationship to cancer of the liver.
Diabetes: In a study published by the Korean Society of Life Science, researchers examined the effects of fermented chaga mushroom on glucose, insulin, and lipid peroxidation levels in diabetic rats. Rats were administered a diet of 50 g/kg mushroom powder and fermented chaga mushroom powder (versus a the control group) for three weeks. Data indicated that lipid peroxidation was significantly lowered in the fermented chaga group, and that hepatic glutathione concentrations (which are closely related to antioxidant systems) were significantly higher. However, the non-fermented chaga group demonstrated only moderate antioxidant activity in the supplemented diabetic rats. These results may indicate that fermented chaga exerts hypoglycemic and antioxidative effects in type 1 diabetes.
Antioxidant: A study published by the Journal of Ethnopharmacology investigated the antioxidant activities of the chaga mushroom via four different extract types. Results indicated that the polyphenolic extract, as well as the extract containing steroids and triterpenoids, yielded significant antioxidant effects against hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative stress in a human keratinocyte cell line. However, the polysaccharide extract was ineffective in that cell line. Researchers concluded that polyphenolic chaga extracts have the ability to protect cells against oxidative stress at concentrations higher than 5 μg/ml.



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Reishi Mushroom Benefits
Anti-Cancer: The reishi mushroom has been tested as a possible adjuvant treatment in various types of cancers. A 2013 study testedGanoderma lucidum as a potential therapeutic for Inflammatory breast cancer. Resulting data indicated that reishi has the capacity to suppress protein synthesis and tumor development in breast cancer, pointing to it as a possible cancer therapeutic. Further research published by theJournal of Nutrition and Cancer has validated this hypothesis. In the aforementioned study, researchers found that reishi extract directly inhibited the proliferation of metastatic cancer cells without destroying noncancerous mammary epithelial cells. These data further support the case for reishi as a non-harmful adjuvant treatment in breast and potentially other types of cancers.
Cholesterol: Recent research has pointed toGanoderma lucidum as a potential weight and cholesterol management agent. In a Northwest European study conducted across various French, German, and Swiss universities, researchers found that reishi extract significantly reduced TV, LDL, and HDL cholesterol levels in hamsters and Göttingen minipigs.
Weight Loss: Evidence indicates that Ganoderma lucidum may have both weight management and anti-diabetic capabilities. A 2014 clinical study published by Nature Communications found that a water extract from reishi mycelium was able to reduce body weight, inflammation, and insulin resistance in overweight mice fed a high-fat diet. Follow-up research indicated that high molecular weight polysaccharides isolated from reishi produced microbiota-modulating effects, meaning the fungus may be able to aid in weight management by regulating gut bacteria.

Neuroprotective: In a study conducted at Peking University in 2004, researchers discovered that a water-soluble extract from the reishi mushroom reduced oxidative stress in rats with ischemic brain damage. Oxidative stress damage contributes directly to several neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Hunginton’s disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Further, data from a multi-university study published by Stem Cell Reports confirmed that a water extract fromGanoderma lucidum promoted neural progenitor cell (NPC) proliferation and alleviated cognitive deficits in mice with Alzheimer’s disease 01/01/2019

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[11/15/18]   Benefit 9: Talking about Lion's Mane
9. Boosts the Immune System

A strong immune system protects the body from bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing pathogens.

On the other hand, a weak immune system puts the body at a higher risk of developing infectious diseases.

Animal research shows that lion’s mane mushroom can boost immunity by increasing the activity of the intestinal immune system, which protects the body from pathogens that enter the gut through the mouth or nose .

These effects may partly be due to beneficial changes in gut bacteria that stimulate the immune system

One study even found that supplementing with lion’s mane extract daily nearly quadrupled the lifespan of mice injected with a lethal dose of salmonella bacteria

The immune-boosting effects of lion’s mane mushrooms are very promising, but this area of research is still developing.

Lion’s mane mushrooms have been shown to have immune-boosting effects in rodents.

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[11/15/18]   Benefit 8: Talking about Lion's Mane
Reduces Inflammation and Oxidative Stress

Chronic inflammation and oxidative stress are believed to be at the root of many modern illnesses, including heart disease, cancer and autoimmune disorders

Research shows that lion’s mane mushrooms contain powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that may help reduce the impact of these illnesses

In fact, one study examining the antioxidant abilities of 14 different mushroom species found that lion’s mane had the fourth highest antioxidant activity and recommended it be considered a good dietary source of antioxidants

Several animal studies have found that lion’s mane extract reduced markers of inflammation and oxidative stress in rodents and may be especially useful in the management of inflammatory bowel disease, liver damage and stroke

Lion’s mane mushrooms may also help reduce some of the health risks associated with obesity, as they have been shown to decrease the amount of inflammation released by fat tissue

More studies are needed to determine the potential health benefits in humans.

Lion’s mane mushroom contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that may help reduce the impact of chronic illness.


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[11/15/18]   Benefit 7: Talking about Lion's Mane
May Help Fight Cancer

Cancer occurs when DNA becomes damaged and causes cells to divide and replicate out of control.

Some research suggests that lion’s mane mushroom has cancer-fighting abilities, thanks to several of its unique compounds

In fact, when lion’s mane extract is mixed with human cancer cells in a test tube, they cause the cancer cells to die at a faster rate. This has been demonstrated with several types of cancer cells, including liver, colon, stomach and blood cancer cells

In addition to killing cancer cells, lion’s mane extract has also been shown to slow the spread of cancer.

One study in mice with colon cancer found that taking lion’s mane extract reduced the spread of cancer to the lungs by 69%

Another study found that lion’s mane extract was more effective than traditional cancer medications at slowing tumor growth in mice, in addition to having fewer side effects

However, the anti-cancer effects of lion’s mane mushroom have never been tested in

Animal and test-tube studies show that lion’s mane extract can kill cancer cells and slow the spread of tumors


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[11/15/18]   Benefit 6: Talking about Lion's Mane"
Helps Manage Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the body loses the ability to control blood sugar levels. As a result, levels are consistently elevated.

Chronically high blood sugar levels eventually cause complications like kidney disease, nerve damage in the hands and feet and vision loss.

Lion’s mane mushroom may be beneficial for diabetes management by improving blood sugar control and reducing some of these side effects.

Several animal studies have shown that lion’s mane can cause significantly lower blood sugar levels in both normal and diabetic mice, even at daily dosages as low as 2.7 mg per pound (6 mg per kg) of body weight

One way that lion’s mane lowers blood sugars is by blocking the activity of the enzyme alpha-glucosidase, which breaks down carbs in the small intestine

When this enzyme is blocked, the body is unable to digest and absorb carbs as effectively, which results in lower blood sugar levels.

In addition to lowering blood sugars, lion’s mane extract may reduce diabetic nerve pain in the hands and feet.

In mice with diabetic nerve damage, six weeks of daily lion’s mushroom extract significantly reduced pain, lowered blood sugar levels and even increased antioxidant levels

Lion’s mane mushroom shows potential as a therapeutic supplement for diabetes.

Lion’s mane mushroom can help lower blood sugar and reduce diabetic nerve pain in mic.


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[11/15/18]   Benefit 5: Talking about Lion's Mane
Reduces Heart Disease Risk

Major risk factors for heart disease include obesity, high triglycerides, large amounts of oxidized cholesterol and an increased tendency to get blood clots.

Research shows that lion’s mane extract can influence some of these factors and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Studies in rats and mice have found that lion’s mane mushroom extract improves fat metabolism and lowers triglyceride levels

One study in rats fed a high-fat diet and given daily doses of lion’s mane extract observed 27% lower triglyceride levels and 42% less weight gain after 28 days

Since obesity and high triglycerides are both considered risk factors for heart disease, this is one way that lion’s mane mushrooms contribute to heart health.

Test-tube studies have also found that lion’s mane extract can help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in the bloodstream

Oxidized cholesterol molecules tend to attach to the walls of arteries, causing them to harden and increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Therefore, reducing oxidation is beneficial for heart health.

What’s more, lion’s mane mushrooms contain a compound called hericenone B, which can decrease the rate of blood clotting and lower the risk of heart attack or stroke .

Lion’s mane mushrooms appear to benefit the heart and blood vessels in multiple ways, but human studies are needed to support this.

Animal and test-tube studies suggest that lion’s mane extract can reduce the risk of heart disease in several ways.


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[11/15/18]   Benefit4: Lion's Mane:
Protects Against Ulcers in the Digestive Tract

Ulcers are capable of forming anywhere along the digestive tract, including the stomach, small intestine and large intestine.

Stomach ulcers are often caused by two major factors: overgrowth of a bacteria called H. pylori and damage to the mucous layer of the stomach that’s often due to long-term use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

Lion’s mane extract may protect against the development of stomach ulcers by inhibiting the growth of H. pylori and protecting the stomach lining from damage

Several studies have found that lion’s mane extract can prevent the growth of H. pylori in a test tube, but no studies have tested whether they have the same effects inside the stomach

Additionally, an animal study found that lion’s mane extract was more effective at preventing alcohol-induced stomach ulcers than traditional acid-lowering drugs — and without any negative side effects

Lion’s mane extract can also reduce inflammation and prevent tissue damage in other areas of the intestines. In fact, they may help treat inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease

One study in people with ulcerative colitis found that taking a mushroom supplement containing 14% lion’s mane extract significantly reduced symptoms and improved quality of life after three weeks

Overall, research suggests that lion’s mane extract may help inhibit the development of ulcers, but more human research is needed.

Lion’s mane extract has been shown to protect against stomach and intestinal ulcers in rodents.


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[11/15/18]   Benefit 3: Lion's Mane
May Speed Recovery from Nervous System Injuries

The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and other nerves that travel throughout the body. These components work together to send and transmit signals that control almost every bodily function.

Injuries to the brain or spinal cord can be devastating. They often cause paralysis or loss of mental functions and can take a long time to heal.

However, research has found that lion’s mane mushroom extract may help speed recovery from these types of injuries by stimulating the growth and repair of nerve cells

In fact, lion’s mane mushroom extract has been shown to reduce recovery time by 23–41% when given to rats with nervous system injuries

Lion’s mane extract may also help reduce the severity of brain damage after a stroke.

In one study, high doses of lion’s mane mushroom extract given to rats immediately after a stroke helped decrease inflammation and reduce the size of stroke-related brain injury by 44%

While these results are promising, no studies have been conducted in humans to determine if lion’s mane would have the same therapeutic effect on nervous system injuries.

Rat studies have found that lion’s mane extract can speed up recovery time from nervous system injuries.


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