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Specialists in Social Media Management; Advertising and Training. Social Media is here to stay, and

Social Media is here to stay, and we want to help you benefit from it!


Personalising your blog content⌨️ is key to boosting your brand! Tailor your posts to connect with your audience, reinforce your brand identity, and spark engagement. Here's how:
- Understand your audience's preferences, challenges, and interests.
- Establish a unique tone and style that reflects your brand's personality and values.
- Share your brand's history, mission, and vision through engaging narratives.
- Incorporate branded visuals to enhance the aesthetic appeal and shareability of your content.
- Encourage engagement and interaction.
For more on our services, send us a WhatsApp message at 081 451 9531.


Meta announces Screen Smart Series for parents in the United States! Meta is running a new series of workshops across the U.S. that are designed to better equip parents in managing their child’s screen time, while also highlighting the potential risks of online exposure, and how to minimise such, where possible. Read more here:


Digital marketing is an essential aspect of your brand! Follow our WhatsApp channel for all the latest tips and tricks in the marketing world. Simply follow the link here: Send us a WhatsApp message at 081 451 9531.


Join the Planet vs. Plastics movement this Earth Day to raise awareness and inspire others to make sustainable choices that benefit both nature and humanity. Together we can make a difference.


"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs


Let Creative Touch skyrocket your online presence and drive more traffic to your website with our expert marketing strategies. Rely on us to achieve greatness for your business! To learn about our services, send us a WhatsApp message at 081 451 9531.


: Studies show that the use of emojis in marketing can increase engagement by up to 48%. Emojis add a human touch to your marketing, making it more relatable and appealing to audiences. It can also help convey emotions and tone more effectively than plain text, which can lead to customer engagement and drive better results. For more on our services, send us a WhatsApp message at 081 451 9531.


: New version of Meta AI released today, with some interesting features.
Whether we like it or not, AI is becoming a very real part of our everyday interactions and actions.
Contact us at 081 451 9531 for assistance on how to incorporate AI effectively into your marketing strategy.


Let's travel back to 1988 for this - one of the most iconic marketing campaigns was Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign. The campaign featured professional and amateur athletes sharing their accomplishments and inspiring viewers to do the same. Thousands of people submitted personal stories about times when they decided to take the leap and “just do it". The line became Nike’s emblematic tagline and continues to represent the brand. It's time to get your campaign the attention it deserves - send us a WhatsApp message at 081 451 9531.


: Graphic design trends continue to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Two prominent trends that stand out are 3D design and immersive experiences. Here's why:
- Enhanced realism.
- Versatility designs.
- Competitive edge.
- Increased engagement.
- Enhanced storytelling.
Take your graphic visuals to new heights with Creative Touch! To learn more about our services, send a WhatsApp message to 081 451 9531.


Discover the doorway to success with Creative Touch's lead-generation service! Let us ignite your business' growth by connecting you with quality leads, tailored to your unique needs. Send us a WhatsApp message at 081 451 9531.


A social media reputation is crucial for individuals and businesses alike in today's digital age. Here's why a positive social media reputation is important:
- Builds trust and credibility.
- Builds a brand image.
- Helps crisis management.
- Increases reach and engagement.
- Long-lasting impact.
Investing time and effort in building a positive social media reputation can have significant long-term benefits, both personally and professionally. Contact us by sending a WhatsApp message to 081 451 9531.


“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” - Albert Einstein


Give your business the attention it deserves by maximising your marketing content! Here's how:
- Understand your audience's preferences, interests, and demographics.
- Use relevant keywords and hashtags to improve your content's visibility in search engines.
- Create captivating, helpful, informative, and entertaining content.
- Maintain a consistent posting schedule and build trust and loyalty.
- Encourage comments, shares, and feedback to create a sense of community.
Enquire about our services by sending a WhatsApp message to 081 451 9531.


Let's get the weekend going with a ! Oh never mind, my weekend hasn't started. Let's try again in about an hour! 😑


TikTok has published a new guidebook on how to make best use of its “Promote” quick advertising option, which enables you to amplify your content by giving it a paid boost to reach a broader audience. Click here to read more:


Having a well-defined target audience is key to the success and growth of any business. Here's why:
- Focus on marketing efforts.
- Improve product development.
- Better allocation of resources.
- Enhanced brand identity.
- Competitive advantage.
Ready to give your business the attention it deserves? Contact us by sending a WhatsApp message to 081 451 9531.


Today is ! Let's take a moment to recognize and appreciate the invaluable contributions of lawyers in our lives. ⚖️ Whether they're drafting contracts, defending rights, or providing wise counsel, lawyers play a crucial role in helping us navigate the complexities of the legal system.


Reach your organisation's full potential with custom software tailored to your unique needs and partner with an agency committed to exceeding client expectations. From desktop to web and mobile applications, rely on Creative Touch to deliver excellence in custom software! Get in touch with us by sending a WhatsApp message to 081 451 9531.


Unlock your marketing potential with Creative Touch! Our expert team will craft a tailored marketing strategy for effective promotion, connection, and engagement with your target audience. Together we can achieve success! Contact us today for a tailored Digital Marketing Strategy by sending a WhatsApp message to 081 451 9531.


"A graphic designer is a machine that turns coffee into beautiful, functional imagery" - Lisa Manson


Give your brand a unique persona with Creative Touch's expert Brand Identity service! Let your audience effortlessly recognise and distinguish your brand, giving you a visible spot in a sea of competitors. Contact us by sending a WhatsApp message to 081 451 9531.


: When Facebook was first launched, the "Like" button was initially called the "Awesome" button. It was changed to "Like" before the site went live to make it more universal and easier to understand for all users. Learn more about our services when you send us a WhatsApp message at 081 451 9531.


"Marketing is an investment that generally generates long-term results." - Pooja Agnihotri
Reach new marketing heights with Creative Touch and embrace effective brand awareness and increased sales! Get in touch by sending us a WhatsApp message at 081 451 9531.


: How do I create an effective digital marketing strategy? Creating an effective digital marketing strategy requires careful planning, research, and adaptability. Here's how:
- Identify your audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviours.
- Establish achievable objectives, such as increasing website traffic or boosting sales.
- Based on your audience and goals, choose the most effective platforms for your marketing.
- Create valuable and engaging content.
- Stay up-to-date with trends.
Rely on Creative Touch, the agency that effortlessly achieves increased results. Reach out to us by sending a WhatsApp message to 081 451 9531.


An online presence is essential for a business to thrive and achieve successful sales. However, organically gaining the right amount of followers is a challenge! Here's effective tips to help:
- Focus your efforts on the right platforms.
- Optimise your social media profiles.
- Create unique and engaging content.
- Interact with and engage your followers.
- Post during slow hours to ensure maximum exposure.
Discover increased online awareness which in turn means, increased sales with the help of Creative Touch - together we can achieve success! Send us a WhatsApp message to 081 451 9531.


"Ohana means family, and family means nobody is left behind or forgotten." From the Creative Touch family to yours, we wish you a wonderful Family Day of happiness and love.


Happy Easter Sunday! The Creative Touch team wishes you an egg-stra special day with those who matter most and of course lots of chocolate.


"Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart." - Joe Chernov
Embrace improved brand awareness and increased sales with a unique marketing strategy from Creative Touch. Let's achieve greatness together! For more on our services, send us a WhatsApp message to 081 451 9531.


Wishing you a day filled with the joy that only family can bring on this special occasion. Happy Good Friday from the Creative Touch family to yours.

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