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Digital Village is a non-profit organization committed to providing free or affordable next generation internet connectivity to Garden Route communities

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Digital Village is a non-profit organization (section 21 company) committed to providing #free or affordable next generation internet connectivity to the Garden Route community. Do you believe that fast, reliable, high quality internet should be a basic human right just like services such as water, electricity and sanitation?If you do, you are already supporting the dream of Digital Village! We are connecting needy communities and social organisations to our next generation network for free. #DigitalVillage


#DigitalVillage is proud of our FREE #WiFi services, which is proudly sponsored by #CloudConnect and funded by the Western Cape Provincial Government, each user recieves 250mb of fast internet each day. Once the daily quota has been used up users can buy additional data vouchers at highly subsidised rates from their local grass-roots resellers like the corner spaza shop, etc.


#Wifi #LifeHack: If you're one of the many folks that has to reboot their router every so often so it doesn't drop out, there is a solution. You can run a few tests to make sure the problem isn't caused by heat, old firmware, or excess downloading, but an easy way to solve the problem is just automatically reboot it once a day or so. You can do this with DD-WRT or just a regular old outlet timer. When you're done, you shouldn't have to reboot your router so often (which is great if your router's all the way up in the attic). #DigitalVillage


WiFi, coffee, my bed. Perfection. #DigitalVillage #SundayMotivation


#Routers may be ugly, but that doesn't mean you should hide them behind the TV cabinet. If you want the best signal, you'll need it out in the open, free of any walls and obstructions. Point the antennas vertically, and elevate the router if you can (one reader found that his attic was the perfect spot). Lastly, make sure its in the centre of your house, so you have the best coverage possible throughout your home. #DigitalVillage #LifeHack #WIFI


#Wifi #Funny: "He uses Wifi". #DigitalVillage


#Malware #SecurityTip: It’s important to keep your AV updated, but it’s equally important for the rest of your software on your PC. A vast percentage of software today contains vulnerabilities that have the potential to be exploited. Once the security of a program has been bypassed, malware can be installed on the host system using increased privileges. #DigitalVillage


Stay connected with #DigitalVillage easy to connect #FreeWiFi! Simply scan for 'DV Free WiFi' and hit connect. *Free data limited to 250MB per device per day.


Do you love beading? Are you a beading wizard? Wouldn’t it be so cool to launch an online business that not only sold the coolest beads on the Web, but also offered video tutorials on beading methods and techniques? #DigitalVillage provides the Internet link you need to get you beading business off the ground, and the best part it is absolutely Free! #InternetEntrepreneurs *Free data limited to 250MB per device per day.


#DigitalVillage is a non-profit organization committed to providing free or affordable next generation internet connectivity to #GardenRoute communities. #Connection


Great News, you can #DigitalVillage Free WiFi at Khayalethu Library in Knysna. #Wifi #Knysna


Free 30Mbps Internet Connection with #DigitalVilage high speed #wifi at the Knysna Waterfront. *250MB Free per day.


Imel Rautenbach being interviewed on the #EdenFM radio about the #DigitalVillage free WiFi project.


#DigitalVillage offers rural community's families low cost options to stay in touch using the latest technology. Contact us today on 044 805 7155 for more information or to host a #hotspot. #Wifi #Connectivity


#DigitalVillage is constantly rolling out #hotspots across the #GardenRoute. The moreover this project and the locations of the current #FreeWIFI hotspot areas can be found at


Digital Village is a non-profit organization committed to providing free or affordable next generation internet connectivity to Garden Route communities


#DigitalVillage: We all use WiFi hotspots on an almost daily basis–but did you know that WiFi hotspots are often unsecured and can leave you vulnerable to attacks from malicious web users. With Digital Village #Wifi hotspots you are always safe and secure from #Malware attacks.


Happy #StarWars Day 2015! May the Fourth be with you. How will you celebrate the day and who is your favourite Star Wars character? #MayThe4thBeWithYou #DigitalVillage


Technology is a given not a debate. #DigitalVillage #Sunday #Motivation


#PhishingTip: Protect your computer with a firewall, spam filters, anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Do some research to ensure you are getting the most up-to-date software, and update them all regularly to ensure that you are blocking from new viruses and spyware. #DigitalVillage


Happy #WorkersDay everyone, we wish you a lovely day, please note that we are standby for any #ISP problem. #LabourDay


"The roll-out of the project is going to have a major effect on people's lives when they are connected to the internet for the first time. The complete project goes live in June and we plan to connect up to 30 000 people in George, Mossel Bay and Knysna," - Imel Rautenbach, 20 March 2014, explaining the impact #DigitalVillage will have on the George community. #TBT

50,000 Unique Users 30/04/2015

50,000 Unique Users

We have reached 50,000 unique users on the Digital Village #Free WiFi network.


A new research report finds that 83% of #SouthAfrican smartphone users connect to the Internet daily, and want to be connected irrespective of where they are. They want a good signal at all times and if they don’t get a good connection from a mobile network, they will switch to #WiFi. #DigitalVillage


Supported by IT experts with more than 60 years of combined technology experience, much of it gained at an international and corporate level, #DigitalVillage brings the fastest, most reliable wireless internet currently available to #GardenRoute communities


Happy #FreedomDay everyone, we hope you have a wonderful day. #DigitalVillage


I think it's fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we've ever created. - Bill Gates #DigitalVillage #SundayMotivation


#Android has a built-in VPN but if that's not available you can set up a SSH Tunnel and SSH server that will work no matter where you are. #SecuritySaturday #DigitalVillage


The Internet presently consists of five billion computing devices. This number will increase to 22 billion by the year 2020. #FactFriday #DigitalVillage #Internet


Happiness is free #WIFI! And Digital Village is all about spreading happiness by providing free, or affordable next generation internet, connectivity to Garden Route communities


The Outeniqua Transport Museum in George hosts arguably the finest display of steam and general transport memorabilia in South Africa. Digital Village has provided a free WiFi hotspot to serve the museum's visitors.

Digital Village also sponsors the Eden Lions with dedicated connectivity. The Lions are extremely active in supporting community projects, and have their offices in one of the railway carriages in the museum.

There are many ways to give back to the community. Somehow museums are frequently forgotten. We believe that the story of the future can be ready by the light of history.


Free WiFi at the The London Bus Fish & Chip Company in Mossel Bay, courtesy of Digital Village. You can sit on top of the bus and watch the boats and the gulls and the swimmers in the water.


Digital Village provides free WiFi at Kaai4 Restaurant in Mossel Bay so that tourists and visitors can enjoy our provinces spectacular beaches to the full.

Both local and foreign visitors regularly frequent this highly-rated restaurant beach restaurant. Hotspot statistics indicate that this WiFi access point draws large volumes of traffic which proves how welcome connectivity in beach areas is to the public.


Digital Village has been sponsoring Seven Passes Initiative since the organization first started operating from a humble container office in Touwsranten. Today they have grown to a sizable organization which occupies professional office facilities near the Touwsranten primary school. Partnering with Seven Passes has been a pleasure throughout.


Needy communities can be assisted when organizations work together. In many cases the greatest barrier to providing free internet to needy communities is the inability to obtain permission to us high structures for placement of hotspot access points or to relay signals.

In general there is considerable resistance from institutions who own critical high site infrastructure. Fortunately there are exceptions where owners of strategically-positioned properties are indeed eager to contribute towards upgrading community services.

At Kwanonqaba in Mossel Bay, Shoprite partnered with Digital Village in making the Kwanonqaba Mall available as an access point. By installing a WiFi access point at the top of the building the surrounding inhabitants can now enjoy the liberating benefits of free internet.

At the same time the Digital Village hotspot provides a better shopping experience to the mall's visitors. Now you can even sit in a car in the parking area and browse the internet while waiting for one's family to finish their shopping.



11 Brick Rd

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Monday 08:00 - 18:00
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Wednesday 08:00 - 18:00
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