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Minimalistic elegance 👌🏻

Sleek custom designed server to compliment the mirrors, finished off with a touch of boho pampass grass.

Timeline photos 30/03/2021

We are passionate about creating a beautiful space that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as practical.

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Timeline photos 18/03/2021

We do Social Media Marketing too.

From Corporate Branding, Logo Design, Marketing to Interior Design.
We’ve got you covered.

Leave your digital footprint in our creative hands!

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073 885 4611

Timeline photos 15/03/2021

DETAILS | touches of gold for that added luxury feeling.

Timeline photos 04/03/2021

CORPORATE IDENTITY | We take your hand from the start up of your business from Logo Design to setting up your social media pages and Interior Design.

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073 885 4611

📸: Bizkit PhotoGraphy

Timeline photos 18/02/2021

Our holistic approach to business includes INTERIOR DESIGN, CORPORATE BRANDING, DIGITAL MARKETING, CUSTOM FURNITURE and a free consultation.

Take your business to the next level.

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Timeline photos 15/02/2021

VIBRANT | living room

Timeline photos 28/12/2020

DETAILS | Specializing in Guesthouse Interiors, we are sure to hand pick each item for the ultimate guest experience.

Timeline photos 09/11/2020

We look forward to creating stunning design concepts with our clients!

Where magic happens! ✨


Meet Géla le Roux

With her strong background in Marketing, combined with her studies in Interior Design, Géla takes a holistic approach to corporate companies’ branding and interiors to work in a harmonious way & ultimately draw in sales and feet to your company, offering DIGITAL MARKETING, INTERIOR DESIGN, FURNISHINGS & CORPORATE IDENTITY.

Besides that she also offers FREE consultations and residential makeovers.

Get in touch : [email protected]

Timeline photos 05/10/2020

It’s all in the details.

Tiles :

Timeline photos 25/09/2020

Black Beauty.
We selected a custom hand made black basin on a blackwood floating vanity for a classy, unique look.

Sanitary ware :

Timeline photos 22/09/2020

Time to make magic! ✨
Book your FREE consultation now.
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Timeline photos 14/09/2020

We are in love with these cecil wood pendants locally made! Combining rustic chic with modern elements.

Timeline photos 11/09/2020

N E W L I F E | This chair had an amazing fresh makeover with a soft velvet green side and floral to compliment the boldness. We love it!


Does your business need a new look?


Our aim is to merge your INTERIOR space with your DIGITAL FOOTPRINT to create a universal message in what you have to offer.

Contact us NOW to find out more.
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Timeline photos 20/08/2020

V I S I O N.
Let us create your vision for your home / work space.
Trust the professionals.

Timeline photos 17/08/2020

F A R M H O U S E - C H I C

Photos from Art by Design's post 05/08/2020

Before & After...

R I C H | hues of gold & emerald on contrasting black.


H E L L O | beautiful
Let us make the magic happen in your home ✨

Timeline photos 04/06/2020

We are loving this designer basin from on the natural wood converted vanity.

Sanitary ware :

Timeline photos 28/04/2020

Petit Server with picture frame for a small entrance to make a BOLD statement.

Timeline photos 22/01/2020

M O N O C H R O M E 🌱
We are absolutely in love with this muted green design board for a
Stunning Tile from
Designer :

Timeline photos 05/11/2019

B L A C K | dreams
This bathroom is jewelled from head to toe in fine gold trimmings and black marble tiles ♠️

Timeline photos 28/10/2019

L U X U R Y | we love the earthy tones in this beautifully decorated guest room 🌱
Hertex Fabrics

Timeline photos 25/10/2019

C O P P E R | dressing table repurposed with charcoal chalk paint paired with for this fabulous look 🍂

Timeline photos 25/09/2019

| I S L A N D | greys
We have paired the light grey kitchen island with slate cladding for contrast and natural wooden stools to create a modern and cool kitchen.

Timeline photos 25/09/2019

| C O U R T Y A R D | ideas
We love beautiful landscaping 🌱
By planning small gardens prior to planting, you can create depth and atmosphere!

Timeline photos 25/09/2019

| L I V I N G R O O M | luxury
We’ve played with contrasts of monochrome charcoal and greys to create a cozy and luxurious calm living room with touches of gold and crystal.

Timeline photos 25/09/2019

| G R A N D E | entrance
We’ve paired with a classic natural wood server and oversized clock to make a fabulous entrance!






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