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Emergency Disaster Response (EDR) International is a non-profit disaster risk reduction and response agency operating in South Africa and internationally.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these brave souls lost 20 years ago today.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these brave souls lost 20 years ago today.

Photos from EDR International's post 05/06/2021

EDR had the privilege to train a group of anti- poaching staff near the Kruger National Park last week in Tactical First Aid.

We were amazed by this group of men. Their commitment to saving animals, and their hunger to learn life saving skills were inspiring!


On behalf of the crew at EDR and our board members, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to the Netcare911 family after the tragic loss of their colleagues and friends this afternoon.
Our thoughts and prayers are also with the families and friends mourning their loss.


Here's the first glimpse of the future home of EDR International.

Lots of exciting developments to come over the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned!


The Outeniqua Trails Search and Rescue team assisted other ground teams from Metro Rescue and George fire brigade with yet another rescue today. Well done to the AMS crew on a successful rescue!

We wish the patient a speedy recovery.

The Oudtshoorn Western Cape Department of Health EMS/AMS rescue helicopter was dispatched to the Outeniqua Mountains earlier today. It was reported that a group of four hikers was hiking up Cradock Peak, on the way down one hiker was injured and the ground and air rescue service was activated. The patient was extracted off the mountain and airlifted to George Mediclinic. Images courtesy Crew and Deidre Cloete. #changinglives #savinglives #emergencymedicalservices #WesternCapeGovernment #helicopterrescue #leonardohelicopters #proudlysouthafrican🇿🇦 #aeromedicine


At 09:18 this morning EDR received a call for help from a hiker reporting an injured fellow hiker on the Bridel trail in Wilderness. The Outeniqua Trails Search and Rescue team along with Meteo Rescue responded to the call where we located a 73y/o female patient with injuries to her right ankle. The patient was checked and stabilized.

The patient was unable to walk back out so she was carried and pulled out to a waiting ambulance using a SKED stretcher.

The patient was transported to George Mediclinic via Metro ambulance.
Many thanks to all crew who made this an enjoyable and exciting rescue.



As the COVID19 numbers rise in our city, so does the risk for EMS and Rescue crews. EDR is proud to share that we are walking this road with our fellow EMS crews by sanitizing (fogging) the bases and emergency vehicles (at no cost to them).


Many thanks to Deidre Cloete for taking the photos.


Addo Elephant Trail Run

The Outeniqua Trails Search And Rescue team assisted this amazing event on the first weekend of March. It put each one of us to the test as our team members covered the toughest section of the 100 Mile course.

Even in 50+C/122+F the team assisted runners and did it with such passion.
Well done to the OTSR team and to the runners!

Addo is generally known as a HOT race, but this year the heat level was something else, with the infamous Valley Of Tears living up to its name yet again!

If you want to see what went down at this years #Addo2020 #Addo100 mile race, then watch this awesome mini-documentary that the amazing team at FilmHouse put together for us.

If you then feel inspired to enter #Addo2021, head over to http://addo.run ASAP and you might be lucky enough to grab some of the last early bird entries for the 76km and 100 mile races (the 44km early birds are already sold out).

The early bird entries will be available until the end of April (or until they sell out).

Will we be seeing YOU on the startline in March 2021?

#Addo2021 #AfricasWildestUltra #WhereLegendsAreBorn

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[03/29/20]   At EDR we've been focusing our efforts over the last month at supplying critical medical equipment and PPE to clinics and governments in response to the global COVID19 crisis. We've been doing this through our partner company, EDR Technologies.
We are working around the clock to help save lives and keeping our fellow medical practitioners safe.


Dr. Peter Lin on Covid 19 (CoronaVirus) and how to protect yourself.

Please take a few moments to watch this video on what COVID19 (Coronavirus) is, how it spreads, and how to stay safe.
Let's replace fear, panic, drama and misinformation with facts.


A 5 minute video on Covid 19 (CoronaVirus) from Dr. Peter Lin, Family Physician. His Biographical Sketch: https://www.practiceupdate.com/author/peter-lin/76


The Outeniqua Trails Search and Rescue crew assisted with the Hope Church night run on Friday 07/02/2020.
Crews assisted 4 patients and helped with the search for a missing child.


With so much dear surrounding the Coronavirus, we thought it fitting to share some info on it.


Part of Saturday morning was spent training SPCA volunteers on how best to help animals in the event of a disaster. Much of the time was spent on safety protocols as well as communication. Thank you to Salome and her team for the invite to contribute.


EDR International


Our OTSR volunteers received vital self defense training over the past week. At EDR we care about our volunteers and their safety. A massive thank you to Johan for the excellent training.


The OTSR and EDR crew had a busy Sunday. The OTSR Team assisted with medical support for the 2019 Rhino Run in George.

Later this afternoon the EDR Off-road response vehicle was activated after one of our volunteers came across a fellow mountain biker experiencing a cardiac emergency. The patient was assessed and brought down the mountain to an awaiting Metro EMS ambulance for transporting to George Provincial Hospital in a stable condition.

Well done to the OTSR team for a successful weekend of service in and around George.
#EDR #SpotAfrica #Moutainrescue #Mountain #Gtr


Amazing team work once again today between OTSR and Metro Rescue to assist a trail runner with heat exhaustion in remote Groenkop outside George.
All runners were safely extracted off the mountain before nightfall.


It is with very heavy hearts that we must retire our primary emergency response vehicle as of today, September 1st.

It responded to one final emergency last night (a motor vehicle accident where one adult male was treated for injuries sustained during the accident).

EDR must now suspend all emergency response work until we are able to replace our vehicle with another one.

Our Emergency Response Vehicle is not just simply a vehicle; it sits at the centre of our work as it allows us to respond to emergencies in and around the Garden Route district. Unfortunately, our current vehicle must now retire due to age and safety concerns.

More information on opportunities to get involved in helping replace our vehicle will be shared soon. We will also share stories of how our now retired vehicle served thousands of lives in crisis incidents.

Please like and share this to get the word out, and to help find those who would like to partner with this need.


EDR crew along with a group of amazing trail running volunteers gave back to the community on this Mandela day. We widened and reenforced a bridge leading into the forest so that those enjoying the outdoors can do so safely. A massive thanks to each person who joined in today!


The EDR crew is super excited to announce the addition of ORV1 to our response fleet. This Polaris 4x4 is kitted out with a patient carrying platform, ample storage for gear as well as a high pressure water pump.

ORV1 is the perfect off-road vehicle for us to assist in Search and Rescue operations as well as tough terrain fire fighting.

[02/11/19]   Some very exciting news to be announced in the next week... Stay tuned


EDR crew assisted local and regional fire services today in Hartenbos with a runaway vegetation fire.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the fireman who was injured, as well as the families who lost their homes.

We would like to thank the community of Hartenbos for assisting wherever they could.

The last two images were taken with our CAT S61 smartphone with FLIR. The FLIR assisted us in identifying hotspots.


Yesterday, the Outeniqua Trails Search and Rescue team responded to a call for assistance by Metro Rescue in the search and rescue of an overdue group of 12 tourists. They had gone kloofing down the Kaaimans river late afternoon (03/01/2019).

A joint effort led by Metro Rescue, with assistance from George Fire Brigade, NSRI Wilderness and Outeniqua Trails Search and Rescue resulted in the group being safely guided out of the kloof after dark.

A great team effort led to a very successful rescue.


The Outeniqua Trails Search and Rescue team assisted Metro Rescue yesterday 27/12/2018 with safely carrying an injured fisherman near Victoria Bay to an awaiting ambulance. We would like to wish the patient a speedy recovery.


The Outeniqua Trails Search and Rescue team conducted a scenario-based training exercise last night (11/12/18) to test readiness for the festive season.

The team was informed that 2 people were 5 hours overdue returning from their hike to Cradock Peak. A search grid was made based on their last known location, and where their vehicle was located.

The team was divided into 4 teams; each team was allocated a route to clear as they made their way to Cradock Peak.
The first team located the missing party in under 50 minutes and assessed them for injuries.

The patients' injuries were attended to on scene and one person was carried out of the ravine to the nearest access point where he could be loaded into an ambulance.

Team members showed amazing teamwork and provided the correct first aid. They took all needed safety measures to ensure that both they and their patient were safe as they extricated him over 3km of treacherous terrain.

Well done to the team for a textbook rescue! A big thank you also to Deidre Cloete for joining us and capturing this scenario so well through her camera lens.


This week EDR had the privilege to train some of the staff and volunteers at Barnyard Kennels & Cattery in K9 CPR and first aid.

It was great to add a life-saving skill to their love for animals.


During the past 8 months, we have been training a group of trail runners in First Response and Search & Rescue. These dedicated men and women use their passion and knowledge of the mountains surrounding George to assist lost, missing, or injured individuals on the mountainside.

This group is now formally known as Outeniqua Trails Search & Rescue, and operates alongside the EDR crew. We are very excited about what lies ahead for this team.

[11/15/18]   EDR would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to First Attack Fire and Equipment for their generous donation of a bunker suit to keep some of our crews safe when working on fires. @firstattacksa


During a training exercise in the forest on Tuesday night our crew spotted a small flame. We went and extinguished it and did further investigation using our CAT S60 phone.

Note that it was pitch dark and that after extinguishing the initial flare up there was no evidence of any further danger.

Have a look at the thermal signature we picked up using the CAT S60's FLIR camera. This footage shows hot smoldering undergrowth (not visible) with temperatures exceeding 75C. This shows the hidden danger of potential new fires that could start.

This is 2 weeks after the fire swept through this forest.



The EDR trail running WSAR team had a nighttime training exercise on Tuesday. They had to locate a missing person, assess him for injury, treat him, and carry him out to where they could be met by ambulance.

This team once again showed amazing teamwork, skills in grid search, abilities to assess and treat a patient, and superior knowledge of the mountains.

Well done to the team for a successful training exercise.


EDR International's cover photo


We would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to our amazing volunteers who have made a huge difference in securing key points in and around George over the past week and a half.

Not only do they give their time at no charge, but also resources and expertise; sometimes at a risk of personal harm to help and serve the community of George and surrounds.

They are ALWAYS willing to help at a drop of a hat, and never have a single complaint. Without them, EDR's response to this fire would have been much more difficult, and have much less impact.

We thank you from the bottom of my hearts!


EDR crew and community volunteers worked until late in the night 03/11/2018 to make sure fires will not flare up in the forest surrounding the George Botanical Gardens and to homes nearby.

We made use of our pumps to pump water from a stream to douse flames and wet the fire line.


The EDR crew visited a local preschool this morning to assist with some trauma debriefing relating to the ongoing fires.

It was very evident that many of these precious children struggled with the trauma experienced.

We talked about how it made us feel, what emotions it caused and what made us feel safe.

Have a look at some of the drawing of what scared them and what made them feel safe...


EDR volunteers returned to the George waterworks for further mop ups today (31/10/2018) as strong winds caused some flare ups over night.

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EDR crew assisted local and regional fire services today in Hartenbos with a runaway vegetation fire. Our thoughts and p...
This week EDR had the privilege to train some of the staff and volunteers at Barnyard Kennels & Cattery in K9 CPR and fi...
During a training exercise in the forest on Tuesday night our crew spotted a small flame. We went and extinguished it an...
EDR crew and community volunteers worked until late in the night 03/11/2018 to make sure fires will not flare up in the ...
Over the last 24hrs, the EDR crew has been deployed in Herold in the Garden Route to assist farmers and municipal fire c...
Preschool kids learning how to call for help...
Learning about emergency response vehicles, and losing fear of those who can help in an emergency.



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