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Providing administrative and bookkeeping support so that small business owners can focus on sales an


Things happened so incredibly quickly and I had to make arrangements at lightning speed and just realised that I never posted this notice 😳😳

I am already out of surgery and will see the surgeon in a week's time to ascertain whether I can go home. (I'm still in shock!)

Please note that I will be on the mend for a few weeks but that I will try and ease back into work from about the 14th of October 2021.

I apologise for the inconvenience but I have learnt that sometimes even workaholics need to put their health first 😉

See you all soon!!

Groen Business Services updated their phone number. 29/07/2021

Groen Business Services updated their phone number.

Groen Business Services updated their phone number.


Sage Status

Sage's Major outage after a system upgrade is still being worked on. Some clients have been able to log in for short periods of time, but Sage's system can't cope at the moment.

This is huge frustration seeing as VAT is due, but I am keeping an eye on the system and frequently trying to log in to get work done on time.

Sage Status Welcome to Sage's home for real-time and historical data on system performance.

UPDATE: Sage Accounting Speed and Login Challenges - 19/01/2021-20/01/2021 - Sage Accounting Africa and Middle East Announcements, News, and Alerts - Sage Accounting Africa and Middle East - Sage City Community 20/01/2021

UPDATE: Sage Accounting Speed and Login Challenges - 19/01/2021-20/01/2021 - Sage Accounting Africa and Middle East Announcements, News, and Alerts - Sage Accounting Africa and Middle East - Sage City Community

Sage One is currently experiencing problems with login and Accounting speed. They have been working with their service provider and updates can be followed on this link:

UPDATE: Sage Accounting Speed and Login Challenges - 19/01/2021-20/01/2021 - Sage Accounting Africa and Middle East Announcements, News, and Alerts - Sage Accounting Africa and Middle East - Sage City Community Update#3: 19/01/2021 - 20:00We have planned changes with our service providers tonight between 23:15 and 2:30 A.M tomorrow morning in order to resolve the issue. There will be service interruptions during this time.Further feedback and updates will follow on this post and/or


If you are a Sage Business Cloud Accounting user, please note that they are currently experiencing issues with bank feeds. There was a security update and all bank feeds were deactivated.

You will have to re-enter all your bank credentials to reactivate the feeds. However, some feeds are now giving a new error saying that it needs authorisation.

This is a problem in the back end and developers are currently working on the problem.

Timeline photos 19/07/2020

I believe that quality shouldn't cost a fortune, especially when it comes to business services for the small business owner!

I work with some great people to ensure that stays cost-effective.

Whether you have a new system that needs some streamlining or whether you have no system at all, I can assist.

Monthly options are also available.

T's & C's apply

Timeline photos 19/07/2020

Having the right corporate identity makes your business memorable!

Whether you need everything brand new or just a revamp, contact me today 😁

If you don't require a full business package, then you can select from the following design services :

Logo R430
Business Card R180
Letterhead R180
Email Signature R180
Flyer R180

(prices are VAT exclusive)


This offer not only includes a personalised CV revamp, but also one FREE print at a printing company in your area as well as tips when applying for work!

SMALL BUSINESS: Three out of four SMMEs will close: Bold steps are required to avert a crisis 22/05/2020

SMALL BUSINESS: Three out of four SMMEs will close: Bold steps are required to avert a crisis

I don't want to end the week off with more grim news, but this is unfortunately the current reality that we are facing in South Africa.

It has never been a more important time to buy products from small businesses instead of the big corporations.

It's also predominantly the small business owner that had to evolve and change the way they do business to be more accessible to clients. e-Commerce, online services, home deliveries have all grown incrementally and they have the ability to do it much faster than the bigger companies with a board of directors.

Support each other. Even if it means paying a little bit more. You are keeping the doors open and the lights on!

SMALL BUSINESS: Three out of four SMMEs will close: Bold steps are required to avert a crisis The government has pledged more than R500bn towards relief for its citizens. A new survey shows that 68% of SMMEs that applied for funding were unsuccessful. Bold decisions need to be made to combat the crisis. These decisions include moving part of the relief funding to alternative lenders, investi...


If you are in the process of buying a home, then this is some wonderful news from one of my clients!

We received confirmation that all four major banks are able to proceed with physical valuations via their respective external property assessment firms.

This, together with the notice that the Deeds Office reopened this week, has been most welcome news!

Contact us today for assistance with your bond applications

Timeline photos 23/04/2020

People who don't own or have never owned their own business, will never fully comprehend the stress that this lockdown has put on us.

The same goes for the casual worker, the piece worker and the seasonal worker.

Please go out of your way to support the little guy, because a little goes a long way for us!!


If you, or someone you know, needs to have their CV revamped, contact me!

Prints will be arranged for after lockdown 😊👍


My brother recently remarked that I never finish anything (referring to all the projects lying around my house). It’s true. But it’s not because I don’t want to, I just can’t get to them. There was a time when a comment like this would’ve made feel like I need to try harder, but I've been reading Shonda Rhimes’s Year of Yes and there, right there, was this profound sentence that jumped out and just blew me away.

Here is this very successful woman who has a company, created 4 very successful TV shows (side-note: she has only 8 days to complete a script for every new episode. I mean come oooon) and she has children. In today’s society we see successful people and we think they must have amazing time-management skills and we subsequently expect ourselves to be able to “do it all”. But the truth is: we can’t. Not without help.

I am hard on myself. Always have been. I berate myself for the fact that I am writing exams in a month and I have barely touched my work, or that after 7 years I still haven’t written the script for that fabulous idea I had one night. Or for not exercising every day. Or for not having started with that book I want to write. Or for not working on that website idea I had 6 months ago. Or for not finding time to paint or garden more. Or for not being able to keep up with the schedule I made for myself so that I CAN get to everything.

And how people looooove to comment when you state: “I don’t have time” (especially since I don't have kids)

Some of my favourites include:

There’s time to write a paragraph every day. You should make time to read. No one is really busy, they’re just busy finding excuses. I’m sure you have 5 minutes to do a workout. I guess you’re more of a dreamer than a do-er.

Uhm, aaaaaallrighty then.

So getting back to my self-realisation moment: I have incomplete projects because I am building a business and it takes a LOT of time.

But you know what? It’s OH. KAY. Because you CAN’T do it all. If you are focusing on one specific area, somewhere something else is slipping through the cracks. And it’s OH. KAY.

If you are ready to pull out your hair because you are JUST.NOT.HANDLING. your kids’ homework during this lockdown and your home is a mess and, frankly speaking, YOU’RE a mess; then sit down, take a breath and ignore all those voices. Ignore those annoying self-help gurus’ “YOU CAN DO IT” mantras. Ignore all those model-moms with their perfect hair and perfect nails and perfect outfits who have 2 nannies, a cook and a tutor on the payroll. Ignore all those fitness freaks with the perfect bodies and the endless energy. Because I can guarantee you, they have help.

So if you drop the ball, pick it up and go play in the garden. But stop being so hard on yourself.

Timeline photos 23/02/2020

Financial year-end is no joke.

This is for all the bookkeepers and accountants currently hooked onto coffee drips.

Timeline photos 27/01/2020

Many people think of "action" only as the act of performing a physical task. To me it also means holding on to hope and having Faith.

Having faith in your vision, having faith in your principles, having in faith in your purpose.

Faith unlocks many doors. Don't let the doors that have been shut in your face, discourage you.

Timeline photos 24/01/2020

With the Marvel mega movement not seeming to lose its momentum anytime soon, we thought this fun fact to be quite interesting! If you’d like to read some of the other mischief the Marvel writers, artists and owners got up to, then take a look at this blog I discovered


When business is bad or customers are difficult and you feel like throwing in the towel, think back to why you started it on that very first day!


Ek het 'n passie vir klein besighede waar die eienaar persoonlik betrokke is by die daaglikse werksaamhede en nie tyd kry vir admin en boekhou nie.

Ek sorteer papierwerk uit, stel goeie admin sisteme in plek en bring alle admin en boekhou op datum. Ek kan ook help om u debiteure op datum te hou en agterstallige kliënte te kontak.

Ek help ook graag individuee wat hul belastingaftrekbare uitgawes wil organiseer.

Ek het 'n kantoor by die huis maar kan ook op u perseel werk indien verkies.
Projekte kan korttermyn of langtermyn wees.

Kontak my by [email protected] of 0828780931


Dit mag dalk reën, but the show will go on!!

Baie dankie aan die UITERS vriendelike en behulpsame mense by Gateway Lodge, George. Ek was lanklaas so vinnig en effektief gehelp binne 'n kwessie van 'n halfuur.

Ons moes noodgedwonge van lokaal verander a.g.v. die (baie nodige) reën maar dit gaan steeds 'n fantastiese aand wees!!

Daar is nog 'n paar kaartjies beskikbaar by die deur so trek knus aan, pak 'n piekniekmandjie en sluit by ons aan vir 'n aand van warm vermaak!!

Photos from Groen Business Services's post 23/12/2019

Ek kan die groen van die tuin om my voel, die kitaar en klavier hoor, die spitbraai ruik en die diep kleure van die wyn al proe...

Ons het nog kaartjies beskikbaar by

Dis amper 26 Desember, klik en koop nou!


Don't let your admin and financials fall behind! I provide an affordable and time-efficient service.

I provide assistance with:

- setting up new or servicing existing bookkeeping systems, especially cloud accounting (Sage One);
- filing invoices and those pesky slips;
- debtors & creditors

Tax services are also available at reasonable rates.

Contact me today!

It's now easier to email Groen Business Services 16/10/2019

It's now easier to email Groen Business Services

It's now easier to email Groen Business Services

Groen Business Services updated their website address. 16/09/2019

Groen Business Services updated their website address.

Groen Business Services updated their website address.


Start ticking off things on that to-do list.

No, not the one you use every day - the one that you keep tucked away. You know which one I'm talking about ;)

Just one thing every month goes a loooong way!

Promoting Business Growth & Entrepreneurial Dreams

Life is a journey where nothing is without reason. See everything as an opportunity and don’t ever despise small beginnings.

Founder, Liané van Zyl, is a qualified Business Manager with experience in a variety of fields including bookkeeping, labour law, hospitality, public relations, marketing, arts & culture and events planning.

We are passionate about assisting small business owners build a brand, growing their market value while ensuring that all legalities are adhered to.

We also believe in creating jobs by growing entrepreneurs with a passion for life and learning.

Services can be project-based or as a long-term business relationship.

If you’re unsure of whether we might be able to assist with something, ask us - we probably can!

Send an email to [email protected]




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