Designer and manufacturers of kitchen bathroom cupboards, showrooms, shopfitting, custom furniture, bar counters, epoxy river tables. You can contact me at 0844000070 or email me [email protected] (Bassed in Garden route)
Designer and manufacturers of kitchen bathroom cupboards, showrooms, shopfitting, custom furniture, bar counters, epoxy river tables. You can contact me at 0844000070 or email me [email protected] for free quotations. (Based in Garden route)
Design and manufacturer of kitchens and cupboards, showrooms, shopfitting, custom furniture, bar counters, epoxy river tables. You can contact me at 0844000070 or email me [email protected] for free quotations

Designer and manufacturers of kitchen bathroom cupboards, shopfitting, custom furniture, bar counter Shopfiting. Barcounter design and manufacturing Showrooms.

Design and manufacturer of modern Kitchens and built in cupboards. Reception desks and counters. Restaurants interiors. Design and manufacture of furniture.


Modern working online from home work station.

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post 11/03/2022

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post


Sunday afternoon letters... (Spray painting) satin white...


Preparing for delivery...



Final coat before assembly


Location : Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in Tulare County, California, USA.
The General Sherman Tree is the world's largest tree, measured by volume. It stands 275 feet (83 m) tall, and is over 36 feet (11 m) in diameter at the base. Sequoia trunks remain wide high up. Sixty feet above the base, the Sherman Tree is 17.5 feet (5.3 m) in diameter.


Adansonia is a genus made up of eight species of medium to large deciduous trees known as baobabs (/ˈbeɪoʊˌbæb/). Previously classified within the family Bombacaceae, they are now placed in the Malvaceae. They are native to Madagascar, mainland Africa and Australia. Trees have also been introduced to other regions such as Asian.The generic name honours Michel Adanson, the French naturalist and explorer who described Adansonia digitata. The baobab is also known as the "upside down tree", a name that originates from several myths.They are among the most long-lived of vascular plants[8] and have large flowers that are reproductive for a maximum of 15 hours.The flowers open around dusk; opening so quickly that movement can be detected by the naked eye and are faded by the next morning.[9] The fruits are large, oval to round and berry-like and hold kidney-shaped seeds in a dry, pulpy matrix.



Busy with installation...


Delivery. Then installation.


The three redwood subfamily genera are Sequoia from coastal California and Oregon, Sequoiadendron from California's Sierra Nevada, and Metasequoia in China. The redwood species contains the largest and tallest trees in the world. These trees can live for thousands of years. Threats include logging, fire suppression, climate change, illegal ma*****na cultivation, and burl poaching.


Oak Wall unit in progress

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post 21/02/2022

500mm corner shelves with hidden drawer available @ A-Woodshop factory 0844000070 (Whatsapp)

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post 20/02/2022

Custom extra length queen size bed. 4 x double drawers, (2 double per side). 1 x 3000mm x 1400mm x 50mm headboard, 2 x 400mm x 450mm x 100mm pedistals (floating of headboard) finished with brilliant white satin + clear coat. Materials being used, supawood, oak veneer, solid ash and SA pine. Extras - 1 x Hidden compartment built into the base.

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post 19/02/2022

3000m(wide) x 2400mm(high) x 500mm(deep) White oak TV wall unit in progress

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post 19/02/2022

Wall nut juwelery box...

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post 19/02/2022

Custom children furniture available at A-Woodshop (A-Woodshop Junior). We're starting a full range from solid and supawood finishes spray or raw fishing. Work benches kitchens cupboards appliances and educational toys. All furniture is designed as flatpackeso you and your child van build his or her project together at home. You can contact me at 0844000070 (Whatsapp) or email me [email protected]


The tree of Tule in Oaxaca, Mexico, is the tree with the largest trunk diameter in the world. It's circumference reaches almost 60 meters and has a height of 42 meters. It's approximate age is 2,000 years.

Photo: Ernesto Murguia

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post 10/02/2022

White oak kitchen barn doors in progress.


Cupboard ready for delivery


Cupboard unit ready for delivery


Final product on its way to CT

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post 06/02/2022

Finishing to do, then preparing for tomorrow's delivery in Cape Town.


American wall nut desk


Ash table


Wall units available per customer requirements 0844000070 (Whatsapp)


Dog homes available on order 0844000070 (Wharsapp)


Free hand concept drawings.


I still present old-school.


1300 years old


Its time to raise the bar!!!


Big changes comming to A-Woodshop


Its time to start manufacturing furniture and kitchens not follow the crouds.....

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post 25/01/2022

Keep your eyes open for a new furniture range designed and manufactured by myself @ A-Woodshop. I will be using the following meterials. North American ASH, American white oak. American Wall nut, Frensh Oak. Stainless steel glass to name few. I'll be manufacturing for office and home use. 0682743132 or Whatsapp me on 0844000070

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post 22/01/2022

Preparing for delivery... A-Woodshop 0682743132


White Oak and solid Ash (Black Oak) coffee table.


Preparing for tomorrow's delivery 🚚

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post 14/01/2022

Wood bending facilities now are available -Woodshop 0682743132


Oak shelves available @ A-Woodshop 0682743132

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post 13/01/2022

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post


EMPLOYMENT OFFERED: A-Woodshop. We require a person which will qualify for the following position. Person must have experience operating a panel saw, and other woodwork machinery.
Experience in cabinet making using solid wood, veneers and melamine. Person will be required to perform on site installations.
ALL POSITIONS REQUIRE at least experience.
Please do not apply if you are not experienced or meet requirements. You must have references.
WhatsApp (NOT CALL) Anton / Arina 0682743132

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post 09/01/2022

Coming a long slowly but surely... Several hours to go....


One solid Ash drawer front down two to go

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post 07/01/2022

Clamp time

Photos from Antons-Woodshop's post 06/01/2022

Multipurpose self easy assembly wooden storage boxes now available @ A-Woodshop. Verious sizes and can be shipped to you as a flat pack unit. We supply raw as well as verious spray pained colors. Our new flat pack range includes a selection of shelving systems, kids tiny workshop work bench with plastic tool sets, kitchens for the girls and toy chests to store all the clutter in his or her bedroom. These units are educatuonal and kids play to build. These units are easy to assemble strong and light weight.

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