UPC Services

UPC Services

UPC Services offers Disinfectant services to companies and homes using non-toxic substances that tar


It may be Friday and the weekend lays ahead but remember, there are no holidays for Covid 19! UPC Services suggests you stay safe by staying home.


One of the most effective ways of protecting yourself from being infected by any virus is maintaining good practices like washing your hands regularly, not touching your face or nose area and using a reliable and trusted sanitiser! UPC Services may not be able to assist with the first 2 but we can certainly help with the last one. Call us to find out how you can protect yourself effectively.


UPC Services are proud to be associated with products that are tried and tested for having no damaging effects on humans, animals or plants and only target micro- organisms in a non-toxic manner. Isn't it time we all started looking after our environment as well as our health.


In a world with increased germs and micro organisms, it is suffice to say that protecting yourself, your family and our food sources from these contaminates is vital! UPC Services has the products that can and will rid your surfaces of these and more all with a non-hazardous, non-toxic and bio- degradable liquid that can be sprayed on with ease. Call us today, and lets fight for our health together.


UPC Services offers more than just instant protection against pathogens. The long lasting residual effect remains on surfaces fighting against transfers, long after the initial spray. It is safe to spray directly onto skin and has qualities that are far safer than alcohol based sprays. For all of these products and information call us today.


Farmers, Listen up! If you want to protect your livestock from harmful germs and bacteria, concider the product that gives you peace of mind. UPC Services offers non-toxic, biodegradable products that are absolutely safe for animals and humans. Let us help you help your animals and crops.


Do not play around with your health! UPC Services are an accredited supplier of RBT + Med products that are trusted in surgeries around the globe. From foggers to personal sanitisers, we have the products for your!

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UPC Services requests that you read this report, it may mean nothing to a lot of people but it means the world to those looking for a safe and tested long lasting protection against infections. If you are not sure or want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


Do not risk your family or staffs health with constant spaying of alcohol based products. UPC Services has a solution that will make all the difference. Share with your friends and contact us today. It will change the way you view Covid 19.


There is a better way to protect yourself from infection! UPC Services offer products and services that will change the way you live while fighting off the virus and other germs. Call us today and ask about our Non-toxic, non-hazardous alternative to surgical clothing from head to toe.


Spraying your hands when entering a building or store is mandatory but having your skin damaged is not! UPC Services offers products that are not only safe for you but will not damage our environment. Our Non-toxic, Biodegradable products literally do not cost the earth either! Call us for prices and more information.


Knowledge is power and understanding the benefits and risks of a product will give you the knowledge required to make the right decision for you. UPC Services is 100% transparent regarding our products and our services and invite you to read why we believe what we are offering is world changing. Do not take our word for it, we urge you to read the research for yourself.


Whether you need a personal sanitiser to keep in your pocket or you are looking for a large bottle for the office, UPC Services has you covered. Our NON-Alcohol based product is proven to kill 99,9999% of all threats in the form of germs and pathogens and is completely safe for use for all age groups. Do not allow yourself to be exposed unnecessarily, choose the product that protects you and the environment.


When you need a product that is safe enough to kill a virus but not destroy your health, contaminate your food and is good enough to use in a surgery, call UPC Services in George. All of these benefits and a whole lot more. What are you waiting for? Call us NOW!


Staying safe from infection starts with washing your hands regularly and ends with UPC Services. Our products are tried and tested as being effective against 99.99999% of all germs and pathogens. When you want 100% peace of mind, ask for us by name. Call Bles today for prices and products.


Food security is made easier when you know your animals and crops are protected from harmful germs and diseases. UPC Services has a non-toxic product that is bio-degradable and 100% safe for both livestock and crops.


The most effective way to ensure everybody is getting maximum protection from sanitisers is to have them walk through a spray tunnel. UPC Services are specialists in safe, non-toxic decontamination methods that are tried and tested. Speak to us about installing such a tunnel at your building.


Place your orders for non-alcohol based sanitiser from UPC Services this weekend by making one call to Bles De Wet. He will advise on all the products you will need for your home or office.


You may not be able to take control of how others act but you can be in control of your own actions and how you choose to stay safe. UPC Services should be your choice of product! Tried and tested against 99.99999% of all germs and pathogens, RBT+MED is hazard free, non-toxic and Biodegradable with added benefits to your skin that alcohol based products can not offer. Call us today for prices and a list of our services.


Keeping livestock free from germs and illness has been made easier with the UPC Services range of products. Our RBT+Med range has been tried and tested to be effective and non-hazardous to humans and animals alike. Call us today for more information.


With colder weather on the way, UPC Services would like to give you a better idea of the differences in symptoms between Colds, Flu and Covid 19. Although we still maintain that any adverse symptoms should be tested just to be safe and recommend our products to reduce the chances of being infected by any pathogens.


Want to know why to call UPC Services for sanitising of your spaces? Here are 3 of the best reasons we could think of, High antimicrobial efficacy, Long lasting residual barrier protection, Less harmful and Biodegradable products. We strive to keep you safe and healthy.


Are your hands burning by the time you have been in and out of shops all morning and being exposed to all that alcohol in the sprays? UPC Services offers products which are 100% tested and completely Alcohol free. Not only will our range not damage your skin but they are also 100% safe for the environment. Make the choice of a safer life by contacting us today, our products are not just game changing they are World changing.


Have you read about the benefits of RBT when used on plants and crops? UPC Services has you covered when it comes to fighting off germs and pathogens. Call us today for a healthier way of living.


In case you have not seen the news, Covid 19 is infecting more and more people every day. UPC Services can protect you by offering products and services that have been tried and tested to kill 99.99999% of all pathogens and leave your home and body hospital clean. Do not take any chances, turn to the tried and tested systems for your own sake.


Not many companies are prepared to take responsibility for the work they perform right? That is not the case with UPC Services, we are prepared to give you a certificate that states your company or building has been sanitised and declared safe from the pathogens that cause illness. Call us to perform a spray or to purchase the products you need to keep your clients and your staff safe.


Covid 19 has given us a wake up call and shown how quickly lives can change! UPC Services wants to be a part of the solution and believe that by investing in a range such as ours, with products such as spray tunnels for buildings, sanitising sprays for homes and cars and personal spray on units that are all bio-degradable, non-toxic and non-hazardous, we are in a position to become your world changer. Do not take our word for it, call us today and let us show you how effective we are.


UPC Services are the only registered service providers and distributors of all RBT + MED products in the Garden Route. For all your spray and sanitising services call Bles De Wet, we have everything from personal sprays to bulk bottles from which to refill from. Our products are not just game changers, they are world changers!


As registered distributors and service providers of Residual Barrier Technology Limited (RBT) products, our mission is aligned to that of our product manufacturer and we strive to make a difference in every application we provide. Call us for a solution to killing the virus, long after we are gone. UPC Services, clinically tested to perform better and protect longer.


Have you taken all the precautions to ensure that your personal space is sanitised and safe from pathogens and germs? UPC Services can offer you a solution that is tried and tested to Residual Hospital grade clean and is effective against 99.99999% of all health depriving organisms. Call us today, we are serious about keeping you healthy.


UPC Services in George have received more stock on all our products and we would like to thank those of you that have already made a purchase and told us how much better your hands feel after a few days of using these personal sanitizer spray bottles. If you are still not using our RBT+MED products, call us today for a demonstration of how simple it is to improve your decontamination efforts.


Give your customers the assurance that you have done your part to keeping them and your staff safe from the virus! UPC Services will issue you a certificate of compliance and disinfection to hospital standards when we are called upon to spray clean your building. No business too big or too small for our teams.


If doctors and hospitals trust our products to keep them safe and germ free, then why have you not tried them yet? UPC Services offers a safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable range of products and services that are not going to damage your budget or your health. Call us today for all the details.


Nobody deserves to be humiliated in public! UPC Services has a solution that is practical, safe and unobtrusive. Our Spray tunnels are easily installed and completely safe to use without damaging the environment or your self worth. Contact us for our pricing on services and products.


Do you find your hands burning after using a hand sanitiser or are the condition of your hands looking dry and red? UPC Services believe that continued use of Alcohol based sanitisers could be detrimental to your skin and therefore we have become distributors of a Non-Alcohol based, non-toxic, biodegradable brand that actually shows signs of helping to keep your hands soft and healthy. Call us today for more information.


How would you like to sanitise your environment? With UPC Services you do not need to suit up, dress up or give up in order to beat germs and pathogens! Our products are absolutely safe and will not disrupt your world with hazardous and harmful chemicals. We have done our home work so that you can get on with the the real work. Call us, our products will change your world!


Talk is cheap but UPC Services fights the viruses. Our services and products are tested and registered as effective in fighting the spread of most Pathogens. We are striving to keep you, your family and your business as healthy as possible providing non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable services and products. Let us change your world!


With UPC Services products and our quick hassle free sensitisation protocols, there is no need for suits and goggles, Our sprays are non-toxic, biodegradable and work can be resumed almost immediately. Call us today for a quotation on our services and products.


Do not leave your health to chance! UPC Services are the authorised distributors and agents for RBT+Med products which have been tried and tested in the fight against the Corona Virus. Change the way you sanitise, call us today and lets change the world together.


Covid 19 will not be celebrating Youth Day today, therefore UPC Services are also on standby. If you want 99.99999% peace of mind that your home is free of germs and pathogens, and you do not want the risk of alcohol based products, Call the team that provide a world changing experience.

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Do not risk your family or staffs health with constant spaying of alcohol based products. UPC Services has a solution th...
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