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Don't say I never πŸ”Œ you. πŸ€“
Weekends are for Promotions, Ahi tirheni. Huli Hula Hulest
Thanks K.optometrists. A happy client, the service was perfect and the hospitality was phenomenonal. Not only did you help me with my eyesight, you also provided me with classy stylish specs.

Thank alot πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ
Thank you K Optometrists for being the best at service, you did your best for me and I am satisfied with my spectacles and the level service was quick and more convenient.

Dr Mabasa and team thank you πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
O montle sis tloge

The best in affordable eyecare, Spectacles & Sunglasses around Elim. Call 015 556 1070 / 078 537 546


To our customers, business partners and all our stakeholders. THANK YOU for the support you've showed us in 2022, what a year it was. We wish you all a safe and prosperous festive season. Let's do it again in 2023πŸ™
Ha Khensa! Rea leboga! Rolivhuwa!


Wear professionally prescribed sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun's glare.
Follow this link to view our catalogue on WhatsApp: https://wa.me/c/27799997044

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New Stock just in, which one tickles your fancy?
Hurry! While stock last.

Photos from K Optoms's post 13/12/2022

New Stock just in, which one tickles your fancy?
Hurry! While stock last.


Message K Optoms on WhatsApp 079 999 7044 for more info. or clickπŸ‘‰ https://wa.me/message/H5Z2PUESJU3FM1


Get yourself a free Sunglass when you purchase a pair of spectacles. Book your appointment today and take advantage of our 241 Summer special.
☎️015 556 1070 πŸ“±078 537 5467


Are you ready for summer?


Fighting is everybody's responsibility, join in the Activism to End Violence Against Women & Children.
We all must work towards our goal of ensuring that women and children can exercise their inalienable right to feel safe, thrive and flourish wherever they find themselves.

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Are you thinking of getting a new pair of spectacles? Why not speak to us and save some money?
Visit our Elim branch at Malauvhuye Medical center( Eka Dr Mukoma) or Call 078 537 5467


Visit us at Malauvhuye Medical center in Elim for a comprehensive eye test. We have a wide range of beautiful frames to choose from. Call 078 537 5467 to book your appointment.


Early detection and treatment of childhood ocular problems can be achieved by regular screening. Call 078 537 5467 to book an appointment for your child.

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You only have one pair of eyes, love them and look after them. Share with friends and family and help us create awareness for Eye Care and Health.


It's more than just spectacles.


Abdominal obesity is associated with an increased risk of developing diabetes, untreated diabetes can cause damage to the retina. Patients at risk should have a fasting blood sugar test done (HbA1c). Patients should also be examined by an eye care practitioner.


Putting some focus on the Retina this week! Stay aware of eye related symptoms, stay in know, be aware and get your eyes checked regularly.

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To everyone who made appointments for next week, please do enjoy your weekend and don't worry about studying for this exam. It's an open book test with us. Call 078 537 5467 to book yours.


Visit our Elim branch for a comprehensive eye exam and get good quality spectacles at low prices.
Find us at Shop No 2b, Tlakula complex, Elim.(eka Dr Mukoma)


Who else does this? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


It's important to have at least one annual eye exam to update your prescriptions as well as prevent any condition from worsening. Book yours Today!
☎️ 015 556 1070
πŸ“± 078 537 5467




Come get yourself a pair for almost close to nothing. Hurry while stock last! NO TERMS and definitely NO CONDITIONS.


Riddle me this:

One exam you Don't have to study for?


Thinking of a new pair but not sure which one will best suit your face and personality? Give us a call and let us help you
☎️ 015 556 1070
πŸ“± 078 537 5467


MANY WOMEN HAVE POOR UNCORRECTED VISION and should visit an Optometrist annually to correct any vision anomalies with spectacles, contact lenses or visual therapy. Good eye health is dependent on a balanced lifestyle.

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- Astigmatism Is Actually Not A Disease But Rather A Condition That We Can Correct.
- Astigmatism Is The Abnormality Seen In The Curvature Of The Eye, It Is More Like A Rugby Ball Instead Of Football Shape.
- In Astigmatism, In All Meridian, The Curvature Is Not The Same.
- Vertical And Horizontal Curve Are Not The The Same.
- In Astigmatism, Different From Myopia And Hyperopia, We Have A Blur In All Distances.
- Regular Astigmatism Is Actually Not A Disease But A Condition Where The Cornea Is Bending The Light In A Particular Way. It Does Not Lead To Blindness.
- Astigmatism Simply Means Having Different Power In The 2 Meridians.


Muswa asathu tshekiwaho maṱo 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩


During PREGNANCY blurry vision and dry eyes presents due to hormonal changes. Signs that warrants a call to the Optometrist includes double vision, flashing lights and temporary loss of vision. Women who are diabetic must be carefully monitored by an Optometrist.


Another win for Limpopo! Congratulations to miss Ndavi Nokeri for being crowned


Increased time using digital devices, especially when held close to the child’s face, can make undiagnosed vision problems worse, or create new symptoms. Learn Tips to Reduce or Prevent Vision Symptoms When Using Digital Devices at https://t.co/OzTMfwwhhW


Have you had your eyes checked this year?
Don't wait until it's too late, book your appointment now and take advantage of our very low low prices. πŸ“±078 537 5467 ☎️ 015 556 1070

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The window to a women's soul - HER EYES



In a world where everything is just going up, you can always count on us to give your wallet some relief.
Get yourself a pair of stylish spectacles From as little as R899.
Visit our Elim branch during the Month of August and September to qualify.


Happy New Month to you. Boundless Joy, peace like a river, overwhelming grace and much more are what we wish you this month.
# SeeBetter

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The weekend is even better when you are seeing it through our eyes! Have a safe one and
Don't forget to book your eye test for 2022, it's a need.



We are looking for Sales Representatives to join our team.

The suitable candidates will be responsible for selling our products and meeting customer needs while establishing new business pipeline through marketing, leads generation and tracking.
Also to provide excellent face to face and telephonic service while building sustainable relationships that enhances our brand.

CVs can be forwarded to [email protected] by the 15th August 2022.


The theme for Mandela day this year says "DO WHAT YOU CAN, WITH WHAT YOU HAVE, WHERE YOU ARE".

In that spirit we are giving away free spectacles this Monday, Yes FREE SPECTACLES! Bring your kids for an Eye Exam and they will receive a FREE pair of spectacles on us.
Visit us at Shop no 2B, Tlakula Complex (eka Dr Mukoma)

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Dear Business Owners!
It is Important to Incorporate "Wellness days" in your work calendar to ensure employees are physically & mentally in good health.


Bring your kids over for an eye exam these school holidays.
Find us at Shop No 2B Tlakula complex, Elim, Limpopo. Call 078 537 5467 for Enquiries.

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From US to YOU! Have a splendid day. #SeeBetter
Step out in style this summer. #SeeBetter #koptoms
Be a responsible citizen, always wear a mask to protected those around you. #koptoms Mask up & #SeeBetter





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