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I'm pamela ha
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Dignity is priority

Operating as usual


If you're doing it, stop it or else we're meeting.


Take Care of your loved one's... it cost zero to share love


The abuse starts small with controlling your phone, daily checking who you're chatting with, forcing you to delete status updates, forcing you to work with only females, blocking family members from knowing your affairs, controlling your movements, if you're away at home when he calls he asks you to give the phone to your sister or mother to make sure you're where you said you at, treating you like an imbecile, making you apologize for making him angry, you can't even talk to his friends, every male person you meet you're accused of sleeping with, there are many levels of abuse before the obvious which is physical abuse, look at your own relationship now and ask yourself whether you're not next!


Baba nentando yakho ibuhlungu


Congratulations to you...

Congratulations to each and everyone of you for hanging in there through the tough and breaking times, you stood your ground and made those who believe in you happy by crossing the line shine others light going forward. Sithi Halala we're inspire


To everyone who is reading this i know we don't know each other but I wish you all the best in life 🥺❤️🙏🏽
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Always be kind to someone we're all going through a lot...

Let's share love, it's FREE


Good Morning

Make someone smile today, everyone is going through something...

Be Nice


Happy Sunday!!


We plan but God decide.


Lomhlaba Usinda Sime Phez'kwawo


😥 A monkey was caught today after it was caught repeatedly pressing the ... See more


Are you okay?


For a life threatening situation please call emergency help line...
Suicide - 0800567567
Rape - 0214479762
Assault - 0861322322
Depression - 0800121314
Emergency - 112
ADHD Helpline - 0800554433
Trauma Line - 0800205026
Mental Health Line - 0112344837


Uthi uyongithwala nami,
Umhlobo wam


When you die, don't worry about your body...

Your relatives will do whatever it takes.

They will take off your clothes

They will wash you

They will dress you up

They will take you out of the house and deliver you to your new address.

Many will come to the funeral to honour you.

Some will even cancel their plans and ask for leave to go to the funeral.

Your things you didn't like to lend out will be sold, donated or burned.

Your keys
Your tools
Your books
Your CDs, DVDs, games
Your collections
Your clothes...

And be sure the world won't stop and cry for you.

The economy will continue.

You will be replaced at work. Someone with the same or even better ability will take your place. Your property will switch to theirs.

And don't doubt that for all of the small and big things you have done in your life, people will speak about you, judge, doubt and criticize.

People who only knew you face will say, ′′Poor thing!"

Your good friends will cry for a few hours or several days, but then they will laugh again.

Your pets will get used to the new owner.

Your pictures will be hanging on the wall for awhile, then they will be put on furniture and finally stored at the bottom of the box.

Someone else will sit on your couch and eat from it.

Deep pain in your home will last a week, two, one month, two, one year, two...

Then you will join the memories and then your story will end.

It will end among people, end here, end in this world.

But your story begins in a new reality... in your life after death.

Your life is earthly - where you couldn't move with the things you had here that will all lose the meaning they once had.

The beauty of your body
Last name
Bank account
The house
The car
Academic titles
Friends of the world
Man / Woman
The kids
The family...

In your new life, you will only need your soul. The only property that will last is the soul.

So try to live your life full and be happy while you are here because, as Francis of Assisi said, ′′ You won't take what you have from here. You only take what you gave!"

Christo Cilliers




No school bag challenge.

your thoughts?


Nangu Mthokozisi


We're forced to open the premises to our clients step on the most comfortable carpet


Ngijulise Nkosi othandweni lwakho
Yandis'ukukholwa kwami
Thath'uqobo lwam nako konk' okwami
Ngingayisa ntoni na kuwena
Efanele ukubonga uJesu
Thath'uqobo lwam
Nako konk'okwami,
Baba ngiyavuma
Impilo yami Jesu iphathwe nguwe
Uyangivikela njalo,
Uhlal'unami njalo
Thath'uqobo lwami
Thath'uqobo lwami


I will not apologize for my pricing.

No small business should.

My pricing allows me to make a profit.

Which allows me to pay my bills.

Which also allows me to stay in business.

My pricing allows me to employ people.

Which allows them to pay their bills.

My pricing allows me to pay myself for the countless hours I work. I’m truly never “off the clock”.

My pricing keeps a roof over my head and food on my table.

My pricing allows me to be able to donate to charitable organizations.

My pricing allows me to create a place for people to go when they need to pick up a gift

I own a small business. One where the CEO personally packs up orders and takes out the office trash. One where the CEO knows your name and truly cares about you.

I am not (a 1 Billion Rand Company). I’m unable provide things at the “lowest price”, order millions of units, and still stay in business.

Im not the “cheapest”. I’m also not “the most expensive”.

My pricing is what it is to allow this small business to keep going which allows me to keep making a positive impact.

I will not apologize for my pricing.

No small business should.


God bless you and have faith...🙏🏽🕯

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Most heartbreaking picture you'll see...


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Death is like a thief, it comes to our homes when we don't expect it.

We @ LAMAVUSO UNDERTAKER would like to send our deepest condolences to families that lost their loved ones during 2021.

We ask all families that today at 23:58 to take a moment of silence for the souls we lost this 2021.

"Death is certain, life is not"


Desmond Tutu's body will be Aquamated and not cremated...

We have learned a new word already in 2022

What is Aquamation or to be be Aquamated ?

A process which uses water instead of fire, hot water is combined with potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide to break down body tissue with the person's body bones placed in cremulator and turned to ash.

The technical name for the process is alkaline hydrolysis - and it involves weighing the body, then heating it to 150C (300F) in a mixture of potassium hydroxide and water for up to 90 minutes. This dissolves the body tissue, leaving only the bones - which are then rinsed at 120C, dried, and pulverised into a coarse powder using a machine called a cremulator.
Once all these steps are complete, the remains can be buried or scattered in accordance with the deceased's wishes - just as would happen in an ordinary cremation.

what a dramatic process 🌝


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To more healthy life and shower you with financial stable jobs...


Dennilton area only...


Happy birthday to the man behind the wheel our Captain of the ship... more life more success!!

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