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Until someone invents a flux capacitor or discovers dilithium crystals somewhere in our solar system, the transition away from fossil fuels will involve lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. These two energy sources are often positioned as competing technologies, but they will probably prove to be more complementary.

Each has strengths and weaknesses that make it somewhat better suited to certain applications than others.

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Why trucks are important reason #5!

Most of our daily necessities, such as fresh food from the supermarket or corner shop,
newspapers and magazines, electronics and appliances, clothing, and so on, depend on
trucks at some point in the distribution chain.


The Commercial Transport Academy (CTA) is calling for more women to be employed in the transport sector as their training initiative to change the lives of almost a thousand women gathers steam. The CTA launched the Women Inspiring Women to Lead in Transport (WiWiT) initiative, supported by the US government through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). WiWiT focuses on training women to become truck drivers, managers and entrepreneurs in the transport sector.

According to Nicci Scott, Founder of the CTA, less than 1% of the workforce in South Africa’s transport sector are women, making training initiatives such as WiWiT vital for the transformation of the landscape.

As part of the Programme, 27 women from Atlantis, Dunoon and Philadelphia in the Western Cape recently successfully completed the Iron Women project that focuses on training female truck drivers. This programme enhances the capacity of professional drivers, ultimately enabling them to contribute to their future employers’ fleet safety, profitability, and efficiency.

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Why trucks are important reason #4!

Not only do trucks remain the most flexible, responsive and economic mode of transport for the vast majority of goods and freight, they are also essential to the functioning of the larger, integrated logistics and transport system.


GRW kicked off 2022 in grand style with the handover in mid-January of six new Bartec tankers to Bakers Tankers at a function held at GRW’s Jet Park premises. The incorporation of the Bartec units is a first for Bakers Tankers which, according to Waseem Tayoob, chief coordinating officer of the company, heralds the entry of its fleet into a new, high technology era of customer offerings.

The innovative high tech features of the Bartec tanker together with the Fleetboard telematics system fitted as standard to the Mercedes-Benz Actros 2645 models hauling the units means that Bakers Tankers now has the best of both worlds in terms of remote monitoring of all spheres of its operation.

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Why trucks are important reason #3!

Trucks function as part of a logistics chain whose components also include inland waterways,
shipping, air and rail transport. While separately, each has its own advantages, combined they
form an integrated system. The other transport modes also depend on trucks to transfer freight
to and from depots, rail terminals, airfields and ports.


Sustainable trucking involves more than electric vehicles alone. Regulators and consumers alike are adding to the pressure for truck fleets to become greener.

Purolator, 84% owned by Canada Post, cites a recent Leger survey that found 67% of customers would support a business looking to reduce energy and use renewable energy. In other words, the greener practices that slash fuel expenses can also play a role in gaining market share. Some would-be customers have even said they’re willing to fully switch to the courier as soon as their packages can be shipped using electric vehicles.

The fleet is now testing five such vehicles around Richmond, B.C., and the business will unveil formal GHG targets later this year as part of a new sustainability strategy. A tool to generate detailed emissions reports is also being updated.

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Why trucks are important reason #2!

Road freight transport, or trucking, is essential to the economy of South Africa, occupying a unique socioeconomic position linking supply to demand and linking many industrial sectors within South Africa.

Trucks carry more than 70% of freight transported over land in Europe and America.

C.H. Robinson, Waymo Plan Autonomous Trucking Tests - 24/02/2022

C.H. Robinson, Waymo Plan Autonomous Trucking Tests -

Self-driving technology company Waymo and logistics giant C.H. Robinson will partner on a broad series of pilot programs to commercialize autonomous trucking.

They will use Waymo’s technology – known as the Waymo Driver – and its Waymo Via test fleet of trucks to start hauling freight for a C.H. Robinson customer between Dallas and Houston in the coming months.

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C.H. Robinson, Waymo Plan Autonomous Trucking Tests - Self-driving technology company Waymo and logistics giant C.H. Robinson will partner on pilot programs to commercialize autonomous trucking.


Why trucks are important reason #1!

Road freight transport is the backbone of trade.


The first electric truck to deliver a race car to a NASCAR event


Understand your truck’s powertrain and improve fuel economy: Driver’s Education

Truck engines are designed with an operating range in mind, a band of engine rpm where they operate at peak fuel efficiency for the work they’re doing. That “sweet spot” varies across different makes and models. A Detroit DD15 will be slightly different from a Cummins X15; a Paccar MX 13 will differ from a Volvo D13.

Regardless of the engine make or model, the biggest impact on the engine’s efficiency comes from the choice of geartrain and highway cruising speed.

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