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Welcome to ORREN Lifestyle, the essential e-commerce store for the modern man and the world around him. At ORREN Lifestyle we are about fashion, gadgets, grooming and accessories.

Go On. Man Up! Back in the winter of '16, we had a vision for men, their life, their fashion, their homes, basically the man and his environment. We wanted men to change the way they see the world around them. Give them an expression of themselves which they could be proud of. At ORREN Lifestyle we are about fashion, gadgets, grooming and accessories for the modern man and the world around him. NUFF SED Now Man Up!

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Milkshakes with the family..YUM. #orrenlife @pamelaorren @courren__ @orrluka

Milkshakes with the family..YUM. #orrenlife @pamelaorren @courren__ @orrluka

orren-life.com 03/11/2020

The easiest all American Chilli you will ever find - Orren Lifestyle

Want to cook a great American Chilli? We do and so we did, boy this is a winner!

orren-life.com A bowl of warm chili is satisfying comfort food on a cold day. For informal get-togethers, serve in a slow cooker to keep it warm.


So this just landed in our camping and outdoor shop. Go check it out #orrenlife #firepit #boma


Check our latest creation in our Tee range #orrenlife #tee #getit

orren-life.com 03/11/2020

Mini fire pit - Orren Lifestyle

Check what has just landed on the Orren Lifestyle store! We absolutly love our new Mini Fire Pit.

orren-life.com A sure fire, built to last, made in the RSA mini fire pit. Small enough to take with you and come with a handy grill to convert your fire pit into a handy braai tool.

orren-life.com 25/10/2020

Get your ORREN Mountain Adventure TEE today!

Check what has just been created by our creative team. #adventure #orrenlifestyle #orrenadventure

orren-life.com So often our desire for adventure is greater than our ex*****on, they also say that a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, Our ORREN Mountain Adventure TEE is the first step to that freedom. Get the TEE, wear the adventure.

orren-life.com 19/10/2020

Fighting FOMO: 4 Questions That Will Crush the Fear of Missing Out - Orren Lifestyle

And.... another one

orren-life.com How to fight FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Ask yourself these four questions to crush your fear.

orren-life.com 19/10/2020

A breakfast worth waking up for | Homemade granola recipe - Orren Lifestyle

Check out our latest journal entry

orren-life.com Probably the most appealing benefit is that breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism and, thus, helps you burn more calories throughout the day. If you start with a healthy, satisfying meal in the morning you're less likely to nibble on less nutritious thing


So this is our lockdown project. First batch completed. #orrenlife #lovekombucha

orren-life.com 17/12/2019

Yum! homemade eggnog recipe - Orren Lifestyle

Ohhh have you seen our latest journal entry? Our first in our brand new category called provisions. Here we talk about food and drink and all the snacks you can imagine.

orren-life.com This must be the best homemade eggnog recipe! Thick and creamy with the perfect mild flavor and hint of nutmeg. You'll never buy store-bought eggnog again!


Um!! Now that's the stuff right there. American Chilli as best as I know how. #firsttimechilli #orrenlife

orren-life.com 12/02/2019

Camping For Beginners - Orren Lifestyle

Check out our latest journal entry. Would love to hear your comments on this, head on over and enjoy the read.

orren-life.com We all need to get away sometime, probably the best way to get away will always be campring. Great outdoors, nature, fire and smores with the kids!

orren-life.com 14/11/2018

Habit Stacking - Orren Lifestyle

Have you read our article on habit stacking yet? Go on, go give it a read, you know you really want to!

orren-life.com Ever heard of habit stacking? Well we had never heard of it either, but let me tell you it probably makes the most sense out of any self improvement guide I have ever heard of

orren-life.com 20/08/2018

Stand united with bearded folk everywhere Get your United beards of ORREN TEE today!

Brother of kindred beard, let's united!

orren-life.com Merry men of bearded origin, let us stand united under the banner of our beards. Show solidarity to the oils that make our beards shine in the noonday sun.

orren-life.com 20/08/2018

Get your ORREN Adventure TEE today!

We have just added another TEE to our collection. Wow these are selling out fast. Don't delay in getting yours before our first run stock runs out

orren-life.com Life is no ordinary adventure with ORREN Lifestyle, Get your ORREN Adventure TEE now and start living the life your were meant to live. This simple tee is made from 100% cotton offering a relaxed fit while you are doing what you do best. Being Awesome.

medium.com 11/08/2018

A Minimalist Lifestyle – Member Feature Stories – Medium

We love the minimalism movement, very interesting read, sure you guys will love it.

medium.com A minimalist lifestyle looks different for everyone. For me, it’s helped me pay down $42,000 of student loans in just over two years, lend more of my attention to my loved ones, and set me on a path…

orren-life.com 07/08/2018

Beardcamp - TEE - Orren Lifestyle

Summer is on it's way. Grab your beardcamp TEE and get ready for summer braai's, beers and loads of laughs with great friends and that magnificent beard of yours.

orren-life.com Everyone likes camping right. Nothing like the outdoor to rejuvenate the hard working fellow. So take that face curtain of yours outdoors with our beard camp TEE. This simple tee is made from 100% cotton offering a relaxed fit while you are doing what you do best. Being Awesome.

Spotify 02/08/2018

Now Listening To, a playlist by Sellies on Spotify

Hey ya'll in Orren land, we have curated a great road-trip playlist, work all day long playlist, just great fun songs. Visit our spotify link to lend an ear to some of our favorite tunes

Spotify A playlist featuring Kacey Musgraves, First Aid Kit, The Tallest Man On Earth, and others


For those who like a sharper edge


A simple reminder to keep the important tasks of life a priority


Coffee addiction a problem? Not anymore. Coming soon to our online store


United beards of Orren. Available from our website today


Our new TEE. The adventure awaits


This is the last for the night. Man we have been busy. Our crazy designer has officially gone bonkers. We need to lock him up for a few days

orren-life.com 06/07/2018

The Face TEE - Orren Lifestyle

Oh we are so excited about this TEE. You can get your TEE from our online store and its available in a variety of colours and fabric tones. Remember we accept Instant EFT, Credit and Debit Cards. Click the link to buy your "THE FACE" TEE Right Now!

orren-life.com Be the Man, be the Face, be the Beard. Printed in our own custom ink on a various coloured fabrics fabric. This simple tee is made from 100% cotton offering a relaxed fit while you are doing what you do best. Being Awesome.


See what our design team has been cooking up lately? We have limited edition Black on Black (Dark Grey on Black) and White on White (Light Grey on White). Let us know if your interesting in getting one for yourself. We offer size ranges form Small to XXLARGE.


ORREN Lifestyle's cover photo


Coming to our store very soon, comment below if your interested. We have small to XXL. and we can have them in black or white fabric.


ORREN Lifestyle

Hey Internet, so we created a range of t-Shirts for our online store, but we need your help with this one. The team hated the design but after we printed it on a T, everyone loved it. What do you guys think?


Hey Internet, so we created a range of t-Shirts for our online store, but we need your help with this one. The team hated the design but after we printed it on a T, everyone loved it. What do you guys think?

orren-life.com 27/05/2018

Orren Lifestyle

Another great article on our Blog, This time by a new guest writer, Liezl, head on over and go give it a read.

orren-life.com Date Night One of the most important things you will ever do in your married life, will be to regularly diarise in some great date nights with your significant other. Now this couple be a few hour of absolute bliss, yet at the same time could strike fear into the heart of many fearless men. We are p...


Krispy kreme for pudding.. one word three letters. YUM!!


ORREN Lifestyle's cover photo

orren-life.com 10/04/2018

Orren Lifestyle

orren-life.com The 45 Qualities Every True Leader Must Have The material we are presenting is designed for the study of the individual who aspires to become a leader. This is only one approach. There are hundreds of approaches, but it is believed that a careful analysis and application will enable an individual to...



beard oil, beard paste, graphic paper wallets, brushes, combs, grooming kits, shave cream, body bar soap.



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