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What weight/volume starter to 1 kg flour, half white bread half wholewheat?
What should the consistency of the starter be, firm or liquid?
I have just made my first batch of yoghurt roughly 500 ml
I used Soy milk
Am I correct in assuming it will last 7 days
Then I need to save 2Ts to make more
Do I need to heat milk and follow the same process as before
Enjoyed my 1st Kiefer produce from Crafty Cultures, awesome thank you Nadine.
Made my own Mozarella today! Im so chuffed! Thanks for the easy to follow recipe and great service!
Bringing Back the Lost Art of Making Yoghurt * Kefir * Kombucha * Cheese in Your Own Kitchen 💚 CRAFTY CULTURES

Products to Support a Real Food / Slow Food Lifestyle 💚 Including a Selection of Supplies * Starter Cultures * Kefir Grains * Kits with Instructions

In Store 💚 Coconut Yoghurt Kit * Greek Yoghurt Kit * Water Kefir Kit

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How do i book for sat 8 june course on mozzarella cheese
Good morning, my water kefir grains are not multiplying.... i am feeding them Hyletts white sugar and Real water.....please advise?
Good day. Can you perhaps tell me if I have a 300 liter stainless steel insulated tank that used to be used for milk, if I can use that for fermenting beer?
These people know the Mooplehog launch date. Shhhh we're keeping it quiet, just told a few people on West Street and hoping they don't let on to anyone else. (That may be a big fat lie and an unashamed excuse for a promotional gimmick).
Thank you for joining in to Miller Town & Country, Crafty Cultures, The Museum of Dartmoor Life E-clips Okehampton and Alicia Jane Gift Ideas and Florist.
Very exciting workshop. Keep it up !!
Great workshop today. Enjoyed the learning how the kefir and kombucha is made and making our own kombucha mixes.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Home-made, made easy! Bringing back the lost art of making cheese, yoghurt, kombucha and kefir from the comfort of your very own kitchen! Products to support a Real Food / Slow Food Lifestyle including a selection of starter cultures and supplies.

Products include: Yogurt Starters, Kefir Grains & Starter Cultures, Kombucha Cultures and Cheese Making supplies.

Operating as usual


Beet Kvass Recipe


1) 1 Large organic beet or 2 small ones
2) Fine sea salt / Himalayan salt 3) Filtered water


1) Peel and cut up 1 large beet or 2 small ones into 1cm cubes and place in your 1 litre fermentation vessel.
2) Make a 2% brine solution (add 20g salt to 1 litre water).
3) Fill the vessel with your brine solution, leaving roughly 3cm of head space at the top.
4) Cover your vessel with a Pickle Pipe or an Airlock and b**g. If you are using a glass jar that is not fitted with one of these, just close it as per normal but remember to burp it daily (!NB!) and do place it on a dish for if it starts to bubble over!
5) Leave your vessel to ferment in a cool, dark place for 1 to 2 weeks.
6) Strain out the beets and refrigerate the fermented Beet Kvass. WVALA! ENJOY!

Beet Kvass has delicious salty-sweet, earthy undertones and a lot of people choose to drink a shot of it as a health tonic.

Side notes:
1) If your vessel is not fitted with an airlock and b**g or something similar, remember to burp it daily and do place it on a dish then for if it starts to bubble over!


Good things comes to those who ferment!

What better way to kickstart new healthy habits than to try your hand at fermenting refreshing, probiotic rich beverages.

Your options? We recommend Water kefir, Kombucha or Beet Kvass for those trying their hand for the first time!!


Kindly note that our shop will be open from 12 in the afternoons on the 14th and 15th of December.
We will be closed on the 16th for the public holiday.

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‘Tis the season of giving🎄

Our DIY kits are the perfect gift for a friend or loved one!
Try your hand at cheese-making, brew your own Kombucha or whip up a batch of Yoghurt to be enjoyed with fresh, summer berries 🍓

Contact us directly for orders!
[email protected]


Wednesday WOW🍓

We love hearing back from our customers!

Our milk kefir starter kit will guide you step by step in making this deliciously healthy probiotic drink in your very own kitchen!


Start making your own cheese in your very own kitchen with our Basic Italian Cheese Kit🧀

This Crafty Cultures kit will give you all the equipment and ingredients you’ll need to start making some Italian favourites. Just add milk!

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Another Friday Ferment!

Ending off the week with a quick and easy recipe for a delicious salsa🍅


It’s National Homemade Bread Day🥖

Have you tried one of our Sourdough starters yet? Bake delicious bread in the comfort of your own home!

Options available:
~ Rye Sourdough
~ South African Sourdough
~ Wholewheat Sourdough

Visit our shop in Centurion or order from Takealot.


Make your yoghurt culture go a little further by using this handy method!

You can “stretch” your culture by spooning 2/3 tablespoons out of a freshly made yoghurt batch (this is called making a daughter culture) and keeping it separately in the refrigerator.

When you make a new batch of yoghurt, instead of adding new culture, just add this daughter culture. Remember to make a fresh batch of yoghurt at least every 7 days to keep your daughter cultures strong.

Remember to save this tip for later.
Happy yoghurt-making🍓

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My nuwe definisie van sukses;

Om 1 mudskipper en 1 krappie te vang en te piekniek met hierdie 2tjies voor 9am op 'n Maandagoggend.

Caleb en Benjamin dankie dat julle alles SOVEEL pret maak ALTYD!

SÓ trots op julle 2 vissersmanne!

Lukas het ook vandag sy 5de vermaandsdag gehad🙌👶🏼 Net so trots op hierdie vreeslike vriendelikke kriewellyfie!


Lukas Eet!

Hierdie is 'n DANKIE-SÊ boodskap.

Liewe @tummiesfulloflove dankie dankie dat julle Lukas se eerste eet week SO lekker gemaak het vir hom en vir sy mamma!!

Ons het verhuis na anderkant d land en n paar pakke van julle heerlike gevriesde kos saamgetrek! Ek beveel dit sommer vir elke mamma aan!

Lukas is een van julle vele baie gelukkige, versadigde, kliënte!

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“You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” ― Dr. Seuss

Hierdie afgelope week het ons ons huis opgepak in Irene, laaste Oval stappies gemaak, laaste gedrink, laaste keer met my snoeiskêr in die groentetuin ingeklim, konsert gehou by die kinders se skooltjie, insening vir Lukas in die tuin gehou, Mila se verjaarsdag gevier, vir die koeie baai gaan sê, vriende en familie in Pretoors gegroet en Dinsdag op n vliegtuig geklim oppad na ons nuwe avontuur...

Irene, ons gaan jou met al jou spesiale plaas herinneringe mis!!

Mtunzini ons sien SO uit na 'n nuwe hoofstuk wat se blaaie geskryf gaan word in jou strate!


We are busy upgrading our website; giving it a fresh new look and making it more user-friendly, for YOU of course!

In the meanwhile you can still grab our awesome products from @faithfultonature and @takealotcom


Benefits of Kombucha ☕️

1. Can help boost your metabolism
2. Potential source of probiotics
3. Rich in antioxidants
4. Contains vitamins and minerals
5. Easy to make in the comfort of your own home

Kombucha is a fermented drink made from sweetened tea and a culture known as Scoby. You can easily make your own flavour by adding spices or fruit🫐

Get hold of a Kombucha Starter Kit from @craftycultures to start brewing!


Letting all our crafty customers know that we will be closed on Monday, 01 November 2021.

Wishing everyone a splendid long week-end!


Giving you the best of both worlds!

Not only can you shop for your favourite Crafty Cultures goodies online, but also from our newly opened shop!

See you there!


There’s so much happening here at Crafty Cultures, we can’t wait to share all the exciting news with you!

Keep an eye on our social media pages for updates!




We have a position available!

This person will have to be Excel proficient, with strong administrative and planning abilities.

A friendly person with lots of common sense and problem solving capabilities is highly ascribed.

Typical Job Tasks includes but is not limited to;

- General Admin
- Book keeping & accounting
- Marketing
- Social media management
- Public Relations
- Fulfilling Orders
- Inventory management
- Production management

For more Information on this position
please send the following information to craftyjob2021 @ gmail . c o m ;

- A recent photo of yourself
- CV
- Contactable References
- Salary Expectation
- Personal life motto


Calling all potential bread bakers and yoghurt makers!

Last call for orders before we call it a wrap!

Crafty Cultures will be doing the unthinkable and take a Sabbatical!

Although I'm oozing with excitement, we'll be missing all our customers!! Thankyou for your support during the past 7 years and thankyou for also understanding this out-of-office rendezvous of ours!

May your Winter Season be a restful, reflective one so that come'll be rejuvenated and inspired to do AWESOME things!


Carike & The Crafty Cultures Team


Last week we had an epic Instagram Live with @tummiesfulloflove for their collaboration with @babywombworlds and the series of introducing solids to your baby. We were quite overwhelmed with the response we got. People want to start introducing fermented foods into their diets but they just don't know HOW!

Would you like to try out a specific fermented food at home? Which one? Drop us a comment below 👇👇👇and we'll use this info to make a "how to video" for you mid next week! 📽🎬



Business Sabbatical around he corner!!💥💫❤

Remember to place your orders asap! Asof 1 June we will not be taking any new orders for quite a while!

Remember that rest and time-out is important when focusing of gut health! Without sufficient rest intestinal permeability issues can creep in (leaky gut) so that food and toxins are then able to pass through the intestine and into the bloodstream.

This in turn can cause havoc in your gut from inflammatory stomach pains to food sensitivities.

Take that vacation y'all!!!

We'll see you real soon!!!xoxo😘

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Gut Health for Infants


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