Five Arrows

I know how the story goes...
A whistle, then....”Bows on toes!”
Five arrows is all I get
My parents’ favour, a never-ending debt

My first arrow flies sweet
The elusive 10 my eyes does greet
My heart is filled with glee
My prize will surely be my daddy’s knee

The second arrow now....a 9
Desperate emotions are mine
My mother’s face without a smile
From here I wish I was a mile

Arrow three, it’s a 7
Please, oh Angels from Heaven
Save this tortured child today
Anguished, at my parents’ feet I lay

Arrow 4...
My heart is now at death’s door
My terror I simply cannot hide
Alas, this burden I must abide

My last hope...arrow number 5
My medal dream no longer alive
Mom and Dad, I need to rest
Please know, I’ve done my level best

Riaan Swart
Anyone selling a right hand bow?
I'm looking for 2
Nicole Allott FB NASP shoot
All of my post are for
Archer number:1751
Nicole Allott FB NASP shoot
My son is selling his set for R3000 neg. We are in Bellville in the Western Cape.
Looking for any 2nd hand compound bow for my son 11 years old (not too expensive)

Contact me or WhatsApp 0836355926
Daai was dalk nie ‘n 50 nie....maar die houding is ‘n 100!
Hope my kids dont find out my score
Does anyone have a photo of the gr 9 Jnr high boys receiving their medals? The one I have of Jared Swart came out to dark. Thank you.
Some 50's captured

The Mission of AGA-SA is to establish the enjoyment of participating in archery as a family sport aga sa

Operating as usual

Photos from AGA SA's post 27/04/2022


363 archers representing 11 schools and 4 clubs from 3 different countries competed on 22 and 23 April 2022 in the 2022 International Inter Schools Virtual Competition.

Archers from Canada, Namibia and South Africa were competing while watching each other on the big screen.

Hal Ziprick from HA Kostash, Smoky Lake in Canada was the host and also served as the Range Master for all the venues.

Archers competed at the following venues, all maintaining contact with the host while competing:

Smoky Lake - Hal Ziprick

Windhoek - Karola Marais

Cape Town WC - Antoinette Swanepoel
Centurion GP - Pieter van der Dussen
Emalathleni MP - Ryk Gagiano
Germiston GP - Marna Jacobs
Kimberley NC - Dawid De Greeff
Meyerton GP - Jitesh Patel


Cub Girls
1. 230 Gr3 Nusrah Beckmann NC
2. 198 Gr3 Amina van Niekerk NC
3. 175 Gr3 Humairah Lavangee NC

Cub Boys
1. 268 Gr3 Hennie Victor NC
2. 237 Gr3 Amaan Khan NC
3. 181 Gr3 Simeon De Greeff NC

Primary School Girls
1. 268 Gr7 Annika Badenhorst WC
2. 265* Gr6 Lee-Ann Thomas WC
3. 265 Gr6 Elrize De Greeff NC

Primary School Boys
1. 282 Gr7 Keane Louw GP
2. 275 Gr7 Reinder Jacobs GP
3. 271 Gr7 MJ Eygelaar WC

High School Girls
1. 285 Gr11 Tyra Adams NC
2. 284 Gr9 Kayleigh van Helden GP
3. 281 Gr10 Tamara Grové GP

High School Boys
1. 294 Gr12 Owen Trachsel MP
1. 294 Gr11 Henre Serfontein WC
3. 289 Gr12 Ian Otto WC

AAG Ladies
1. 281 Ilani Smith GP
2. 280 Anneke Barnard GP
3. 279 Christie Agenbach Nam

1. 291 Gunther Morsbach WC
2. 286 Jurgens Becker GP
2. 286 Ryk Gagiano MP

TEAM SCORES out of 3600

Primary School Teams
1. 2930 Bastion WC
2. 2818 HA Kostash A Can
3. 2796 Elspark A GP
4. 2402 Watsonia WC
5. 2327 LS Raslouw GP
6. 2140 HA Kostash B Can
7. 1992 LS Elspark N GP

High School Teams
1. 3246 HA Kostash Can
2. 3126 Dr Malan GP
3. 3039 Protea Hights Academy WC
4. 3037 HS Hoogengout MP
5. 3022 Oosterlig GP
6. 2687 Dr Malan GP
7. 2657 HS Raslouw GP
8. 2606 Monument Park WC

AAG Teams
1. 3284 WC AAG WC
2. 3115 Purfecto GP
3. 2914 NC AAG NC


1. 294 Henre Serfontein WC
1. 294 Owen Trachsel MP
3. 289 Ian Otto WC
4. 288 AJ Els GP
5. 286 Fanie Becker GP
6. 285* Jon-Marc Whallyey GP
7. 285 Tyra Adams NC
8. 284 Kayleigh van Helden GP
8. 284 Damien Beukes Nam
10. 283 Burton Weakley Nam


1. 291 Gunther Morsbach WC
2. 286 Jurgens Becker GP
2. 286 Ryk Gagiano MP
4. 285 Luther De Koker WC
5. 285 Brandon Botha GP
6. 284 Jacobus van Niekerk WC
7. 281 Ilani Smith GP
7. 281 Rindert Wyma MP
9. 280 Anneke Barnard GP
9. 280 Raymond Riley GP

* = more 10s shot by the archer.

Well done archers. Remember that everyone who competed is a winner.

You all made AGA in southern Africa and NASP in Canada proud.

The rookie to watch is young Hennie Victor, a Grade 3 learner from the Northern Cape who shot a 268 and are placed 58th in the Tournament. Can someone please post a photo of Hennie.

Thank you Hal Ziprick who initiated and managed this competition. Well done Hal.

Thank you to all the officials, coaches, parents and most of all our archers who worked very hard to make this happen.

I salute you.

I believe that we need at least two or maybe three such events per year. Who's next?




AGA-SA's first official 3D event in a long-long time .

The AGA / 3Di 3D Challenge at Wildcrete, Centurion on Saturday 07 May 2022.

We are making it a day out for family and friends.

Bring and braai.
Bring your own grid, gazebo, chairs, sides, cold drinks and braai packs.

Kom kuier vir 'n slag lekker saam.

Details will follow soon.



AGA instructor training on Saturday 21 May 2022 at Laerskool & Hoërskool Raslouw in Centurion.

Contact Wilhelm at [email protected]


Mathews Genesis bows available at a very reasonable price.

Contact Wilhelm at 082 607 0202 within working hours or e-mail at [email protected]

Photos from Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke's post 25/04/2022

Photos from Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke's post

Photos from Hoërskool Schweizer-Reneke's post 25/04/2022

Photos from Hoërskool Schweizer-Reneke's post

Photos from AGA SA's post 24/04/2022

Today was a great day at HuntEx.

Thank you our Super Team for your dedication and hard work.

Photos from AGA SA's post 24/04/2022

Dr Jannie Du Plessis, former Springbok prop enjoyed AGA at HuntEx.


Hanru Hollander het 50 op 10m geskiet by Wesvalia Saterdag en behaal 'n 3de plek vir Laeskool seuns.


Wessel van der Bank skiet 50 op 10m by Wesvalia kompetisie en verwerf 1ste plek vir laerskole


Our archery learners did very well yesterday during their competition. Armand Martins (gr.8) was aangewys as die beste hoërskool seunsskut en hy was ook algeheel 2de.
#boogskiet #archery #voluitvirriebeeckrand

Photos from Larries Boogskiet's post 23/04/2022

Photos from Larries Boogskiet's post

Photos from AGA SA's post 23/04/2022

What an exciting (and hard working) day we enjoyed at HuntEx.

Thank you to our 10 champion officials who coached our visitors. You made AGA-SA proud.

Photos from Laerskool en Hoërskool Raslouw's post 23/04/2022

Photos from Laerskool en Hoërskool Raslouw's post


Coaches can reduce the chances of their team suffering from excessive anxiety by implementing several relatively simple strategies:

Realize the Needs of Individual Team Members
Observe Team Members

You may notice that archers have their own unique way to prepare for a match.

Archers needs to be psyched up enough to be ready to shoot, but not so aroused that performance suffers.

Some archers will need to relax and calm down before competition, while others may need to be more energized or psyched up for competition.

Coach Actions

Be careful when giving pre-game talks. A rousing pep talk may help some archers, yet also make other archers too anxious.

Limit the pre-game talk to essential information needed for team and individual strategies

Save the pep talk for individual athletes who need to be psyched up

Provide some time for archers to prepare on their own

Build some time into your pre-competition warm-ups for archers to do some individualized mental readying

Some archers will want to relax, calm down, or be by themselves. Other archers may stay close to teammates, get psyched up, or perhaps joke around as a distraction from thinking too much about the game.

It is important to learn how your athletes like to prepare for competition. Then individualize how you interact with athletes before matches.

Build the confidence and try to calm archers who need to relax.

Use motivational remarks for archers who like to get excited before they compete.

Your comments and opinions are very welcome on this subject.

Have you suffered and how did you control your anxiety ?


Sterkte aan ons Larries Boogskietspan wat Saterdag, 23 April aan die Wesvalia Interskole boogskietkompetisie te Klerksdorp deelneem.


Photos from AGA SA's post 22/04/2022

Well done AGA North Gauteng.
Congratulations with your first official event for 2022 hosted by Laerskool & Hoërskool Raslouw.
Raslouw is the stronghold of AGA in North Gauteng.

Photos from AGA Namibia's post 21/04/2022

Photos from AGA Namibia's post

Photos from AGA SA's post 21/04/2022

AGA-SA is ready at HuntEx.

Please visit us in Hall 3.


I've often said you have to be in a mindfulness state when shooting archery as it will help you a lot!

#archery #archerylife #archeryhunting

Photos from AGA SA's post 13/04/2022

Prepare for the winter and order your AGA-SA supporter tracksuit now.

Contact Wilhelm at [email protected]

Photos from Free State Vrystaat AGA's post 10/04/2022

AGA Free State is making a difference in the lives of our members.

Well done.


AGA Ekurhuleni hosted their annual Introduction Programme today.

11 Grade 3, 1 Grade 4 and 2 parents were introduced to AGA.

This programme is very popular and one adult BAI per two learners volunteered to help.

Well done AGA-EK, you make us proud.


Constant and consistent progress is key.

Take and make those small steps every day and don't constantly look for the big breakthrough or huge leap. That will happen when the time is right and when you have put in enough progress consistently over time.

Success is just made up of tiny small actions and steps every day.

Despite what many think, overnight successes never happen, and when it seems like they do, it's just because there have been small wins happening over a period of time. People who are successful and dominant understand this to the fullest extent.

Mind over matter. I've heard it time and time again, but I never really stop to think about what this saying means exactly.

I always thought of it as just another cliche that is supposed to try to motivate me to keep going, or to get through another set or rep when I was working out. I thought of it as something that was really irrelevant, but encouraged me to ignore the pain and focus on getting the task at hand done.

What I began to realize is that the saying actually has a ton of truth behind it. I didn't realize how powerful and important your mind is in everything that you do. I started to believe that this saying was more than just another cliche. Even world-renowned rapper Drake has said in one of his most popular songs, "See, the power of the mind is not a joke!" This was everything I needed to hear in order to believe that any type of success starts with what you believe in your mind.

Mind Over Matter: Used to describe a situation in which someone is able to control a physical condition, problem, etc., by using the mind.

Success can come in different forms, but it all starts with what you think, what you say to yourself and believe that you're capable of doing. Most people who reach a high level of success don't want to just be successful, they want to crush their goals. To them, it's not just about winning, but more about how they win. It's about not relinquishing and giving their all every single time because they know what they're capable of.

They're serious about their craft, and when it comes to getting things done, they leave no doubt that they are the best and most skilled. The most successful people in any industry, craft or sport, don't just want to win, they want to dominate. They want to prove that they are the best and that there shouldn't be any debate about it. The most successful people have this mindset and want everybody to know that they are confident in their abilities.

How To Build A Successful Mindset

1. Value Growth Over Comfort

Growth is uncomfortable, progress can also be uncomfortable, but you absolutely cannot get better without experiencing some sort of discomfort. You have to realize that in order to build a successful mindset, growth has to be a priority and you can't afford to stay in a state of comfort. Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. It is the same way in any aspect of life. Growth doesn't happen overnight, but placing that above complacency will eventually lead you to be dominant and successful.

2. Value Progress Over Breakthrough

Constant and consistent progress is key. Take and make those small steps every day and don't constantly look for the big breakthrough or huge leap. That will happen when the time is right and when you have put in enough progress consistently over time. Success is just made up of tiny small actions and steps every day. Despite what many think, overnight successes never happen, and when it seems like they do, it's just because there have been small wins happening over a period of time. People who are successful and dominant understand this to the fullest extent.

Success is just made up of tiny small actions and steps every day.

3. Value Stamina Over Speed

"Slow and steady wins the race." Life, just like success, is not a sprint. You want to last in this archery game and going fast won't help you sustain long-term success. Life is longer than you think and you have to have the stamina to be in this race for the long run. Don't rush the process. Don't rush to success. Value the grind, the journey, and take each day as a different learning experience.

4. Value Purpose Over Passion

Your purpose might not be your passion, but you can learn to become passionate about your purpose. Your purpose is why you're put here and what you think your mission is in your life. Finding this might be difficult, but once you do, do everything you can to go full force on it. Your purpose will always drive you and never steer you wrong. You also might feel like you have multiple purposes, and although you probably do, acting on just one of them will push you to be successful. Think about what you want your legacy to be. What are the stories that people are going to tell when you’re gone? Questions like these will help you discover your purpose and will give you lifelong meaning.

"What are the stories that people are going to tell when you’re gone?"

5. Value Clarity Over Certainty

Clarity is power, but clarity doesn't come from thinking and wondering. Clarity comes from action and moving forward. You'll never be 100% sure that something will work out the way you want it to. Life dishes out uncertainties and obstacles on everyone's journey. The one thing you can always be certain about is what you want, how you plan to get it and what you're willing to do to get it. That's where clarity comes from and successful people realize that regardless of what happens on the journey, they're focused on the destination. They aren't concerning themselves with whether or not it will work the way they want it to work. They just put their heads down and go get

The fact of the matter is that everyone wants to get to the next level. Everyone wants to improve and figure out ways to better their shooting.

Success and satisfaction can never be tied to a general number or outcome. Being successful and satisfied with all of these things starts with ourselves, what our minds deem possible and what we picture success as.

When we're younger, we were told that "if you can believe, then you can achieve." We often lose sight of the truth in this as we get older and when so-called reality hits us. We forget how important it is to dream, to have high goals and to believe in ourselves.

Success will always start with your mindset before anything else.

You create the standard for success and set the bar for what you want in life, but you should never sell yourself short. Your mind is literally the most powerful thing that you have and if you can picture yourself in a certain position, then it starts to become a reality in that moment.

Analyze what success means to you, and how you're going to get it. Don't ever stop until you get what you want out of archery or life!

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