PastureBird raises and grows pasture raised chickens to supply our health conscious customers with premium quality chicken.

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My perfect roast chicken | Chicken recipes | Jamie Oliver recipes

Hi there! Natalie here (the Nooi 😙)

We -obviously- eat a lot of chicken and I'm always trying new recipes for whole chickens, pieces or breasts. You know, just for a change. Chicken can be awfully bland standing on its own. Although, I must add that our chicken is so succulent and tasty a steamed breast goes down really well some days 😁

When I've tried all the chicken options on my shelf full of recipe books, I turn to good old Google and this recipe popped up. It's one of my favourite roast chicken recipes. It's quick and doesn't need a lot of ingredients and I've usually got all the ingredients on hand. There is nothing worse than wanting to quickly try a deliciously looking recipe only to find you haven't got everything.

Well here it is: Jamie Oliver never disappoints!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Also, please leave your favourite chicken recipe in the comments. Just for inspiration.

Have a great Thursday! This super-juicy roast chicken recipe from The Naked Chef is Jamie's royal tribute to Prince Harry and Megan. Succulent roast chicken, loads of fresh herbs and lemon. Serve with roast potatoes, loads of veg and, of course, gravy!

[02/15/19]   There is mounting evidence from recent scientific studies that chickens allowed to roam freely, eat grass and bugs lay more nutritious eggs that contain:

🌱⅓ less cholesterol;

🌱¼ less saturated fat;

🌱2 or 3 times more vitamin A;

🌱2 times more omega-3 fatty acids

🌱3 times more vitamin E and

🌱7 times more beta carotene

than eggs produced by chickens in confinement with no access to grass.

Here at Boer&Nooi our laying ladies roam freely in big camps on our pasture ensuring their eggs are packed with all the goodness! The camps are rotated regulary to allow the grass to recover.

🍳hand collected daily🥚
🍳delivered fresh to you 🥚
🍳unbleached 🥚
🍳free roaming 🐔s
🍳happy 🐔s
🍳cared for 🐔s
🍳sustainably farmed

❤There's more to a Boer&Nooi's egg than that meets the eye! ❤

...because real food matters!


A year of raising chooks on grass

[10/07/18]   SPECIAL ON A TRAY OF EGGS THIS WEEK ONLY!! R55/tray! Order by commenting on this post👇 (collection in Centrurion)


~my pets make me breakfast~

Photo credits: Melissa Smith Melissa Meyer Photography


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Hey! just a quick update, we have been building and implementing our new pasture chicken tractor/houses. These houses get moved to a fresh piece of grass every day keeping the grass fertilised and the chikens happy with something fresh to eat every day. Lookout for a small video to see me move these houses.


Our chickens are loved... #morehugs #moreeggs #gentlynow #HaylieGrace


🎶This is how we sort the eggs
Pack the eggs
Sort the eggs
This is how we pack the eggs
So early in the morning🎵


So I saw this picture and well they say a picture could speak a thousand words.
Tell us which one of these pictures would you support?
(A) Pasture raised OR (B) Cage free/Barn eggs


Have a HAPPY Friday!

[03/02/18]   You can now also buy our EGGSELLENT eggs at One Life Health Supermarket! Hip Hooray! 24/02/2018

Google review of Die Windpomp Lapa by Helgaard Smith

Hi all we are now selling our eggs @ the Windpomp Padstal Awsome people with really fresh meat and exceptional droëwors! ★★★★★ "Best people, Awsome fresh meat and great pastured freerange eggs from Boer&Nooi"


Hey just want to thank i am lezanne for the beautiful design of our business cards & Jetline Print on Demand for the amazing printing! Tell us what you think...


Hey everyone here is a post on how we run our meat birds have a Awsome day please like and share our page Boer&Nooi


Hi everyone have a look at our real free range pastured laying hens and the impact that they have on the soil.
These laying ladies produce high quality healthy fresh pastured eggs.
Please like our page and share the vidoe.


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What are we about?

We do what we do because... well, “because real food matters” as our slogan states. We are passionate about giving our clients fresh, tasty chicken without the nasties! We strive for excellence when it comes to our clients and our product. Our clients have become dear friends and we value their support!

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A year of raising chooks on grass
Hey everyone here is a post on how we run our meat birds have a Awsome day please like and share our page Boer&Nooi
Hi everyone have a look at our real free range  pastured laying hens and the impact that they have on the soil.These lay...



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