La Volonta Kinesiology

La Volonta Kinesiology

The willingness for new ways of living life, using the technique of muscle monitoring and applied kinesiology methods, based on Chinese Medicine principles

LOVE kinesiology: Italian-South African Specialised kinesiologist in training; living life positively

Operating as usual


Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed By Science

Wow. What an exhilarating past few days it's been!

I'll get straight to the BIG NEWS:
The Proven docuseries screening ended on Thursday evening and we've received an influx of emails from viewers who weren't able to watch all of the 9 Episodes during our free event.

So... we've decided to do a 48-Hour Replay Weekend to make sure you have time to watch any episodes you've missed - or re-watch the ones that are particularly important to you. The Proven series is back open for 2 days!

Click the link in our bio to access the replay page and all the episodes OR:

We are also going to extend our special event sale on the Full Proven Access Package - so if you are moved by what you witness here, make sure to check that out as well.

* You have 2 more days to watch the entire Proven docuseries
* All episodes are now LIVE and viewable at whichever time works for you
* We are extending our 50% OFF sale too.
#It gives us great pleasure to be able to make this powerful healing information available to you.


What an awesome topic, the brain and nervous system 💜


Holistic Health Hub

A Specialist Kinesiologist in the midlands 💞

Holistic Health Hub is moving to the Midlands. From October my practice will open in Howick and Notties. I wish all my past clients a beautiful future and all my future clients a brilliant beginning to their healing journey with me. Namaste!

[05/01/20]   Attending Kinesiology online conference this long May weekend



Privilege in the time of Corona.

It’s been amazing to observe the scramble for blame that our human race has been indulging in whilst trying to wrap our minds around C-19.

At first it was racism. Blame it on the Chinese. Italian. Oh wait, it’s global.
Then it became White Supremest. Blame it on the rich, traveling white folk. Oh wait, it’s in our townships.
Now it’s government, 5G roll-out and toxic bodies.

The blame is all of ours. It’s a collective unconscious creation.

We all contributed in creating this virus. We allowed it. In our actions or in our inability to act. And now we’re being called forth to take responsibility for our toxicity.

Our toxic eating habits, thinking habits, wasteful habits. Our toxic relationships with Mother Earth, each other and ourselves.

Until we can take responsibility for our role in the creation of destruction, we won’t understand our true ability to create for expansion.

So yes, this lockdown is a time for detoxing, for resetting, for healing relationships and getting connected to our hearts, our wombs, our highest selves, our godliness, our divinity.

It’s also a time to question the way we’ve been living and gives us an opportunity to bring the systems that no longer serve us down to the ground. Only through the destruction can we build a new future, a new earth.

The privilege is all of ours. To be here. To be connected. To know. It’s available to every single human. Divinity has no bounds. The privilege is yours if you choose it.

#covid #spiritualawakening #newearth #getconnected #gointothecave #wombawakening #creation #creative #creativepower #expansion #rosequartz #yoniart #stones #crystals #crystalhealing


Such an important topic, crying is an excellent release of emotions, many emotions, not just one 🌺 what an amazing way to release, while space is held for ourselves, or another 💦

"Go ahead and cry. I'm here to be with you." ❤️


Hold the forehead during stress and emotions 🌸

Remember to hold the frontal eminences during stressful periods to release anxiety and calm the nervous system. 23/03/2020

Boost Your Immunity Using Acupressure | NeuroKinetics

Acupressure points for boosting immunity #SpecialisedKinesiology Feeling low this winter season? Boost your immunity in minutes! Chinese Medicine supports the idea that the goal of a good doctor is to prevent illness before it occurs by supporting and strengthening the body and the immune system proactively. Acupressure strengthens our natural resistance to disea... 28/12/2019

How (And Why) To Simplify Your Home Before 2020 Kicks Off

🤩Vision board 2020, then clearing out with purpose and goals in mind 💞sharing the information 💐 Hot take: Your home doesn't need to be filled with stuff in order to be cluttered.


Fearless Soul

Beautiful 7 beliefs to bring in for 2020 and beyond 💞


I 💚 LOVE this concept to love all aspects of ourselves 💞 #SoulSunday

Love ALL the ones you are 😍


Profound. 💬 thought provoking. Kinesiology may help identify emotional, mental or energetic behaviours or patterns that attribute to physical weight not shifting 💚 you are not only what you eat, also what you think and feel. 💭



One the reasons why kinesiology is so powerful is we connect in deeply with the subconscious mind!

When we work together, we are able to tap into it so that it can reveal exactly whats been holding you back.

Not only that, through it we are also able to work out exactly what needs to happen to clear the issue.

When your able to do this you’ll find achieving your particular goal a whole lot easier!

This is a power way in which you can take your business (or life) to the next level.


Wow, interesting insight to the immune system 💞

Your I M M U N E system 🥊
Did you know that on the metaphysical level, your immune system is related to boundaries?

As in, having good physical boundaries on a cellular level keeps out invading pathogens. Same same when it comes to managing your energy. If we have good boundaries then we aren’t leaking energy through people pleasing, over-doing, over-stressing and so on.

Stress is a major factor in how well your immune system functions. And stress can be caused by environmental factors, not eating or resting well enough and being in stressful situations.

The depletion of our Qi (Chi) or life force energy can cause all sorts of crazy making health stuff!

A compromised immune system can result in allergies, constant colds/flu, and can lead towards more serious/chronic health challenges, too.

This weekend I’m excited to be doing an immune system masterclass to add some advanced protocols to my Kinesiology skill set.

We’ll be delving in to the interconnection between the western medicine understanding of the immune system and the awesome Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. It’s hot stuff!

So the clinic is closed this weekend.

But if you want to book a session, you can do that via my website.

See you on the flip side gorgeous ones! 💙💙💙


The inconvenient truths 💚🌟💞

It's time to do the inner work!



Love and light. xx


Happy Women's Day 💐

The bottom line: Empowered Women Empower Women

With gratitude to all the Women who have assisted me on my empowerment journey 💞

[07/20/19]   “Emotional pain cannot kill you, but running from it can. Allow. Embrace. Let yourself feel. Let yourself heal.” ~Vironika Tugaleva


Individualised support and healing 💚


Food for thought 🌱 Sometimes the healing means letting go or changes to life(style) as we know it 🍒

The things we hold onto manifest into dis-eases in our mind and body.


Kinesiology special 💚

I am beyond excited to be out of office next week to complete my Neuro Gastro Enterology course. I will be offering case study prices during the month of November.
Please share the message with those struggling with digestive issues such as IBS, acid reflux, leaky gut syndrome, chronic constipation, diarrhea, parasites, micro biome irregularities such as Candida, mood swings, anxiety, depression, ADD and concentration issues, chronic inflammation etc.
More info is available on my website and bookings can be made directly with me. Looking forward to walking the healing journey with you 🌱
#neurogastroenterology #kinesiology #gutbrainconnection #outofoffice @ Integrative Healing


Wow! Kinesiology has facilitated the positive change for me in my journey called life 💜


[04/15/18]   N.O.T. : Take 1

[04/15/18]   Spent this weekend concluding N.O.T. course #WatchThisSpace


Awaken Kinesiology

Great article!

Do you know what co-dependency means?

It comes up in Kinesiology sessions sometimes and often, although my clients have heard the term, they aren't really sure what it means.

Co-dependency was a term first used to explain relationships in families with an alcoholic, however usage of the word has since become more widespread. Essentially, if you are co-dependent, you take too much responsibility for other people and this affects your interactions with others. It is a boundary problem.

It is often a learned behaviour that is passed down through families and if you have co-dependent traits, you can definitely learn to unwind them and focus more fully on your own path. Worrying about others can be a great distraction from dealing with our own issues!

Read the rest at this link:

What do you think? I’d love to hear. 13/01/2018

How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

Brilliant! May the world continue to find health practitioners that question and probe Childhood trauma isn’t something you just get over as you grow up. Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris explains that the repeated stress of abuse, neglect and parents struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues has real, tangible effects on the development of the brain. This unfolds acros...


💜 Honour how you feel 🌼


💜 For any Jhb based followers, Parkhurst vibes 💜 Love and life for 2018 💜

Happy New Year! 💜


// Muladhara chakra

The foundational chakra of the seven main chakras of your energy body, muladhara chakra is metaphysically associated with how you create identity in this life.

As a baby we are reliant on our care givers - and our sense of belonging, safety and feeling wanted is formed around those earliest experiences.

This can even begin in the womb as your human body is still forming and being programmed with the emotions and beliefs of your ancestors.

A healthy base chakra forms when you feel safe, protected, connected. Part of a group, tribe or family that helps you to feel stable, loved and wanted.

If however, your experiences in childhood were less than safe, and did not generate self love or self confidence...then a sense of belonging might be an issue for you.

It might be subtle or overt, and could express as being extra independent, and/or feeling rejected by the world.

In order to grow, and to transform your life experiences, it’s important to reclaim your sense of belonging in the world.

For those who’ve experienced childhood trauma, the most important goal to work towards is connecting to your own inner child, and inner mother and father.

It’s possible to learn to self-parent and self-partner so that at all times, your tribe starts with your own love, care and affection for yourself.

Perhaps if it feels right, you can also look at connecting to the Divine Mother and Father, the creators of All That Is.

We need to cultivate these connections because as long as we are seeking validation and love from external sources, we are powerless in the face of those sources being given or taken away.

Love, happiness and self-approval must come from you, and no one else. And/or from your connection to The Divine.

Sometimes despite our best efforts, there’s more work to be done, however.

Sometimes we need to redefine all of those early life programs. Relearn who we consider tribe and family. And release what no longer serves.

Because if your current definition of family includes those who are toxic for you, those who are abusive and do not see or love you for who you are...then that tribe will NEVER feel safe.

It might be time to create a new one for yourself, including only those who love you best.

For many people, the need for this change is nigh. It’s necessary for some of us in order to bloom in to our potential.

It can certainly take a great deal of courage to let go of what has always been.

But once you start to witness new possibilities for yourself in this way, and trust that something better and more functional is awaiting you...then the path becomes clearer. 💕🙏

Image by Ashnandoah:


Wishing #healing for all


ZD Imagined

This concept is underused and abused. Often, open and honest defeated into sadness, misunderstanding and hurt. To be open and honest, you have to keep reminding yourself of your intention. Honesty often is unkindness clothed as “just being honest”. Open and honest has to be mutually vulnerable to be effective and transformative. Keep an open mind and a open heart. 💜🦋 #myjourneyjournal #openandhonest #justthreewords #zdjtw #zdimagined


Love and Light

It really does!



As we close off the first week of October, I want to share with you how important these three words are for me. Actually, I feel that so much of the malaise we have in the world today is because we have become so isolated from one another. We're frightened to share in each other's lives. Being vulnerable means laying bare your inner feelings and sharing with those you trust and love. If I reflect on my own life and experiences, the moments that I've retreated into a shell and contracted have been the hardest. Sharing is caring, that's for real. Don't contract. Expand. It's hard, I know. But challenge yourself to try, whether it's a personal or business issue. Don't suffer in silence. What is the point of that? Reach out. Happy weekend all 😘 #justthreewords #vulnerabilityisstrength #zdimagined #curatedbyzd #myjourneyjournal #livetounderstand #courage #reachout #expanddontcontract



It sounds simple, right? #learntothrive no matter what! Whatever the "weather", no matter what. Come rain or shine, you gotta keep going. Look for the lesson, the silver lining, the learning. Expand when you want to contract. Thrive because you're alive! #zdimagined #justthreewords #livepositive #myjourneyjournal #lifeisart #curatedbyzd


Nice resource to have a look at this #PainFree #StressFree weekend with DIY #Acupressure

PAIN RELIEF & STRESS RELIEF practical info in 3 free videos which are available for a limited time. The free video demos cover how to use these base of the skull points & more. Three excellent Acupressure videos will be sent to your Inbox & your email address will be kept absolutely private. These instructional videos are well done & completely FREE here: Please Share!



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