Xemote Remote Sensing and Control

Xemote Remote Sensing and Control

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Xemote Remote Sensing and Control offers a turnkey solution for all your remote monitoring needs

The Xemote business goal is to provide Internet of Things (IoT) products and services to enhance our client’s market competitiveness from cradle to grave. Our turnkey offering is applicable to a wide range of sensing elements and analytical needs.


Excitement is in the air – SunShift has officially launched!

Step into the future of solar with a system designed to optimize, protect, and simplify.

Achieve unmatched efficiency in your home with our cutting-edge technology. Don't wait to make the most of your solar investment. Get your SunShift now and embrace the smarter way to solar.

Get yours today by visiting: https://xemoteiot.co.za/sunshift/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=ZSO&utm_campaign=mark


The countdown is nearly over!

Tomorrow, we welcome SunShift into homes, bringing advanced solar optimisation that intelligently adapts to save you more. Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with features like real-time load shedding adjustments, weather-aware energy management, and protective battery oversight—all powered by smart machine learning.

Get ready to cut the ribbon on a new era of solar. Visit our site to explore the full capabilities of SunShift and prepare for launch.


The final countdown begins! In just one week, SunShift will be launching to increase your solar savings.

Get ready to embrace a system that dynamically optimizes your energy use, maximizes savings, and extends battery life—all through the power of intelligent, adaptive technology.

As time ticks away, your opportunity to transform your solar investment grows closer. Visit our site and see how SunShift will make every moment of sunlight count for more.


Take control of your solar energy without the hassle! SunShift is your personal solar controller that automatically fine-tunes your inverter settings for peak efficiency.

Embrace the ease of advanced technology and watch your energy savings soar.

With SunShift, your solar system works smarter, not harder. Ready for effortless optimization? Let SunShift do the work for you.


Unlock a world of savings with SunShift, now available for your home! With our state-of-the-art technology, saving on your energy bills is just the beginning.

Maximize your solar investment and enjoy greater efficiency day after day. Don't wait to save—make the smart switch to SunShift and start reducing costs immediately.

Your eco-friendly future awaits. https://xemoteiot.co.za/sunshift/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=ZSO&utm_campaign=mark


Exciting News: SunShift is launching on 26th January 2024! Don't let your solar savings slip away.

With SunShift, you can experience the ultimate solar efficiency through intelligent, automated control.

Our innovative system adapts to your energy needs, ensuring optimal performance and enhanced battery life. Get ready to transform your solar experience with SunShift.

Solar owners alert: You can be losing up to 50% in savings! 17/11/2023

Solar owners alert: You can be losing up to 50% in savings! Homeowners and businesses with solar installations face a common dilemma: their systems need more real-time adaptability.


We are excited to introduce the future of solar efficiency: SunShift!

Our latest innovation harnesses machine learning to optimize your solar settings automatically, ensuring maximum savings with zero hassle.

Dive into our overview video to see how SunShift is setting a new standard in solar tech.

Xemote Home | Xemote Remote Monitoring And Control 08/10/2023

Introducing SunShift Solar Efficiency System - the ultimate solution for optimising your solar system's performance.

With its cutting-edge technology, SunShift automatically adjusts inverter settings to maximise savings.

Experience real-time monitoring, increased return on your investment, and peace of mind. Don't miss out on this game-changer!

Xemote Home | Xemote Remote Monitoring And Control We offer an engineering-based turnkey approach that sees to the supply, installation, calibration, and servicing of an extensive range of remote monitoring IoT systems that optimise control over processes and facilities.

The best company for your smart monitoring and control solutions 06/10/2023

The best company for your smart monitoring and control solutions In today’s digital era, having the power to monitor and control key aspects of business operations remotely has become not just a luxury, but a necessity.


Exciting Times! The Xemote Mobile App is live.

Want to harness the power of IoT for your business? Connect with us to explore smart sensing solutions.

Learn more by clicking here: https://zurl.co/1VlA

Contact us for more information: [email protected]



Your trusted partner in automatic monitoring and control.


Monitor all critical points easily: Xemote's turnkey solution makes it easy to monitor all your critical points, from temperature and humidity to power and more.


Affordable monitoring made easy: Xemote offers cost-effective monitoring solutions that are easy to install and use, without compromising on quality.


Simplify critical point monitoring: Xemote's turnkey solution simplifies critical point monitoring, making it easy for you to focus on running your business.


Control your critical points intelligently with Xemote's innovative and customizable system.


Upgrade your control technology and take your critical point monitoring to the next level with Xemote.


Stay on top of critical control points: Xemote's cloud-based monitoring system helps you stay on top of all your critical control points, so you can keep your business running smoothly.


Cloud-based monitoring for all: Xemote's cloud-based monitoring system is designed to help businesses of all sizes stay on top of their critical control points, from anywhere, at any time.


Control your critical points from anywhere with Xemote's technology. Monitor and adjust them in real-time with ease.


Transform your critical control points with Xemote's state-of-the-art technology.


Easy to install and use: Xemote's plug-and-play data loggers and cloud platform make it easy for you to install and use our monitoring system, without any hassle.


Keep an eye on critical points: With Xemote's monitoring system, you can keep an eye on all your critical control points, so you can stay ahead of any potential issues.


Get real-time control of your critical points from anywhere with Xemote's cloud-based solution.


Simplify your remote control operations with Xemote's intuitive and user-friendly system.


Automate your critical points with Xemote's advanced technology for increased efficiency and peace of mind.


Control your critical points like a pro with Xemote's comprehensive remote control technology.


Simplify your critical point control with Xemote's cloud-based monitoring and control solution.

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We are excited to introduce the future of solar efficiency: SunShift! Our latest innovation harnesses machine learning t...
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