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The internet is a lot less democratic than you think During the recent Academy Awards broadcast, Samsung aired a commercial for its new phone. Casey Neistat, a YouTube and HBO reality personality,


The primary objectives of our site development effort were focused on simplifying our client's content, and increasing the visibility of their programs. The new design also allows for streamlined menus, clear navigation, and a responsive layout for all platforms.
Proud & privileged to have been able to work with such a passionately dedicated group of people.

Time and time again, we have asked delegates to give us their honest opinion about our service delivery. One of the recurring comments were a request for a more dynamic website! And yet, we thought our website was dynamic! So we LISTENED, PROBED and ACTED!
Visit our new website at


It's around the corner!!

Time and time again, we ask our clients to give us their honest feedback on our service delivery. This is to prove that we do listen. You asked for a dynamic website, WE ARE REVAMPING!. It is coming soon!

We are excited! Watch this space!
With hard work, growth is inevitable. 11/11/2016

It’s official, Joomla! Is the Best Free CMS! On November 10th, CMS Critic announced the winners of the CMS Critic Awards 2016. Joomla! was competing in the Best Free CMS category and won - again! 17/08/2016

Happy 11th Birthday Joomla! We celebrate, we party, we share and we contribute. 11 Years ago a group of 17 young 'fools' from across the globe took a big, bold step. They created Joomla!, a CMS which today is used by millions... 04/08/2016

Joomla! 3.6.1 Released
Make sure you get your website on the latest version. The Joomla! Project and the Production Leadership Team are proud to announce the release of Joomla! 3.6.1. This is a security release. 18/07/2016

Why choose Joomla for your e-Commerce website While Content Management Systems (CMS) reduce the burdens associated with building a website, particularly an e-Commerce one, choosing the right syste... 11/07/2016

ADSL data prices in South Africa: 2002 to 2016
Probably the only thing that the price has come down on Over the last decade, ADSL data prices have plummeted in South Africa. 05/07/2016

Just married: Joomla and Jasmine The set of custom JavaScript libraries in Joomla currently does not have any tests written for it. This summer, as a project done under Google Summer...


How to update Flash Player on your computer
Quick and Easy video that explains and shows you step by step how to update your Flash Player software

This tutorial shows you how to download, install and update Adobe Flash Player on your computer. For more information: 20/06/2016

Immediately update or delete Adobe Flash Player
CRITICAL UPDATE: Make sure to update Flash Player today! Security experts are warning Internet users to immediately update or delete Adobe Flash Player to prevent hackers from taking control of your computer. 09/06/2016

Maree Gouws Attorneys
Veels geluk Maree Gouws Prokureurs met julle splinter nuwe webwerf wat voortaan self deur julle opgedateer gaan word. Ons is trots daarop om deel van julle span te kon wees met die projek. 08/06/2016

Especially 4 U
Congratulations Especially 4 U - Health, Beauty & Nail Clinic on the launch of your website, and thank you for choosing ActionOnline as your developer & host.


ActionOnline 07/06/2016
Excellent slideshow! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. 06/06/2016

How much 1GB of ADSL data really costs To provide you with 1GB of ADSL data, an ISP needs to include the cost of IP Connect, local and international bandwidth, equipment, marketing, and support. 17/05/2016

Joomla! for the rebels Yes, I have a rebellious soul. I'm almost a Brazilian Katniss Everdeen. And this is the reason why the Joomla! Project attracted me. First of all, bec...


Arrive Online

Reasons why small businesses DON’T NEED a website...

1. You’re a spy agency and don’t want to be found (I’m looking at you, NSA)
2. You have too many customers
3. You’re making too much money
4. Your primary customers are The Flintstones

One thing to remember is that your website is not for you, its for your customers. They have questions, don't let someone else answer on your behalf or take business you could have had by not being ONLINE 21/09/2015

Skype heartbeat – check the current performance of Skype features

Skype seems to be down in the Cathcart area Heartbeat allows you to check at a glance how Skype products are performing. If any known issues are affecting the products we'll put information here. 21/07/2015

Internet game changer: Judge rules on who owns domain name The Rand Daily Mail – The National Conversation in opinion pieces from Times Media newspapers


Brisan Distributors and Brisan Training Academy

Also now on facebook, so ladies hop on over and give them a LIKE as I am sure you have used their products at some point

We are exclusive Distributors and a Training Academy for 5 International brands such as Alexandria Body Sugaring, BDR, John van G Make-Up Collection, Pevonia Botanica & Pronails. 17/07/2015


Proud to have been able to work with the ladies at Brisan Distributors to assist in the launch of the new, updated, mobile friendly webite at BRISAN DISTRIBUTORS, proud stockists and distributors of the following product ranges, Pevonia, Profesionails 18/05/2015

Biggest ADSL bandwidth hogs in South Africa 12/05/2015

Joomla! Is the Perfect Solution I hope this article can help both you and me. I have been working with Joomla! for some time now, and I've improved my knowledge of it since vers... 27/04/2015

Five-dimensional glass memory can store 360TB per disc, rugged enough to outlive the human race...

The future ... Scientists at the University of Southampton in the UK have succeeded in creating five-dimensional (5D), ultra-high-density storage on standard silica glass discs that, unlike DVDs or Blu-rays, seem to be capable of storing data for an unlimited period of time without a reduction in data integrity. T… 22/04/2015

Rolling out the mobile-friendly update

Google has started the rollout for the new mobile search algorithms. Thanks to all our customers who have trusted ActionOnline to help their website achieve mobile-friendly status! 31/03/2015

Massive broadband shock for South Africa The latest Akamai State of the Internet report shows that South Africa is the only country in its region which failed to meet basic broadband standards 27/03/2015

It was a pleasure to work with Evros in the building of the Party Hire website. Party Hire Hub - Plan your Next party with us! 18/03/2015

Click-click! Microsoft officially kills Internet Explorer brand

Yes! ... long overdue Windows 10 will abandon the long-criticized Internet Explorer web browser, replacing it with a new “Project Spartan” brand, Microsoft has confirmed.


Don't miss out on the upcoming Web Workshop in East London. Everything you need to know to build, manage and promote your own website. for more information & online enrollment 23/01/2015

WhatsApp Comes To The Desktop Are you one of the 600 million people on WhatsApp? Do you grow tired of having to type all of your messages through your phone? Good news! There's now a..


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