Mindful Language Coaching

Mindful Language Coaching


Was a pleasure to have class with Kirsten!

She was very paciente, polite, friendly, motivated to teach more and more, always trying to do the best.

If you really like/need to learn English, certainly she will help you.

But not forget, you need to do your part as well.

Stay well.

- From 🇧🇷

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Was a pleasure to have class with Kirsten Boic
She was very paciente, polite, friendly, motivated to teach more and more, always trying to do the best.
If you really like/need to learn English, certainly she will help you.
But not forget, you need to do your part as well.
Stay well.


Neurolanguage Coaching is a brain-friendly method of learning a language. It is a fast and efficient method of transferring language knowledge to the coachee.

We are humanistic teachers who do not follow a traditional classroom approach to lessons. We think of ourselves more as coaches than teachers due to this method, we find that our learners respond best when their lessons are all about them, not about a particular book or lesson plan. Many learning barriers are developed at a very young age, and most don’t know how these ingrained “forgotten” memori

Operating as usual

Does your child want to study at a top US university? 🇺🇸 13/05/2022

Does your child want to study at a top US university? 🇺🇸

Keen on Stanford? Want to learn howw to write a good Common App essay? Join us for this free webinar!

Does your child want to study at a top US university? 🇺🇸 Are your sights set on the UK Universities?


How do I ? I spend time with the ones I love💕

Tell those you love how much you love them every day. Life can take turns, and you never know what the next day may bring.

I asked this little girl of mine, "What kind of mommy would you describe me as?" Her reply was, "You're a cute mommy, mommy"

If anything were to happen to me and that is how she would remember me, thats okay. Tell those you love that you love them.


Should your HR Manager consider mindfulness lessons? Absolutely! The benefits of learning about mindfulness in the workplace are priceless. A few of these benefits are:

🧘 Reduced stress & anxiety
🧘 Improved focus
🧘 Enhances creativity
🧘 Increases Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
🧘 Improves Communication
🧘 Improves relationships

We live in a world filled with distraction & multitasking, and it is the leading cause of burnout. Mindful employees will be better employees, if you invest in them. The next important part is that this course is in English, developed by a language coach, for the purpose of learning English as well. So, instead of having several separate classes, come and increase your emotional intelligence & your English fluency at the same time.

🧘 Learn new vocabulary
🧘 Improve speaking ability & confidence
🧘 Better memory
🧘 Better cognitive abilities

Mindful Language Coaching specialises in mindfulness & language, the 2 in 1 structure has been specifically designed to save people & companies time and money.

Mindful Language Coaching updated their address. 06/12/2021

Mindful Language Coaching updated their address.

Mindful Language Coaching updated their address.



Well, engineers need to be creative too. Although they are mainly logical, they are still creating something. This is a common misconception, engineers are creatives. Sure, engineers gain excellent analytical skills, but what about when it comes to “thinking outside the box”? Sound familiar? The good news is that with mindful practices, this skill can be improved! How can mindfulness help engineers improve their minds as well as their English?

❄️ Improves divergent thinking abilities (brainstorming & need finding)
🌈 Mindfulness can help engineers innovate more creatively
❄️ Increase Emotional Intelligence
🌈 Increase confidence, leadership and communication abilities
❄️ Improve overall health and performance

Apart from improving yourself personally and professionally, you also improve your English, your mindset and your skills. Finding positivity in all situations can help you to move forward more constructively.



We are so freaking excited to announce that Mindful Language Coaching will be hosting a new workshop every Tuesday and Thursday, starting 3 January 2022 at 19:00 South African time.

This exciting workshop will help you to improve your life, and English, all at the same time. We will have guest speakers from different backgrounds and specialities as well as weekly energy readings to help guide you through your week. We realize it is difficult to find balance, to fit everything into your schedule. So, we have merged language learning, with health and wellness, to help you save time, and life.

What will you learn?

💫 Mindfulness Practices
💫 Meditation Practices
💫 Emotional Intelligence
💫 Feng Shui your home & office
💫 Learn to be your best friend, know yourself
💫 Personal development planning to achieve your goals
💫 Healthy nutrition
💫 AND MUCH MORE …………..


💫 Improve your body, mind and spirit (In English)
💫 Improve your well-being
💫 Improve your English
💫 Increase your mojo and spice for life
💫 Increase conversation capability
💫 A brighter future for you and your loved ones

With 10 spots available per session, space is limited. So contact us on Whatsapp or Email today to secure your spot.



I truly love what I do. When I get feedback like this, it makes my heart sing

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Good morning beautiful people of the world. Look what arrived in my garden. Note: these lillies were not planted here. These must be from seeds that have blown into my garden and have gifted us these magnificent flowers.

We should always be cautious of the seeds we sow for ourselves, as well as for others. Sow seeds of love and joy, and those seeds will transform and grow into beautiful flowers. This life is a mirror, whatever you see, is what you have created. If you need or want change, only you know what is best for you❤️

Be brave and follow your heart


Happy 1st of March gorgeous souls. The time has come for me to tell you more about what I do and how I can help you ❤️


We are sorry for such a delay. We are having such connection trouble today!!!!

We will announce the winner tomorrow! Please forgive us for any inconvenience.

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Hello Happy Souls Hello!

I have been a little absent on social media and wow wow wow what a ride home schooling is. We started home schooling our kids this month, and it's been a wonderful but challenging adjustment!

It is of course the last day of February and it was the last day of our self love challenge!!!!! Which means that the winner will be announced today!

I will be going live at 16:00 GMT+2 to make the announcement!

How are you feeling this Full Moon?

See you all soon gorgeous souls


Learning Styles: Solitary Learners

Solitary learners are very self-aware, introspective people. These are people that learn and study best when on their own. Also known as the intrapersonal learner, they can be a visual, auditory, kinesthetic or a combination thereof. If you are a solitary learner, you may be described as:

💟Self Motivated;
💟Prefers learning individually;
💟Prefers completing assignments alone;
💟Reflective (Does a lot of reflection);
💟Makes plans & sets meaningful goals;

Solitary learners typically enjoy being in a comfortable environment, and when changing a habit, they need to have a strong desire to do so.

When you are coaching an introspective learner, keeping the brain in a happy learning state in a group classroom environment can be a challenge. However, with some consideration of their needs, you can create a happy learning experience for them. How?

💟Help them understand why group work is important. We all have to work in a team at some point in our lives.
💟Give solitary learners a time frame for this group work. Eg, We will be working in groups for 30 minutes. This gives them a sense of certainty, calming their limbic systems.

This will help them concentrate on the task at hand rather than wondering when they will be able to go back to their desks.

With solitary learners, giving them a choice of who they collaborate with, will really keep cortisol away. If they are with people they are comfortable with, this provides them with a much happier learning experience.

If educators take things like learning preferences into consideration, the learning experience becomes more enjoyable for the educator and the learner. The learner feels like you are truly compassionate towards them, and they will try their hardest in every single one of your classes.

The relationship between a learner and their teacher is a lot more personal and intimate than people realise. As an educator myself, I become quite involved in my student's life, when they celebrate, I celebrate with them! When they are sad, I show my empathy and then I make them smile, instead of encouraging the cortisol production, we turn it into dopamine sending waves of happiness to our learners.


Our Journey

This has been a business in the making for the last 5 years, life has been playing out as it always does and the business model has changed countless times. All this has been a learning curve for this moment in time! What we have learned is plentiful, and after spending years figuring out how to create a personal brand that sticks out from the rest, figuring out what we actually want, and what our objectives are, we have finally fallen upon our resting place. Mindful Neurolanguage Coaching® is the result if years of trial and error, and we bring to you our new creation. Our new “Love Child”!

What is Neurolanguage Coaching? Well, take a look at this article written by my coach, about the difference between a Language Teacher, and a Neurolanguage coach: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/7-things-neurolanguage-coaches-do-make-difference-rachel-paling-acc/. This article breaks down the difference in a clear and simple way.

The goal of this method is to create a brain-friendly environment for learning to take place, whichever that may be, we are there to figure it out together. This is mainly a self led journey, where all credit is given to the student, but of course, so is accountability. We create a road map, an adventure of learning and we go where the wind takes us, with the help of our trusted compass (the road map). We provide a service that allows the student to absorb as much information as possible, to learn in the fastest, most efficient way possible! With that goal in mind, we work together, to get the goals set as well as achieved. With love, compassion and time, we are here to build the bridge that closes the gap in communication blocks.

Be brave, be bold and take a chance on yourself. No matter how many times you have to do, and re-do...... just do it!

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