Big ups to Salsa Four ways. It gave me everything I love,amazing food,great service and music I love

Meeting and exceeding your guests expectations is the key to service.

Operating as usual


So new and exciting.. Arranging Baby Leilah baptism.. We doing the decor and food by Drunken Chef


September we having a ladies pamper party.... This is going to be fun......


So Stacey charged us with the water for the tables.... We dont do normal..... so we doing fruit infused water and stealing the idea from KFC so we adding their crushers as table refreshments at the baptism. ....... We ready to go


So we have Stacey lee Tyler working on a baptism. We have seen her plan and now we adding a touch of love to each invite. We prefer doing it ourselves so that its more personal. See them soon.


We begging Drunken Chef for pics of his work today Cattle Baron Little Falls Steak Ranch...... so lets see what he sends us...


Whats new? Drunken Chef making Eisbein sunday Cattle Baron Little Falls Steak Ranch..... Lets meet there


Mothers day Cattle Baron Little Falls Steak Ranch was great.... now lets focus on the dads a bit and make his day awesome.


Thank you to Jamie for the opportunity to Mc at your wedding.... Beautiful day


So it's signed... We taking Drunken Chef to Pretoria.. Catch him at Cafe Riche.


We moving. Pretoria as of February, we will settle down with the Drunken Chef at Café Riche.


So we seen on SowetoTv how they do a Paptert.... and our chef decided to do his own, with cheese, tin fish, maize meal... Simple things that we would normally have in our kitchen.... Check out Drunken Chef page to see his end result.

Irvin & Stacey wedding 21/11/2014

Irvin & Stacey wedding


Congratulations to the wedding couple


Wedding is over...... It was great...... lets upload the pics...


So wedding update: We reading to do decor tomorrow.... Bride and groom have all their stuff, Honeymoon booked.... drunken Chef reading to do prep work tomorrow, so we good to go.......


Suites... done..... so now its the build up..... exciting....!


Shoes, suites, done. Now the food, and all the planning is together and ready for that big day


So the bride has her accessories, groom has his shoes..... wedding preps are dead on schedule.....


Wedding update: Waiting on the final RSVPs then we doing mock set up...... final menu....... and practice runs..... all must be perfet


We taking Drunken Chef to the corporate world.... Starts Monday 1 September 2014......


Busy busy week....but favors are done...on to the next step


Just got a peak Drunken Chef Menu for Irvin & Stacey weeding....
Green Salad, Mediteranean Roast
Steaklets In Sauce
Not Butter Chicken
Grilled Yellowtail
Stuffed Hake
Roast Pork
Savory Rice
Savory Cocktail Rolls
Fruit Stack

So lets see tomorrow what he is planning for dessert


Sneak peak at what we working on for Irvin wedding


planning is getting hectic as time draws to a close..... keeping to our schedule and we should be just fine........ Irvin and Stacey Wedding... cant wait for the end result


News in the wedding.... So we were creating the center pieces for the tables.... I must say it's looking amazing....


Serving lunch for a security company toorrow..... Drunken Chef has to make Chicken bunnies.....


Wow, Drunken Chef did a whole vegetarian meal @ R13.60 per person.... Thats simple and so easy to make...... Thank you Chef.


So wedding invites are done..... so guess now we deliver.....


Drunken Chef will be posting about the food you see in restaurants, but with a twist..... he will prepare at a fraction of the cost... lets watch out for his posts


Drunken Chef

New and exciting cooking methods from our own chef. He believes that anyone can cook if they have the passion for it.


We holding fingers for our very own Drunken Chef next week Wednesday and will be watching our tellies to see how he does


so the count down is still on...... wedding plans are on schedule, but Drunken Chef says that there is some exciting news he has for us.... cant wait to hear......... stay tuned


Its been crazy, decor, food, seating, staff, timing, music, clothes... all for the wedding of Irvin but we getting there. Just four months to go and we counting down


So Irvin Tyler is getting married this year. We would like to wish him all the best, but the amazing thing is that he will be cooking himself as Drunken Chef. This will be so exciting.....


Anew and exciting project in the pipe line... Here we go




30 Tigerwood Street,Dalpark Ext 6

General information

CRISTAN HOSPITALITY CONSULTING specialises in assissting brand new restaurants with their back of house systems and controls.We will establish the necessary controls as well as train the staff in the correct back of house procedure and help the new owner to ensure that they make their profits.We will also assist established restaurants to ensure that their back of house operation is operating at it's optim to ensure that targets and profits are reached as well as the staff is well informed about new legislation as well as operational procedures and policy.

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
Friday 08:00 - 17:00
Saturday 08:00 - 17:00

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