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Did you know? Different countries have different speed limits. That's right, the 120kph cap in South Africa isn't a universal one, and some roads don't even have one!

Here are some other countries' speed limit stats:
⬇️Lowest: Iceland - 90kph max speed on highways
⬆️Highest: UAE - Up to 160kph on some roads
🥇First introduced: In the UK - 16kph in 1861
⏱️No speed limit: Certain sections of Germany's autobahns only

Remember, speed kills. Obey speed limits - they're there to keep us all safe.


What do you need to buy a car? There are some paperwork non-negotiables you'll need to have ready before buying a car and the seller must provide some too.

Here are the top 3 things you'll need to have to buy a car:
🪪A certified copy of your ID (don't forget to bring the original)
🏠Proof of residence (like a utility bill)
💰Proof of income (over at least three months)

What the seller must give you when you buy a car:
🔍A roadworthy certificate (to prove the car is legal and OK to drive)
📞Any previous owner's details (for used vehicles)
🧾Evidence of your payment (like an invoice)
📝Natis documents


Want to know how Deal Assistance works?

It's simple:
1️⃣Figure out your budget and find the car you want
2️⃣Speak to us about what you can (and can't) afford
3️⃣Learn about our many Deal Assistance options

Then use your deal assistance amounts:
✅As a deposit
✅For Trade In Settlement
✅To get Cashback
✅Or to only start paying later while still driving your car

Learn more 🔗


Today is International Students Day🧑‍🎓! Whether you're a student looking for a budget-friendly car to get you to class, or a parent in the mood to reward your kid for acing their matric exams, picking the right car for the everyday student is tough.

Which car do you think is the best for students and new drivers and why? Tell us in the comments below.

View our range of affordable cars perfect for students here:


Did you know? South Africans love to get away for the festive season, with millions heading to the coast, bush and mountains for a little R&R.

Here are some holiday stats and facts to consider before heading out:
🛣️74% of South Africans hit the roads last year for the festive season.
🏖️KZN is a top destination, attracting the most holidaymakers in December 2022, with the Western Cape coming second.
🚗50% of all holidaymakers will travel by car, with many more taking taxis and busses to reach their holiday spots

Plan well, stay safe and make sure your car is in the right condition to get you to your holiday spot and back this year. Find a service centre near you➡️


We're offering a FREE Holiday Check special for your car! That's right, FREE! Book your car into any one of our 13 service centres nationwide and we'll inspect:

🔋Your battery

And let you know how everything is looking on your ride.
Learn more about your free holiday check: ❓
T's & C's apply, valid until 31 Dec 2023.

So, before hitting the road for the festive season, or if you want to make sure your car is in tip-top condition for the new year, find a service centre near you ➡️


Many people think they only have one option to choose from when it comes to deal assistance. Not true. In fact, you can structure your own, personalised deal assistance package, combining multiple options to suit your own needs.

Our deal assistance amounts can be used:
💰To add to your trade-in value
💵To contribute to your deposit
⌛To defer your initial instalments
🏧As a cash back option

Mix and match a combination of the above deal assistance options, and get the package that works for you! Learn more ➡️


Toyota never fails to impress and the 2022 Toyota Corolla Quest Plus 1.8 is no different. A powerful 1.8L engine, roomy family-friendly interior and stylish finishes compliments the innovative safety features🛟 and petrol-price-busting fuel-efficiency⛽, making this ever-popular family sedan even harder to ignore.

Check out our range of Toyota Quests and find one that's right for you and your family🔎


When buying a car with us, you also have the opportunity to enjoy added peace of mind, long after you've left the showroom floor. Our Auto Pedigree Plus Plan gives you 2️⃣ years 24-hour roadside assistance, anywhere, anytime.

In partnership with AA FleetCare, the Auto Pedigree Plus Plan provides:
🛠️Roadside Assistance
🆘Medical Emergency Assistance
🧳Travel Assistance
🛣️Road Cover
💵Deposit Cover

Learn more about the Auto Pedigree Plus Plan:


Today is World Kindness Day where we're reminded to be kind to each other more often. Be kind to a friend today - and yourself - by referring them to our huge selection of cars and if they buy one, you get rewarded with a R2,500 "kindness bonus".

Find out how you can spread the love this World Kindness Day 💖


Did you know that you can personalise your 🤝deal assistance?🤝
That's right, our deal assistance options can be tailored to suit your unique needs.

With deal assistance you get to pick how you want to use the money. You can choose 1️⃣ option, add a backup choice, or structure your own deal and combine🥣 them all to get the most out of your purchase.

With 5 options to choose from, you now have the power to drive away in the car you deserve with a little help from deal assistance that works!

Find out more about how you can use your deal assistance as a combination of options ➡️

Travel Checklist - Vehicle Interior Service 09/11/2023

While making sure your brakes, wheels and engine are functioning and in working order, what's happening with the interior of your car matters too.

To ensure you enjoy your travels in comfort and without anything avoidable going wrong, take a peek at this Vehicle Interior Travel ✅Checklist ✅ to make sure you have your car cabin bases covered 📖

Travel Checklist - Vehicle Interior Service


Autoquiz: It's quiz time!
Can you spot the difference in the picture below? It's a toughie, we know (some of us still can't find it 🤣), but it is there.

Let us know in the comments below the one difference between the left and right images of the traffic jam.


Components fail and cars break down, but many insurance companies don’t cover the parts responsible. Our Component Cover provides you with the financial assistance you need in the event of a mechanical or electrical breakdown.

We offer various component cover levels and warranties for passenger vehicles, 4x4s and light commercial vehicles providing a helping hand when you need it most - to repair or replace components when they let you down.

Don't get stranded or realise you can't afford to replace an important component in your car. Learn more about our Component Cover offering:


Our Deal Assistance options are perfect for helping you get the car you deserve. But what exactly can you do with the money?

Here's a quick summary:
1️⃣ Trade-in: Add your deal assistance amount to the value of your trade-in
2️⃣ Deposit: Put your deal assistance towards your new car's deposit
3️⃣ Deferred payment: Use your deal assistance to cover your initial instalments
4️⃣ Cash Back: Take the deal assistance in cash and do what you want with it
5️⃣ Combination: Combine two or more options to suit your unique needs!

Find out how you can take advantage of our deal assistance options and how much you could qualify for.
Learn more about deal assistance combinations here ➡️


Are you interested in our Drive Now, Pay Later deal?🔗
Do you know how payment instalments work?

Here's how:
1. We will work out a personalised Deal Assistance amount based on your needs.
2. We plan your payment holiday (How long you will have before you start paying).
3. Get into your car, and off you go!
4. Only pay after the payment holiday ends


Gearing up for your summer road trip means prepping for the adventure! Making sure you have everything you need is essential to having a good time - and staying safe, but where do you start? With a road trip checklist...

Playlist🎶? Padkos🍇? Charger🔌? GPS🌐? Wheel jack🛠️? What does your road trip checklist look like?

Tell us what roadtrip checklist items matter the most by leaving a comment below or check out our used car guide for getting the car you'll need a checklist for:


Stay cool this coming summer with our Vehicle Aircon Service special for only R150 (ex.VAT) and stay cool during the upcoming festive season.

Aircon Service includes:
Cleaning 🪥|Inspection 🔎| Level Checks 🧪| Leak Detection 💦| Anti-Bacterial Treatment🦠
❓Find out more:

Aircons matter, especially when things get steamy as temps go up. Visit one of our 13 service centres nationwide and, enjoy a cool festive season for only R150.

Find your service centre:


Take advantage of our incredible Deal Assistance offers to help you get the car you deserve.
Depending on the car you've got an eye on and your financial situation, you can secure R10,000, R20,000 or even up to R50,000 in Deal Assistance towards your new car!

Just speak to us to find out how to take advantage of these empowering deals!
Learn more 🔗

Tips to keep yourself and your car safe this festive season 02/11/2023

The end of the year usually means hitting the road over long distances. So making sure your car is working well is essential to staying safe.

Keep your ride🚘 - and yourself🫵 - safe this festive season with these tips and pointers on how to do it right. Read our blog📖

You can also visit one of our 13 service centres to make sure everything is checked and in good working order:

Tips to keep yourself and your car safe this festive season


Did you know? Airbags have been around since the early 1950s, but they were first used in aircraft before making it into cars. Many models have as many as six airbags keeping passengers and drivers safe in accidents, but how do they work?

1️⃣In the event of an impact from as little as 16 to 24 kph, sensors tell the system to inflate the nylon airbags🤕
2️⃣ A cocktail of chemicals mix to produce nitrogen gas, filling the airbag in less than 0.04 seconds⌛
3️⃣The airbags can expand at speeds up to 322 kph, completely inflating quicker than the blink of an eye⏩
4️⃣The white powder you see when airbags inflate consists of starch or talcum powder that keep the airbags dry and prevents them from sticking

Check to make sure your car is kitted with these life-saving devices and always remember to buckle up!


Tell your friends, family membes, colleagues, and neighbours about us and you can make some quick cash. Our Refer a Friend promotion offers you R2500* just for telling people about us! Remember, your referral needs to make a sale for you to qualify 🚗 .

Learn more here:


With Drive Now, Pay Later, you can find a car, buy it, drive it off the showroom floor and only start paying the instalments later.

Our empowering Deal Assistance works by covering the initial instalments over a period called a "payment holiday" during which the instalments are paid for, so you're not out of pocket.

Learn more about how Deal Assistance works here:🔗


This October, why not get into a car worthy of you? The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is an icon of the road. Packed with features including automatic drive, leather seats and 17-inch alloy rims, the C180 represents luxury, elegance and grace.

It all comes together with a 5-star safety rating⭐, an impressive 6.5L/100km fuel economy⛽, low emissions at 147-170 g/km🌳 and is recognised as one of the smoothest rides around.

👉Check out our selection of C180s here:


Treat yourself to two holidays this December. Take advantage of our vehicle payment holiday and drive down to your summer getaway in your new car, and worry about payments after. Let us structure a deal for you and give you the option to create a payment plan that fits your needs.

Learn more about Drive Now, Pay Later here: 🔗


Good luck to the Springboks as they head into the Rugby World Cup final against New Zealand!


Nothing brings peace of mind like comprehensive insurance. But why complicate things with 3rd party insurance when we can take care of it for you?

We offer hassle-free vehicle insurance for your new car against theft🚨, damage💔 or accidents🤕, so you can drive it straight off the showroom floor without worrying about not being covered.

Learn more:


With our Drive Now, Pay Later Deal Assistance you can:

A) Get behind the wheel sooner than expected.
B) Take a payment holiday of up to 8 months.
C) Bank your first few instalments for later.
D) Pay off something else while you enjoy your new car.

Book your payment holiday today: 🔗


Did you know? South Africans are spoiled for choice when it comes to cars.

The top 10 most sold cars in SA for 2022 were:
1. Toyota Hilux
2. VW Polo Vivo
3. Ford Ranger
4. Suzuki Swift
5. Isuzu D-Max
6. Toyota Urban Cruiser
7. Toyota Urban Cross
8. VW Polo
9. Toyota Hi-Ace
10. Toyota Starlet

The best part? We have the bulk of these cars in stock. Get yours here:

Vehicle Purchasing Terminology 25/10/2023

Thinking of buying a car but don't know where to start or how to compare them?

Car terminology can be confusing, which is why we have come up with a list of the terms, definitions and phrases used most often when buying a car.

Read our blog here:

Vehicle Purchasing Terminology


It's crime prevention awareness time and we're urging everybody to make sure their cars are always safe and protected.

Here are some tips to keep your vehicles safe:
🚨Lock your car up in a secure location
🚨Install theft-prevention systems and devices
🚨Remove all valuables from your car or keep them out of sight
🚨Always be aware of your surroundings
🚨Always lock your doors - even when you're driving

What crime-prevention tips do you have? Comment below.


Everyone needs a car they can count on. So why not cruise around in style with the Hyundai Venue 1.0 tgdi.

This budget-friendly💵 subcompact SUV🚙 crossover is a popular choice for anyone looking for a roomier ride and improved design upgrades. With 16-inch wheels, electric windows and an infotainment display, this all-purpose road warrior has everything you need!
👉Get yours today:


Get up to R50 000 deal assistance on the 2021 Kia Rio 1.2 LS 5DR to pay your first instalments, giving
you a well-deserved payment holiday.


Which of these budget cars do you think are the safest to drive on our roads?
A) KIA Picanto
B) Renault Kwid
C) Suzuki Swift
D) Toyota Starlet

While all of these cars are considered safe, one of them tops the charts, with an impressive 80-point safety rating, according to the AA.

🔍 Clue - We have almost 200 of these zippy models in stock.

Let us know in the comments below.


Did you know? South Africa uses a unique road letter and numbering system to help us navigate around the country.

Here's what they mean:
🛣️N (N1 to N21) - Stands for "National Routes" and connect our major cities.
🛣️R (R21 to R99) Represents our main provincial routes and feed directly into the National Routes
🛣️R (R101 to R799) Covers regional routes within different provinces
🛣️M (M1 - M99+) Are our Metropolitan routes connecting improtant roads within our metros

Know your roads and stay safe out there!


It's Boss’s Day today! What kind of car does your superior drive? Comment below and tell us about your boss’s car; the make, model, colour and if it matches their personality and why!

Browse our wide selection of cars today and find a car fit for a boss:


Deal Assistance makes dreams come true
By empowering people just like you
Trade in, settle, or go for Cashback
Or defer your payments, sit back and relax
Whichever Deal Assistance you choose
We're here for you to make your move🎵

You can also mix, match, and combine the deals to suit your needs.

Read more about your deal options here:


Did you know? Car colour🌈 preferences have changed dramatically since 1990? Today, white tops the charts, with 24% of all new cars produced in 2022 coming in white.

Here's how each car colour stacks up over the years with each colour's "top year" and share of production:

⚫Black 2008 (34%)
🟢Green 1997 (20%)
🔴Red 1992 (12%)
🔵Blue 1998 (20%)


Did you know that Deal Assistance is unique to Auto Pedigree? We offer five different deals to help you buy your car. When you buy a car from Auto Pedigree using our R50 000* Deal Assistance, you can choose how you want to spend the money.

• Use your deal assistance as a settlement on a trade-in
• Use your deal assistance as a deposit
• Use your deal assistance to delay your payments
• Get your deal assistance as cash back
• Mix and match to suit your needs

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