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Hi me and my partner have recently launched our new woman's boxing glove range on our amazon store check us out
✅keto advanced US free trail
✅Easy way to be a slim fast with one click
Any butt/breast enhancers? Tips on getting a toned body at home?
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👉 Do 10 squats for every bathroom trip! 👈

What do you guys do to get fit at home?
Hey beautiful people, My name is Deborah John. I am a Professional Track and Field Athlete and 4X National 100m Hurdles Champion for my country, Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹. I competed at the 2017 IAAF WORLD Championships where I had a horrific fall that forced me to have to sit out this season. During my recovery I started to pursue my other passion as a Health and Fitness Coach. Now I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to become the next Ms.Health and Fitness 2018 for a chance to be featured in the Heath and Fitness Hers magazine and receive Cash prize of $20K! It would be a dream come true as my desire is to continue to serve others and positively impact lives through health and fitness! So please help me as I vye to win this competition!! Today is Day 2 of voting meaning there are 8 more days where you can cast your vote and Your vote can help me advance to the next round! (June 28th 11:00pm EST) REMEMBER EVERY VOTE COUNTS! Thanks for the love and support guys!! 💕💕💕#VOTE #LIKE #SHARE #REPOST #FOLLOW Deborah John Ms. Health & Fitness Let’s support and encourage one another to be healthier and better versions of ourselves 💕💕💕

Please share where you get your super sweet psychedelic leggings.. I've noticed them on your body burn challenges, and your page. LOVE!
Yay, I did Hold It 2 and Quads today instead of skipping a workout.

Kindal believes strong is beautiful... Being fit is a gift... Being healthy is a choice. It's a lifestyle to be proud of and should be easy to live.

At FWW, we make fitness fit your life, not the other way around. Helping women not only lose weight, but create a lifelong habit for healthy, energized living. This is done through tested and results driven workout programs, meal plans and consulting, plus having access to a personal trainer to get the best coaching possible for the ultimate results. I will not leave you flying solo.

Operating as usual


With a less than 2 weeks from @thebulldogchallenge I needed to see if I could still climb a rope. The first few attempts had my nervous because my butt wasn’t coming off the ground, my grip sucked and I wondered if I’d be able to get up the WAY longer rope for my team on race day…

But I kept working at it and bam… muscle memory FINALLY clicked and up I went. Can race day be tomorrow?

Don’t give up… keep working… keep climbing!


It’s short, sweet and a great way to end a solid kettlebell session!

Set a timer for 5 minutes and see how high you can go.

If you do it, let me know!
Totally doable with dumbbells too!


How I feel about my birthday tomorrow. 😂

It’s not about how old I am but how old I feel. Most days I feel younger. I feel fit, healthy and strong. Sometimes I feel like I should be getting my AARP card in the mail 😝.

If you got to pick your age based of how you feel TODAY what would your driver’s license say?

I’ll go with 31.


Up for some Rocky Balboa stuff?

Try this one!


Trust me... 18 minutes is all you need!

Can you answer a quick question for me?
Currently, are you mostly working out at HOME or GYM/STUDIO?

Comment below!
And if you have 60s more... what is it that you need more of that I can help with? What struggles do you have with fitness or nutrition?


What do you do for recovery?
I share a lot of workouts but people always ask.. “do you warm up?” “Cool down?” “Stretch?”

Do I do it as much as I should? No… but the older I get the more important all 3 of those become! I actually teach a recovery rolling and stretch class every week. It’s just not “Insta sexy” so I don’t post much about it. But should I post more recovery tactics?

Using trigger balls is my #1 tool, followed by long static stretches… like holding for up to 3 minutes! But give me a ball on my triceps and my scapulas and I’m one happy person.

Do you have to do it every day? No… but if you’re not rolling and stretching (both are important) at all… one day a week is better than nothing!

Cheers to muscle TLC

Top: @heroinesport

Amazon SUUKSESS Butt Lifting Leggings Review: Can You Actually Workout In Them? 24/03/2022

Amazon SUUKSESS Butt Lifting Leggings Review: Can You Actually Workout In Them?

New video! It's one thing for a pair of leggings to look good but do they hold up during a tough workout of running? Lifting? Jumping? I put these $28 Amazon leggings to the test!

Link to the leggings is in the video description!

Amazon SUUKSESS Butt Lifting Leggings Review: Can You Actually Workout In Them? They may look great but if you can't run, lift, jump and move without leggings falling down or being uncomfortable, does it matter? I put these SUUKSESS Scru...


Getting that pump on today!


Simple is sometimes the best! It doesn’t mean easy! This workout requires zero equipment but will have you sweating and legs burning by the end!

Hit 👍 if you like/need minimal equipment workouts!


I had zero business holding that 35 back then. Now… it’s my “light weight”. Strength takes time but hard work pays off!

I Did The Crossfit Open With Food Poisoning - Not Recommended 18/03/2022

I Did The Crossfit Open With Food Poisoning - Not Recommended

My suffering is today’s entertainment 😂

Give the video a like simply to make me feel better for sucking it up and doing this! Haha

I Did The Crossfit Open With Food Poisoning - Not Recommended The final workout of the 2022 Crossfit Open! It almost didn't happen but I decided I needed to give it a go. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't fun... but it got do...

Watch this reel by trainerkindal on Instagram 15/03/2022

Watch this reel by trainerkindal on Instagram

5 minutes… how many rounds can you get?

I completed 5 exactly! Try to beat my score and let me know.

This was 1 of 4 total 5 min tests we did in FWW Live for our new 8 week assessment! To try the other 3, visit Fitwomensweekly to try it for free and knock out the whole workout!


Watch this reel by trainerkindal on Instagram Coopex, Nito-Onna, CPX • Smells Like Teen Spirit

Photos from Fit Women's Weekly's post 14/03/2022

"Wow, Kindal... your abs and muscles are really popping today! What are you doing different?"

Thanks… It's called the Food Poison Diet and I don't recommend it.

Sharing because I think it's important to remember a good "fit" looking body isn't always a sign of good health. Getting lean isn't always done safely and sometimes results are unwelcomed.

This is NOT healthy for me... this is dehydrated, weak, and not having a normal appetite for 4 days.

Luckily, things are on the up and I'm just a few pounds off from being back at my "pre poisoned" weight but there are a few foods its going to take a long time to eat again after experiencing the trauma of FP.

I don't mind being leaner and abs popping, but I don't want to achieve it through foodborne pathogens lol.

If you're in Charleston and want to know we went (my friend had the same meal and also got super sick), let me know and I'll pass it on. I've also reached out to the restaurant (who was very rude) and because of their lack of empathy and responsibility, am reporting to DHEC today.

I'll take a picture at the end of the week when I'm 100% to show the difference in current healthy me vs this!

22.2 Crossfit Open Workout Should Be Called "Death By Deadlifts" 10/03/2022

22.2 Crossfit Open Workout Should Be Called "Death By Deadlifts"

Anyone else doing the Open workouts? Just one more left! If I can do this last workout RX, it will be the 1st time doing all workouts in the open rx, and that to me is a huge success!

This was a burner... and I just typed burger so you know where my mind clearly is. 🍔

Enjoy my pain. Only one more then it's back to scheduled FWW videos!

22.2 Crossfit Open Workout Should Be Called "Death By Deadlifts" I'm not a crossfitter, just a moderately fit 37 year old personal trainer testing my body against the 2022 Crossfit Open Workouts. 22.2 is done! Just one mor...



For 8 weeks… I’ve trained HARD AF through an 8 week strength cycle of deadlifts and bench… through an 8 week FWW Live Challenge of daily workouts… and well…

It’s time for a break!

Deload doesn’t mean don’t workout… just means the intensity drops WAY DOWN. I still move my body to get the blood flowing and muscles contracting but without a training goal or interest in progressing.

This isn’t lazy. This is self care. It’s allowing the body to recover to avoid burn out and build energy for the next strength cycle (starting next week)

So for this week, you can expect to see handstands and much lighter weights!

When’s the last structured rest break you took?

Or is it time to turn the intensity back up? Then join me for the next strength and fitness cycle with FWW Live! Try for free… info at (or link in bio)!

I won’t lie, deload week is mentally hard for me. I don’t like to slow down. Don’t like to go easy. But it’s the rest that gives me the power to push through the hard times… this is self care! ♥️

Non Crossfitter - Personal Trainer - Does 22.1 And Survives 😂 04/03/2022

Non Crossfitter - Personal Trainer - Does 22.1 And Survives 😂

Just in time for the new workout to go down tomorrow! I've never felt more my age than when I do the open workouts 😝

Non Crossfitter - Personal Trainer - Does 22.1 And Survives 😂 I'm not a crossfitter, just a moderately fit 37 year old personal trainer testing my body against the 22.1 Crossfit Open Workout. Did you do it? I made it th...


Do you like friendly competition? Pushing yourself to see what YOU can do?

Then do the Strong Start Throw Down with me and the FWW Live crew this weekend!

Things start tomorrow (Thu) with 6 virtual workouts being announced. You have until Monday 2pm EST to complete all 6 workouts.

Scared they'll be too tough? There are RX and Modified options available!

It's more than just doing the workouts... you'll share pictures, progress, scores, encouragement and more.

Need the details?


This event is a way to celebrate strength, fitness, and community. For the past 8 weeks many of our ladies have worked consistently through a tough training plan, The Strong Start.

Let's end big with an in house competition that includes 6 workouts that can be done anytime from Mar 3-Mar 7th... all scores have to be submitted by Mar 7th at 2pm.

Workouts will range from 5 min - 20+ min in length and will have clear instructions for equipment, layout, etc to make sure everyone is on the same page.


👉 Either a 25lb db/kb or 35lb. There will be TWO different "classes" for workouts. A scaled for beginners and an RX'd for the not beginners.
👉 Step/Box. For Rx, it needs to be 20-in (or taller) and for Modified, any step up height over 12 inches.
👉 Toilet paper roll
👉 Jump rope

The workouts will be done on your own or you can do them Facetime with your FWW Live bestie.

Scores will be entered into a pre-made scoring sheet. There will be photo/video proof required for some workouts which makes it even more fun!

💥 It's just $15 to participate in the weekend long event for non- FWW Live members
💥 Non members will receive access to FWW Live from the day they pay their registration fee until Wednesday March 9th.
👉 Register by sending sign up via Venmo @Kindal-Boyle. Don't have Venmo? Let me know.

Baked Protein Lemon Strawberry Donuts | Easy & Delicious 24/02/2022

Baked Protein Lemon Strawberry Donuts | Easy & Delicious

Several people asked for the donut recipe... well, you ask and sometimes (most of the time) I deliver!

🍋 🍓 🍩... What's not to love here?

Baked Protein Lemon Strawberry Donuts | Easy & Delicious Prep for your next workout with one of these Lemon Strawberry Donuts! Eating one is proven to make you lift heavier and move faster... Okay, I can't promise ...

The 6 Most UNDERRATED Kettlebell Exercises | You Need To Do These! 18/02/2022

The 6 Most UNDERRATED Kettlebell Exercises | You Need To Do These!

New video!

If you’re not doing these exercises your missing out on strength, mobility and toning results!

The 6 Most UNDERRATED Kettlebell Exercises | You Need To Do These! Do you do all 6 of these kettlebell exercises regularly in your workouts? Did I leave anything off? What do you think is the most OVERRATED kettlebell exerci...

Podcast 381: Can't Get Past 8 Reps? Training Technique To Breaking Plateaus 17/02/2022

Podcast 381: Can't Get Past 8 Reps? Training Technique To Breaking Plateaus

Feeling stuck with your fitness? I got your back...

Podcast 381: Can't Get Past 8 Reps? Training Technique To Breaking Plateaus Want to be able to do 25 straight pushups but can't break past 15? Or stuck at 3 pull-ups? Here's the training techniques to break through rep plateaus to set new PRs!


Goal 1: Bench my weight ✅
Goal 2: Bench multiple reps ✅
Goal 3: Bench 1.25x my weight… Coming for it!

What’s a goal you have? No matter how big or small, what are you working on? Or want to work on?

I Tried EVERY Protein Bar The Store Sells So You Don't Have To 16/02/2022

I Tried EVERY Protein Bar The Store Sells So You Don't Have To

I took one for the team on this video. There were some doozies 🤢 and some yums 🤤

I tried every brand of protein bar my store sells. What bar is you fav? Least fav?

I Tried EVERY Protein Bar The Store Sells So You Don't Have To 12 protein bars purchased and taste tested for you. No longer wonder if a certain bar is a good grab and go option. Let's break down ingredients, nutrition a...


Getting upside down!

It’s good to get blood flow to the brain… it’s awesome for upper body strength and it’s FUN!

Sometimes it takes work to feel like a kid 😂 This was way easier when I was 12.


I don’t always go ham. This was a day where my normal “easy” kettlebell of 35lb felt like 100lb.

Instead of being disappointed, I listened to my body and went down in weight.

Not every workout is going to feel strong.

Your body won’t always feel strong. Sometimes you listen and go easy and that’s okay too!

3/3 6/6/ 9/9 12/12 of:
Squat Cleans
Kneeling Press

Treat it like a flow and try not to put the weight down during the entire set of all 4 moves.

Between rounds (after you’ve done BOTH sides)
100 Jump Rope
5 Burpees

Up for it?

10 Insanely Challenging Pushup Variations To Build Strength 04/02/2022

10 Insanely Challenging Pushup Variations To Build Strength

New video is up!

What pushup variation is one you've never seen? The 8th one is my favorite!

10 Insanely Challenging Pushup Variations To Build Strength Pushups... require zero equipment and work your shoulders, chest, triceps, traps, lats, core, glutes and more! But doing normal pushups gets boring... spice ...


Celebrate gainz because...

When you first start to workout, it feels like you hit PRs every workout. But with time, as your fitness improves and you build a solid foundation of strength, those PRs and gainz aren't as frequent. That just makes them that much sweeter.

Celebrate the big and small wins with fitness!

After training consistently for almost 18 years... today was the First time doing multiple sets of squats with 2x50s! 🔥

I'll take it. Share a recent fitgain in the comments!


PR Friday!!

Set a new personal record of 3 presses with 50lb. I was stoked and so shocked.

After the first rep, I was like “Wait, I think I can do another. And then another!”

Tell me something good from your training this week!


A little breakfast idea! What would be your toppings?

I’m The Type Of Women Who...

And giving you CONTROL over your healthy lifestyle.

For over a decade, I’ve worked with women of all shapes, ages, fitness levels and goals to help achieve not just the body they desire but create a life full of strength and confidence.

It happens through honesty and passion. No sugar coating and no pretending that any of us have it perfect.

Through REAL training and my own experience, I’ve become known as the “real trainer”.

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FWW offers programs specific to fitness levels and goals, as well as a thriving live streaming studio called Fit Women's Weekly LIVE.

This is an amazing online class program with an active group of women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels working hard and getting results through 11 new workouts every single week and personalized access to coaches.

We also over private coaching for both nutrition and fitness.

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