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Creature Caster

Creature Caster is a company that creates high-end resin-cast miniatures.


Our friends over at have launched an awesome D&D 5e compatible Kickstarter. Be sure to go and check it out!


We've added 50+ new models to our US Website! Check them out at


We've added a new Tier to our Tribes on MyMiniFactory! Sign up for a full year and save some money, along with guaranteed access to our Amazing Loyalty Rewards and our Annual Boss Model. #/


Check out our livestream at

Photos from Creature Caster's post 03/04/2024

I just wanted to share some of the awesome models that are part of our Tribe on MyMiniFactory coming out this month! #/

Exemplar Wet Palette Returns! New Sizes & Next Gen Refills 03/04/2024

Be sure to grab one of these limited edition wet palettes before they're gone!

Exemplar Wet Palette Returns! New Sizes & Next Gen Refills Game Envy's Renowned Mini Painting Wet Palette Gets Two New Sizes, the GO and MEGA + Enhanced Palette Paper and Dual Density Sponges


At 3 PM PST Today be sure to check out Creature Caster Simon in our very own Judgement Livestream on Play On Tabletop!


Live Stream with Simon and Tycho at Playon Tabletop!
Starting in just 20 minutes at 12pm PST. We are planning to do these monthly and will try to announce times much further in advance! Join us if you can!


Check out Game Envy's new Next Gen Wet Palette Kickstarter! We are honoured to have our artwork in the amazing new Exemplar Mega wet palette. Be sure to support these guys by checking them out at - you won't be disappointed


Our second Dungeons & Dragons Campaign has dropped on My Mini Factory. Join our Tribe now and get 12 never-before seen models and a complete D&D 5e Adventure for only $11.99 #/


Creature Caster is excited about the upcoming Blood Throne Campaign by .gaming We got to work with Frontline Gaming to design and sculpt the minis you get in their incredible game.

The Campaign goes live on January 18th and you can get more insight and information from


Join us on our brand new discord channel and check under threads to vote on which concepts you are more excited to see turned into models. (uncensored on discord)


Check out our new discord server and join in the fun!


Hope to see you all in the new year!

Photos from Creature Caster's post 22/12/2023

Christmas is around the Corner! Don't miss out on these amazing bundles - only available until January 5th, or while supplies last!


Our biggest release so far! Join us for our penultimate adventure in our year long campaign! Subscribe today on MyMiniFactory and get 17 of our finest STLs - only December 2023!


Tabletop Titans live streaming their first game of Judgment Eternal Champions on Twitch at 12pm PST (live now!).

Say hi in the stream and get entered to win a core box of Judgement Eternal Champions!

Also check out their other releases on the 14th and 17th. Leave comments or join the stream for more chances to win!


Our Final Battle Bundle for the holidays. Featuring three heroes dedicated to Tomas' undead alliance and three heroes following the enigmatic god of time Torin.

Featuring the new hero Abhothas for the first time!

Available now at, this bundle won't be around long!

TOP Five TIPS for Better Layering 🎨 Creature Caster Painting 27/11/2023

teaches us how to paint the new bone sword on our remastered King of Onslaught - still on sale with our Black Friday Deals!

TOP Five TIPS for Better Layering 🎨 Creature Caster Painting Top five ( 5 ) tips for better layering. Todays miniature painting video shows the painting of this bone sword of a Creature Caster resin ca...



Up to 30% off items.


In limited quantities, be sure to check out our next Judgement: Eternal Champions Black Friday Door Crasher! The Forces of Grul vs. the Champions of Bruelin! Details coming soon!


Something new is coming this Friday! Stay tuned.

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Our Judgement: Eternal Champions Door Crashers have sold out! Don't worry though - if you missed these great deals, there will be two more Door Crashers coming up for sale on Friday! Be sure to check back in and see what we have in store!


Only-Games is offering 30% discounts on models site-wide! This means you can get our files printed and delivered to your door - be sure to check it out!


Be sure to check us out at for the best savings of the year!


We've got all sorts of great deals! Check us out!

Photos from Creature Caster's post 16/11/2023

It all starts at NOON PST. We have such sights to show you.

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We have expanded our Digital Platform to Patreon! You can check us out there.
Check out Booth #3042 at GenCon!
Maltique miniature for charity
Shoshie takes the Canuckmera full Canadian
Trickster Mounted on Witness
The Ausmera preorder ends this Friday, July 9th. This three-headed abomination also comes with an exclusive bonus miniat...