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Why am I so excited about the new National Association? Because of the incredible people involved with it ❤️
There is so much passion and work happening behind the scenes to get this resource off the ground - I wish you could see the time and energy your board members are contributing to prepare for launch. “By upholsterers, for upholsterers.”
Are you as a excited as I am? This association will work FOR and WITH our community of professionals - I know we can make it amazing!!!
Registration opens soon - see you in the NUA 🙌
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Coddiwomple - "During the formation of the National Upholstery Association, I’ve been comparing this process to reupholstering a chair. We have a great chair, but the fabric is worn, the cushion is flat, and it’s just not working in this modern space. We had to strip down the “old chair” of the upholstery industry: strip off the old ideas of how to educate, the old ideas of how to operate, the old ideas of how to work together. Like all great chairs, once the old fabric and webbing is stripped, the frame that is left presents endless possibilities for making it beautiful once again."

Read the entire blog post, written by Audrey Lonsway of Sewing Den LLC, at
Sheila Deshaw Evers, this is who you need for your project!
Need help with a simple sewing/upholstery job, (simple probably for you....Not for me)to make some arm chair covers. I can bring the chair and material to you. Need 4chairs done (two arm each)) as soon as possible,THANKS. 703-732-0435

Upholstery and home décor fabrication. Custom home décor fabrication, including upholstery and sewing services.

Modern Upholstery Education 29/06/2021

Modern Upholstery Education

I've been working with Cynthia Bleskachek over at The Funky Little Chair for the last year or so. FLC just launched a new online upholstery training program and I have to say.... it's pretty dang cool! It's got videos, instructions, quizzes, self-assessments, it's got ALL the ways to start offering basic upholstery services for customers. Available as self-paced or instructor supported with Carla Pyle from Living Home Furniture - Check it out! 🤩

Modern Upholstery Education


Greetings all my Virginia clients and designers! I'm moving to New Hampshire (just north of Boston, Mass) in December. It has been my pleasure to help out with your upholstery, drapery, and sewing projects! I'm not taking any projects at this time. I'm considering taking custom sewing orders in the new year - custom cushions and pillows can be easily vacuum packed and shipped, if needed. I'll keep you posted. Thanks and All the Best! 02/07/2019

158 - Rachel Fletcher and Audrey Lonsway talk about the new National Upholstery Association

What a fun opportunity to talk about the National Upholstery Association! 06/06/2019

These Are the Things You Absolutely Shouldn't Reupholster Yourself

A great article on when to find an upholstery pro :-) Plus they give a shout to to the National Upholstery Association! And, a final answer to recovering vs. reupholstering.


I love how Rachel from Knox Upholstery said it - the response has been amazing and we're so excited to see what's next!

You know what happens when people work together toward a common purpose? Change. The amount of interest and support we have received from the global upholstery world has been inspiring. The fabric companies and suppliers that jumped on board immediately is amazing. The upholstery community needed a change and it’s coming July 1st, when you, too, can get involved. If you have extra skills, outside of upholstery, we want to hear from you. We have plenty of committees formed and we are looking for upholsterers willing to get involved and help. After all, this organization was built by upholsterers, for upholsterers.



National Upholstery Association

Join the newly formed National Upholstery Association. Working together to support and advance the field of professional upholstery.

If you are an upholsterer please share this to help us spread the word. We'd love to have you on board!


I've been working with a national group of upholsterers to start this association. It's so exciting!

Join the newly formed National Upholstery Association.
Working together to support and advance the field of professional upholstery.


New fabric for the seat cushions of this custom sofa.


This chair got a whole new look! First, the client painted/distressed the exposed wood. Next, we took the loose cushion off and made an attached seat cushion. Lastly, we redesigned the fabric layout so there was less piping - giving it a more sleek/modern look.


Always more to learn :-)

Audrey from Sewing Den LLC in Virginia is one of our students this week - she’s recently been asked to do upholstery work for a local clinic, and vinyl is still relatively new territory. No worries AT ALL - Audrey is a fantastic seamstress with a background in both quilting and drapery. So today we spent time just exploring vinyl as a medium - what it likes, what it doesn’t, how to make it play ball. She did one sample with with heating and pulling and one with a top-stitched boxing. I hope you’ll zoom in and check out her pattern matching - that had zero to do with me, btw. Audrey already knows how to line those puppies up 💪 I hope she’ll have new confidence to go home and bid projects that may have caused some hesitation before. Professional upholstery is far more than pretty chairs ....
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After loosing all my photos from my phone (that's right! I said ALL my photos 😳) these are best photos I could find of the back tab curtains I made last year. The two outside pillows on the couch are also Sewing Den made. Design by Barbara Quast Interior Design.


I love a good "Before & After" pic! Design by Barbara Quast Interior Design.


A brand new trapezoidal window cushion. This one was sooooo long, I couldn't get it all in one picture 😄. The fabric is "B5001 Cinnabar" with "B6793 Straw" piping from Greenhouse Fabrics.


A reupholstered bench for MW Design Group - Decorating Den Interiors.


Custom pillow covers for MW Design Group - Decorating Den Interiors. Check out that stripe pattern match ♡


Can't quite decide what design to have in the center your pillow? These pillows are made with two different designs centered on the front and back. So you can have two matching pillows or two coordinating (but not matchy-matchy) pillows - your choice! Design from MW Design Group - Decorating Den Interiors


A great shimmering refresh/recover for these dining room chairs.


This custom bench cushion has small cut-outs to wrap around the framing in this entryway/arrival area. The fabric is "B4720 Ice" from Greenhouse Fabrics.


A new cushion for this window/storage seat. Plus a little matching pillow made from the leftover fabric scraps. This fabric is "B6643 Ebony" from Greenhouse Fabrics.


I sure do love a good upholstery joke! Thanks to my hubby for saving this comic strip (yes, we still get an actual printed newspaper 😄).


These eye exam chairs got new vinyl for their seats. There were six seats completed for this project.


Two custom bench cushions for this custom built-in. The fabric for these cushions is "B5558 Red" from Greenhouse Fabrics. These cushions are slightly beveled in the back to fit perfectly below the window sill.


Reupholstered these two chairs in a beautiful "B1873 Vintage" from Greenhouse Fabrics.


Last week, I received new sample books from Greenhouse Fabrics. These are new Crypton and Revolutions fabrics - they're stain and odor resistant. So great for families and/or pets.... or clumsy people 😄. You can check out the selection at or send me a message and I'll bring my sample books to you.


Greenhouse Fabrics

When a fabric says it has "xx,### double rubs".... This is the kind of machine that tests how many rubs it can handle. Cool!

How double rubs are tested! 03/01/2019

Upholstery Welt as a Design Choice

A great article about using welt cording in an upholstery project! From Carla Pyle at Living Home Furniture - Upholstery welt serves two important functional advantages: it helps conceal & reinforce seams, and improves durability by preventing excessive cover wear at the edges Let's make the distinction between single welt & double welt Single welt is generally machine sewn - either into a cushion: Single,....


Comfy new cushions for this banquette seating area. This is a Crypton fabric from Greenhouse Fabrics. It's stain and odor resistant... so they can enjoy it- worry free!


This client wanted some COLOR for her patio... I think we got there :-) This is an outdoor Navy from Greenhouse Fabrics. The pillows are a Solarium fabric.


A new slipcover for this beanbag loveseat. I've never seen a beanbag seat like this before, but it's pretty comfy! And bonus: Now it has a washable slipcover for whatever life throws at it in a teenager's room.... :-)


A new set of seat cushions and tufted backs for this U-shape banquette seating area. Gorgeous!


Happy September everyone! I hope you had a great summer. Everything is humming along here at Sewing Den. I want to take a moment to introduce you to Greenhouse Fabrics. They are a fabulous line of fabrics that I've started selling. They have a great variety of upholstery fabrics - including the wonderfully life-friendly Crypton and Revolution fabrics. I still accept whatever fabrics you want to bring my way from local and online stores, but I'm hoping that by selling Greenhouse Fabrics it will give my clients some new great fabric choices. I've got tons of samples that you can see here at the Den, or I can bring them to you, so you can see them in your own home. Check them out!


As I made a couple of deliveries tonight, I got to see some of the DIY talent of my clients. I saw some dramatic home painting before and afters. So cool! I'm not big on painting, I'm more of a textile gal myself 😊, but it reminded me that everyone's got their creative side and/or DIY talent. So let that shine!


Two fabrics + nail heads = WOW!
I love this transformation!


Pillows, pillows, pillows! 😄


Lovely diamond tufted chair with nail heads. ♡ PS - Pattern match pic in the comments.