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Val is NEVER wrong!

Trust me, Val has resdesigned my entire home. From flooring to painted cabinets, to countertops, to hardware, even furniture and whole house painting! Her contacts do excellent work and she stays on top of everything - every detail!
I would never even consider working with anyone else.
What a wonderful experience this has been. Really had fun working with Val and very happy with the results in my second project with my basement! she converted it into such a happy and beautiful room. Val is very professional and she gives you the greatest ideas and she always gives different options for you. Ever since I hired Val and I go shopping for something for my house, I think of her I hope Val approves it :). I highly recommend Val for small and big projects.

Revitalize Design, awarded 2022 WINNER Best of Loudoun for Interior Design, and 2021 for both Interi FAQ - Interior Design (scroll down for Staging FAQ)


What is interior design? Interior design is the art and science of enhancing interior spaces by making them functional, safe, and beautiful. Revitalize Design offers these interior design services:

•Space planning - Drawing an architectural plan that involves moving walls.
•Furniture layouts - Drawing an architectural plan that shows scaled furniture placement.
•Renovations - Updating the exis

Photos from Revitalize Design's post 10/08/2022

Staging is not decorating 🖼, it’s a marketing technique used to help a buyer create an emotional connection- leading to a sale 💰.

In this 1-bedroom condo every foot counts so placement of furniture is KEY!

Did you notice the small dining table is not centered by the kitchen counter? This is done to widen the path of travel for the buyer; also allowing for a small desk to be placed on one side of the fireplace.

This placement also provides negative space in front of the kitchen counter where people naturally walk up to.

Staging a property always shows better than a vacant home! 🤩


Do you agree or disagree?

Had to share this excerpt from a blog post I read:

“Virtually staged photos may get buyers to the home, but like online dating, these buyers are going to feel very let down when they enter a home that doesn’t look anything like the photos they saw online. Buyers' agents have reported that they can visibly see their buyer deflating with disappointment when they enter a home for the first time after seeing it virtually staged. “

Photos from Revitalize Design's post 09/10/2022

The client had their “staged” condo on the market for several weeks (see first 2 pictures). It was sparse and neutral like Google will tell you to do when selling a home, but to have a buyer emotionally connect with the home, it needs more.

After we added accessories, art, and special touches, their unit sold immediately.

I love staging homes because I get to see this powerful marketing tool work it’s magic. 🙌

We will stage unoccupied homes so you don’t have to.


My dream is to live in a golf cart community. I love driving those little golf carts. I don’t play golf so I don’t want to have a golf course in the community, just want everyone to drive golf carts everywhere (shopping, restaurants, etc) Where is my dream home located? It can be anywhere in the country or continent.


I’ve been told I’m a colorful character, not sure what that means, but I do know I love color. 🌈 I especially enjoy color combinations that are inspired by Mother Nature.
This is a red-crested cardinal found in Kauai, HI. I am fascinated by this bird and how perfectly the ratio of black, white, and red embraces the small scale of this sparrow-sized body.


Mother Nature is the ultimate designer. I’m just her apprentice 😎


When I was asked to stage this huge family room, I was giddy with excitement. I love a space planning challenge!
The fireplace was tucked away to one side of the room, a bulkhead divided the other side, and a “bar” area with no sink was at the entry of the room. 🤓
After measuring and drawing the room to scale, the furniture plan emerged and the room had a clear purpose, it flowed well, and the home sold for over the asking price.

Photos from Revitalize Design's post 08/16/2022

One of my favorite clients had a leak in her upstairs bathroom and now has to renovate both the upper and lower bathrooms.


Aaah! We all need a break sometimes and this was mine 🌻
Ok, break over, back to crazy 🤪


I bet you didn’t know there are two St. Patrick’s Cathedrals in NYC.

The catacombs tour at the Old St. Patrick’s cathedral by candlelight in NYC was a cool tour. It’s not your typical tourist attraction, I like that! And I learned more about the history of the Catholic Church in NY.


One-of-kind decorative accents make lasting impressions. We hope a buyer will recall the unique centerpiece on this deck dining table when they want to make an offer.


I’m still amazed to see a space once it’s staged. I’m not going to lie, preparing for a stage is a load of work, but the reveal is so worth it.


Meet Hilarious the Horse. He will be making his debut this week at a staged child’s bedroom.
My grandkids will miss him for a bit, but I’m sure he’ll be back super fast.


When the cocktail table is 60” x 60” square the best option is to have a custom-made succulent tray! This is the hub of the home with a large active family so this immense table gets a lot of love. I made sure the decor for it was proportional to the size of the table but also user-friendly for the whole family. When they want to entertain or play a game, it’s an easy one-step removal to relocate the tray. Function and form working together!

Photos from Revitalize Design's post 07/30/2022

The pillows are here! The custom-made succulent decor is here! Almost done 😅
Lighting, drapery in the breakfast nook, and some finishing touches before we shoot 📸, so another 4 months? 😂


How do you make a beautiful home even better? We always start with a scaled floor plan and discuss the usage, flow, and aesthetics of the proposed plan. Once the perfect layout is selected, we start sourcing to make that vision a realty.
This home is already beautiful, but the homeowners want to update the main level. We will be advising on a new kitchen layout, selections, and wake up the whole main level with flooring, wall treatments, window treatments, furniture, and accessories.
🤩Can’t wait to share the before-and-after images!


Staging outdoor spaces helps create an emotional attachment for the buyer.

Photos from Revitalize Design's post 07/15/2022

I got lucky sourcing these fabulous bedside tables for my client. 🙌

Bathroom Refresh! Before-and-After design wake-up call. 07/14/2022

Bathroom Refresh! Before-and-After design wake-up call.

Wake-up Wednesday! One of my favorite client makeovers. Check out the before-and-after video of this primary bathroom.

Bathroom Refresh! Before-and-After design wake-up call. We designed this bathroom for homeowners who were selling their N. Potomac, Maryland home. The new updates include new porcelain tile, new vanities with ston...


I’m inspired! This glamping tent has impressed me and if you know me even a little, that’s not easy. I mean why haven’t I ever bought linen bed sheets? The duvet is so silky and contrasts perfectly with the textures of the quilt and sheets. Balance and proportion throughout the tent done by a pro, no doubt 🙇🏻‍♀️

If you need some R&R (like I did), I highly recommend glamping at The Depot Lodge.

Who has a tent 🏕 I can design for them?


Help us celebrate! 💥💥💥 We’re so excited and honored to have been awarded Best Interior Designer in Loudoun county another year.

Help us celebrate! 💥💥💥
We’re so excited and honored to announce that Revitalize Design has been awarded Best Interior Design firm in beautiful Loudoun county, Virginia, yet another year. It means so much to have your continued support and trust and allow us to wake up your sleeping rooms. We look forward to inspiring you with our unique and customized designs. 🙏🏼

Photos from Revitalize Design's post 06/11/2022

EDIT: Installation completed! Coming soon in Herndon- 3 beds, 1.5 baths, end unit townhome. Check it out! Thanks to Dinora Chacon - Real Estate Agent for trusting me with her listing. 🙏🏼

This is how I keep my sanity and stay organized for staging a property that’s for sale. Black check mark means I tagged the item to the room, red check mark means it’s loaded in the truck. ✅✅✅
Staging day is always fun and exhausting at the same time 💪🏼


Summer, here I come! I’m feeling inspired with these orange umbrellas and paisley cushions 🤩🏊🏻‍♀️⛱🕶🍉🍿


Who loves a large living room with vaulted ceilings? 🫶
Large spaces function best when they are zoned accordingly. Since lounging and entertaining work hand-in-hand we made sure to make it cohesive.

is marketing not decorating.


It’s a beautiful day for de-staging!
👚 by Julie Nicholson Burke
🧢 by


Would you pay $1,500 for a tray? 🫣It’s a beautiful high quality piece but I can’t justify spending $1,500 on any tray. I guess I’m just not that kind of designer 😅

A beautiful room lifts my spirits and I am proud to say that waking up sleeping rooms doesn’t cost an arm and $1,500 tray. I think I’m more sensible and would allocate those funds towards a chair. That’s justifiable to me! 🪑

(Of course, if my client really has that type of budget, hey, we will go for it).

Photos from Revitalize Design's post 05/15/2022

First time in 50 years the doors open for the public to tour the interior of this magnificent work of architecture. Interior photos were prohibited but I can attest that the design of the interior was spectacular! 🙌


Styling your decor

I’m always asked about my process for designing a room. The answer varies based on the scope of each space, but one thing that always goes last is the STYLING. The finishing touches are so important to the final look of a space, yet it also tends to take a back seat for many people. When you’re planning your makeover, always allow a nice budget for styling. Without it, you’re space will always be unfinished. 🫣


Musical Lego piano

Check out this LEGO! It comes with an app and the keys move to the music on the app. So cool!

This project is getting close to completion, too.


Who can relate? 🙋🏻‍♀️
The more shelves you’ve got, the more they get filled, right?

My client had her whole main level redesigned a couple years ago, and we never got to this built-in until now. She said her friends loved her house, but when they passed by her office (on the way to the restroom) she was embarrassed by her bookcase.
I finally made time and tackled it for her. She was THRILLED! 💃🏽

Photos from Revitalize Design's post 05/02/2022

It’s so rewarding to make someone happy, wouldn’t you agree? I feel so blessed when the plan is completed and the client is thrilled with their new space. Their lives just got a little bit sweeter. I know waking up sleeping rooms is my calling, but I am feeling the nudge to help more than just homeowners. I want to help communities feel this same way in their places of worship. 🙏🏼That’s on my bucket list!
See before-and-after pictures in the comments. 🙌


This was a fun project! The client moved from her large Springfield house to a smaller farmhouse in Purcellville. This den was furnished by coordinating several pieces from many rooms of her Springfield house.

The challenge was to make it all cohesive. I was fortunate to source the PERFECT handmade rug and found the perfect wall paint that pulled it all together. 🙌🥳

📸 credit Christy Haake Kosnic


Although it’s spring, I’m feeling like tonight might be best cuddled under a blanket near a cozy fire 🔥 with one of my favorite snacks 🍿
(📸 of staged home)


Blending a client’s treasures with new furnishings is a challenge I love. Can you tell what’s new in this room?
I’ll start by telling you the wall with door behind the bed is new - it’s a walk-in closet that was much needed in this owner’s suite.

📸 Christy Haake Kosnic
Interior Design Val Valdez


It’s such an honor to be in the top 5!
Would love your continued support to WIN 2022 Best of Loudoun’s Interior Designer.
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Check out Revitalize Design by Val Valdez. 04/23/2022

Check out Revitalize Design by Val Valdez.

Woohoo! There’s a lot of talented designers out there, and we are so humbled to be recognized as one of the Top 5. But wait, we can actually WIN 🏆 the cup again this year with your support.
We would be honored to receive your daily vote 🗳 through May 6th. 🙏🏼

Until then we continue to wake up sleeping rooms! 🫶

Check out Revitalize Design by Val Valdez. Cast your ballots daily through May 6.


Happy Easter Monday!

I like to support small local businesses and wanted to share the delicious Easter cookies by Treatsandsweets4u that our family raved about. The cookies were individually wrapped and packaged festively in a decorated colored egg crate perfect for displaying them. They provide “eggcellent” DELIVERY service too!


Happy Easter!

Did you know while the amazing colors on church stained glass windows may just appear to be something lovely, each color has significance?

During the medieval times when the majority of the world was illiterate and could not afford bibles, the role of stained glass windows was essentially that of a picture book. So the church used the depiction of Biblical events in stained glass windows as a way to teach those who could not read about the events and lessons in the Bible.

The Meaning Of Stained Glass Colors On Stained Glass
Red: Not surprisingly represents the blood of Christ or the martyrdom of saints. It could also indicate strong emotions such as love or hate.
Blue: Is associated with the color of the sky and therefore symbolizes heaven, hope, sincerity, and piety–like the Virgin Mary.
Green: Is the color of grass and nature and therefore represents growth and rebirth, life over death.
Violet: A bold color symbolizing love, truth, passion, and suffering.
White: Is a representation of chastity, innocence, and purity is often associated with God.
Black: A very rarely seen color in stained glass on churches it has connotations of both death and regeneration.
Yellow: The color most used in depictions of Judas so it sometimes symbolizes treachery but is also used in the halo of saints, or the Gates of Heaven and to symbolize divinity, power, and glory.
Purple: Since it is thought that Christ wore purple before His crucifixion the color often symbolizes suffering and endurance. Purple is also used to depict royalty or God the Father.
Gray: This color or hue is a symbol of humility and mourning and can also be seen representing the immortality of the spirit.
Brown: Used as a symbol of spiritual death and renunciation of worldly things.
Rainbow: A happy depiction of the union and God’s covenant with humanity.

We wish you a blessed day of celebration with loved ones with this modern stained glass window from the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC.

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I’m still amazed to see a space once it’s staged. I’m not going to lie, preparing for a stage is a load of work, but the...
Help us celebrate! 💥💥💥 We’re so excited and honored to have been awarded Best Interior Designer in Loudoun county anothe...
Styling your decor
Musical Lego piano
Who can relate? 🙋🏻‍♀️The more shelves you’ve got, the more they get filled, right?My client had her whole main level red...
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