Nurse Friend

Nurse Friend

Nurse Friend is that go to place to ask health care questions from an very well versed, and highly educated RN.

This is a monthly subscription at a very reasonable price that allows you multiple phone calls/texts/e-mails.

TikTok · Connie Schaefer 02/04/2024

Everyone can use and have this technology. Contact Connie or me and experience this incredible healing device.

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Rebecca Helen


Happy Labor Day Weekend!
Consider the following quote when making decisions this weekend and make a few healthier decisions whether it is doing something active or choosing a healthier snack item!


Don’t stop believing... “Together we can make a difference.“ -Kris English/Spanish Moderator

Timeline photos 20/06/2022

Live presentation with time for questions. RSVP to attend to prevent "Zoom bombing" Kathy


Thinking about deleting this page, it seems to have drawn a lot of weirdos. Kathy


Offering services to any person in need. Health promotion and assistance in becoming a healthier YOU in 2022!!!!

Welcome to the Dementia Specialist 25/07/2021

Offering care management for families. Http:// Under services. No one in the Midwest offers what I do. I bring peace to chaos.

Welcome to the Dementia Specialist There is hope, and ways to cope.


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