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Kingborough Community Missions


Kingborough Community Missions has a busy period ahead getting meals prepared and distributed in response to the COVID-19 crisis. As many face unemployment or financial strain, now more than ever we need your help to provide the basic human right to food to anyone who needs.

Helping Feed the Families in Kingborough - Peter and Patricia Harvey have been serving the Kingborough Community for the past 5 years coordinating various food programs.

Operating as usual

Photos from Kingborough Community Missions's post 14/05/2022

Thank you to Food Bank Tasmania, particularly Carole Chilcott, General Manager, for assisting Kingborough Community Missions with meals and groceries for our Food Aid Program, a great saving for our Program. In return Kingborough Community Missions donates up to 23 tons of fresh donated vegetables, which Food Bank Tas distributes to 100 other charities and agencies on our behalf.


Peter and Patricia Harvey, Founders of Kingborough Community Missions are excited when we see so many people liking our Food Aid Program for disadvantaged and homeless people. We get really excited at the prospect that you may wish to donate to our Food Aid Program. Please donate into BSB: 633-000 Account: 164512899

Your support makes our Food Aid Program possible.


Two Wilson families in the Oatlands district donated 7 tons of potatoes to Kingborough Community Missions who distributed these to Food Bank Tasmania (who distribute food to 100 charities and agencies), to Kingston Neighbourhood House, to Huon Valley Salvation Army Drop in Centre, and to Community Care at Kingborough Family Church.
Thank you voluteers Norman, Mike, Barend who transported the potatoes and to the Wilson families particularly Greg Wilson who has offered to plant a crop of potatoes for us in 2022 !


Peter Harvey presents a large hamper to David Morse of Kingston Neighbourhood House, a distribution outlet for Kingborough Community Missions' Food Aid Program, where we supply 3000 frozen nutritious meals annually and several tons of fresh vegetables and food hampers for disadvantaged families and people in Kingborough.


Newsletter November - December 2021

We are Peter and Patricia Harvey, founders and co-ordinators of Kingborough Community Missions, in our mid 70s, who have passionately operated for 5 years our Food Aid Program for disadvantaged and homeless people.
Previously we were coming and going over a period of 12 years assisting with funds and the building of a very large Youth Training Centre and other projects for an international organisation Youth With A Mission in the Cook Islands, making a difference in the Pacific Region.
It has been a particularly busy year and we have been blessed by most of our wonderful sponsors, some of whom have been with us from the start. Without their support our Food Aid Program would not be possible, so we thank them for their loyalty.

Kingborough Community Missions has great optimism that we, as an emergency, short term relief Food Aid Program, can continue to (1) provide thousands of quality frozen meals, up to 9500 per year (2) up to 300 grocery hampers and (3) 21 ton of vegetables to disadvantaged families and homeless people distributed through 7 outlets: Salvation Army Supported Housing (Homeless Centre) is provided with up to 5000 meals per year Kingston Neighbourhood House (up to 3000 meals and vegetables per year) Huon Salvation Army outlet (1000 meals and vegetables plus cereals for Huon Primary School students' breakfast club) The remainder of meals are shared by Kingston's Jireh House Women's Shelter, Woodbridge Westwinds Community Centre and Ronald McDonald House. We provide vegetables to Community Care at Kingborough Family Church.
As you will understand, to provide these meals and our Food Aid Program costs thousands of dollars. Kingborough Community Missions' finances are being severely stretched. We rely on the financial donations of wonderful Kingborough businesses and individuals, also the generous NW Coast & Midland farmers who have donated 41 tons of vegetables over 3 years, 21 tons in 2021 alone, freighted to Hobart at no cost by TasFreight. Midlands farmers, the Wilsons, who donated 7 tons of potatoes, are so impressed with our work that they, in 2022, are planting a crop for us! Thank you all as this saving assists Kingborough Community Missions run our Food Aid Program. These vegetables are organised by 81 year old former farmers, Norman & Dawn Spurr, now our wonderful volunteers, who have changed the way we operate. Kingborough Community Missions, after cooking our meals, have donated up to 8 tons of vegetables to Food Bank Tasmania who distribute these vegetables on our behalf to 100 other charities in Southern Tasmania, which we are thrilled to help. We admire the manager and counsellors at SASH assisting the homeless, who have told us our Kingborough Community Missions meals have made a significant difference to the way they talk to the homeless over a meal from our 2 freezers, heated up in our donated microwave oven.
In January 2021, Kingborough Community Missions received a Kingborough Council Award in appreciation of our outstanding commitment and contribution to the Kingborough community, especially people in need. Norman Spurr received the ABC Radio 2021 Community Spirit Award. Peter Harvey was a finalist in the 2021 Tasmanian Volunteering Award and the 2021 Tasmania Community Achievements Awards - Outstanding Achiever Award.

Please consider supporting Kingborough Community Missions

Please deposit into BSB: 633-000 Account: 164512899

Thank you
Peter and Patricia Harvey

[email protected]

Photos from Kingborough Community Missions's post 03/09/2021

Jazz and Film Night Fundraiser for the homeless who Kingborough Community Missions support with meals and food, organised by Clare Glade-Wright

Jazz and Film Night 23/07/2021

Jazz and Film Night

Hello !
Look forward to seeing you at our wonderful fundraiser event for our homeless people. Should you be unable to attend please consider purchasing 1 or 2 tickets and we'll invite disadvantaged people to fill your seats. Thank you

You are invited to come and join us for an evening of Jazz. Enjoy dinner and drinks at our pop-up restaurant while you watch a Jazz band play, followed by sweets and a film The Sapphires.
A wonderful fundraiser event for our homeless.
Tickets for sale here:

Warm wishes,
Peter and Patricia
Kingborough Community Missions

Jazz and Film Night Jazz and Film night! A fundraiser event for the homeless.

Untitled album 27/06/2021

Kingborough Community Missions' Peter and Patricia Harvey deliver groceries to Jireh House Women's Shelter, Kingston


Homelessness isn't only sleeping rough, many people experiencing the stress of homelessness are living out of their cars, couch surfing, in short term emergency housing.... Tasmania's hidden crisis.


Chris and Laura at Huonville Salvo's Drop in Centre for the homeless and disadvantaged families. Supported with groceries and meals by Kingborough Community Missions. Together we can all make a difference.🤗

Chris and Laura offer groceries and meals to the Huon Valley Salvation Army Drop-in Centre, Wilmot St on Thursday mornings

I Am Somebody - Homelessness Week 2020 29/05/2021

I Am Somebody - Homelessness Week 2020

Let's work together as a community to help our fellow community members who are facing homelessness right now.

I Am Somebody - Homelessness Week 2020 Trailer for I Am Somebody - podcasts and photography multimedia project


Peter and Norm with donated pumpkins and vegetables for cooking meals for the homeless and disadvantaged families.

How a successful teacher, principal and IT manager wound up homeless | #HW2020 |ABC Australia 23/05/2021

How a successful teacher, principal and IT manager wound up homeless | #HW2020 |ABC Australia

Homelessness doesn't discriminate, it can happen to anyone.

How a successful teacher, principal and IT manager wound up homeless | #HW2020 |ABC Australia As a former teacher, school principal and state manager at a large IT company, Scott Butler never imagined himself homeless. But that was the reality for the...

The retired farmer with a heart of gold: Meet Norman Spurr, ABC Hobart's community champion 20/05/2021

The retired farmer with a heart of gold: Meet Norman Spurr, ABC Hobart's community champion

Norman Spurr, our 80 year old volunteer, wins a well deserved Community Award

The retired farmer with a heart of gold: Meet Norman Spurr, ABC Hobart's community champion Patricia Harvey is "in trouble" for nominating retired farmer Norman Spurr for ABC Hobart's inaugural Community Spirit awards.

Photos from Kingborough Community Missions's post 17/05/2021

Peter Harvey was one of three finalists in the Tasmanian Volunteering Awards - Best Practise in Volunteer Management Award! Well done Peter, Patricia and Team for all your great work in the community!


Thank you to all our hard working volunteer chefs and volunteer helpers over the past year, all working toward our common goal to provide nutritional meals for the homeless and disadvantaged families in our community.

Kingborough Community Missions' volunteer chefs - Luke Murray and Terry of MONA - cooking in one day over 300 meals for disadvantaged families and the homeless

Breakfast 14/05/2021


Follow the link to listen to Peter Harvey talking with Ryk Goddard on the ABC Radio Breakfast Show about the fantastic work Peter and Patricia are doing in the local community! The interview is at approximately 7:30am on the program.

Breakfast Start your day with humour, intellect and a sense of adventure


Peter and Patricia Harvey accepting an appreciation award at this morning’s Kingborough Council Awards on behalf of Kingborough Community Missions.
Peter gave a beautiful acceptance speech during which he thanked all of KCM’s wonderful volunteers and called for greater cooperation between all community organisations in Kingborough to create better outcomes for vulnerable people in our community.

Congratulations to Peter and Patricia Harvey for the recognition of their many years of service to our community.


Kingborough Community Missions' volunteers, Lynette (chef) and Mel serve up many cooked meals for disadvantaged families and the homeless (December 2020)


Kingborough Community Missions' volunteer chefs Lynette, Bernadette, Wayne cooking meals for disadvantaged families and the homeless.

Photos from Kingborough Community Missions's post 05/01/2021

80 Hampers delivered by Kingborough Community Missions volunteers Norman & dawn Spurr to Chris Walker of The Salvation Army Huon for distribution to Huon Valley disadvantaged families in December 2020


Volunteer Chefs and cooks are cooking many meals for disadvantaged people this Saturday 28th November

Photos from Kingborough Community Missions's post 24/11/2020

Photos from Kingborough Community Missions's post

Photos from Kingborough Community Missions's post 04/10/2020

Kingborough Community Missions is supplying nutritious meals, cooked by our volunteer chefs, to Ronald MacDonald House (pictured is Chelsea, the Manager)
Thank you to the Tassal Group Margate Division for sponsoring this program.

Photos from Kingborough Community Missions's post 04/10/2020

Kingborough Community Missions food relief program has benefitted from an innovative collaboration between community members and Saunders & Ward Engineers, which has resulted in the donation of four pumpkin cutting machines. These are being used across southern Tasmania to assist volunteers working in local food relief programs, particularly Kingborough Community Missions' volunteer chefs to use in the preparation of nutritious meals which are distributed through The Salvation Army outlets from Kingborough, Huonville to the Supported Housing's Homeless Centre at Newtown.
Photo 1 pictured are Norman Spurr, Peter Harvey, Major Steve Miller, Patricia Harvey
Photo 2 pictured are Ben Rolliston (Saunders & Ward) Peter Harvey, and Norman Spurr.


Thank you to the Australian Antartic Division Social Club for holding a morning tea fundraiser in great support of Kingborough Community Missions 'Feed the Disadvantaged Families Appeal' Pictured are Peter Harvey, Melanie Pike (AAD Social Club) Patricia Harvey (KCMissions) and Major Steve Miller (The Salvation Army Kingborough)


Doorways Centres are recommencing face to face appointments, with appropriate COVID-19 safety precautions in place. We are aware that asking for assistance can be daunting, to ensure this process is as easy as possible for Tasmanians, please help us by sharing this contact information with your networks. Together, let's make sure we leave no one in need. Thank you ❤️

Photos from Kingborough Community Missions's post 18/08/2020

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Touching Lives - Changing Destiny

Our Mission is to go out and feed people.

Kingborough Community Missions is an emergency & short term relief food program supporting disadvantaged families based in the Kingborough and Huon regions of Tasmania. We provide frozen nutritional cooked meals and pantry items.

Our Missions are not government funded. We rely solely on donations from Kingborough businesses and individual people to fund and or supply by donation to our Food Program, volunteer chefs cook all the meals. Our other volunteers and partnered community outreach programs identify where there is a need and distribute the food.

Our Missions Leaders, Peter and Patricia Harvey have 15 year’s experience co-ordinating this mission which was formally known as City Light Missions growing and changing the programs to suit the time and needs.