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Air Evac

AIR=Air In Roll
EVAC=Ecole Virtuelle d'Avion de Chasse
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UFO Hunters: UFO Sightings SHOCK Arizona Residents *3 Hour Marathon* 14/10/2023

UFO Hunters: UFO Sightings SHOCK Arizona Residents *3 Hour Marathon* Is this evidence of alien activity? See more in this 3 hour marathon from UFO Hunters. for more from UFO Hunters and other great The HIS...

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You have Air Craft, but now there are " Other " ! Every since the Tic Tac UAP / UFO / IAP !

5 observables that have been stories of Tin Hate People has now become FACT ! The US. Navy's Camera and New York Times have busted the secret all out in the open !

A new try ( air craft ...NOPE ) Space Craft ! Some clocked at over 200,000K per hour, Do the math ! The Cats out the bag either they are ours or Russian /China, or Theirs !

The 5 observables are listed and have been seen for years but kept secret !
1. No Control Services
2. No Heat propualtion
3. Hovering to Instantaneous Acceleration
4. Sea to Air to Outer space
5. Cloaking

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You heard of the F-117, but little is known about the F-119 or F-19 an experimental aircraft that was a work of art on the engine development of the engine that transitioned from Jet to scram jet as in what you hear about the SR-72 / 92 ?

I saw a picture of it in 1982 outside the CIC on the USS Enterprise
note, I'm saying 1982 AROURA and then the Black Manta, but there was confusion about the name Aroura? That was the project name of all these Top Secret Jets as seen in TOPGUN Mavrick ! ( DARK STAR ! ) !

Project disclosure of Dr. Steven Greer says wait theres more to the story !

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Wounder No More ! TWA = Trans World Airlines Straight Out of Area-51 ! it's all in the Name American AirLines? Where is Area 51 ?...In America !

I'd say most of TWA's older 737 is American / Trans World? But you can bet every day since before you were born they have been flying 737 out of Vegas to Dream land, Groom Lake, Nevada Test and Training Range, The lake, Well Stand by to go beyound what you know about Jets !

Bob Lazar Story knows ! But I worked at TOPGUN ( NSAWC ) Bombing and Shooting Range in Nevada 95 to 97 after retiring out of the US Navy and before that 8 years USAF Crash Rescue and recovery ? All a part of the Top Secret areas of our Secret Air Craft or is there more to the story as in MJ-12 ?

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A salute to the Reno Air Races ! ( Done ! )

Photos from Air Evac's post 14/10/2023

Down the Stroke from a F-14 that was in TOPGUN, My Squadron VF-213 on the USS Enterprise !


Yes a Flying Whale !


You ever see a Whale Fly ?

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I've been off the Grid, So here's some Old Redo and New Stuff !

Timeline photos 12/04/2023