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Dairy Free Betty

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Long time no see!

Another old blogger friend did a quick hello on her old page and I loved hearing about her family & it inspired me to say hello!

Blogging all those years ago was one of my favourite things, many good things came out of it including many friendships I still hold dear. But while I loved sharing recipes/life/tips blogs started to advance so quickly and I felt way way out of my league & like I couldn’t keep up.

So anyways! An update!

Our little family moved just over 5 years ago across the country and are now living in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. It still feels like a dream!

We have 2 kids. A boy that is almost 9 and a girl that is almost 6! We got a cockapoo puppy in May and her name is Olive and she is the cutest thing and also an orange cat named Daisy - she’s a grumpy cat that reminds me of Garfield 🤣.

After almost 9 years of staying home - I went back to work as an education assistant in September and am really loving it!

Outside of that. I’ve been really exploring my creative side with painting and art & it’s been amazing! Also I’ve continued growing my essential oil business that I grew while I was home with the kids! It’s at over 200 members and I’m still so grateful for that!

I’m also still dairy free and don’t see that ever changing! Of course the world of dairy free living is soooooo much better now!

Some of my current FAVORITE products:

💗 Violife cheese
💗Ben & Jerry’s non dairy ice cream
💗Presidents choice plant based cheddar puffs (and basically anything from their line of products)
💗 And my newest find - skinny pop cheddar is dairy free!!!

Anyways if you are still here reading this - I’d love for you to drop a comment and say hello!

And feel free to follow me on Instagram. I post about life, art, oils, dairy free living and everything in between!


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