Jos’ path to oils

Jos’ path to oils

A brief description :)


Who’s ready? What about cold and flu season? Are you ready to sleep better? Are you prepared for headaches, boo boos, tummy aches, sore muscles and so much more that comes with winter and every day life? We are! If you’re not.. get ready!

It includes:
👉🏻 11 Essential Oils
👉🏻 Desert Mist Diffuser (8-10hr run time)
👉🏻 Hand Sanitizer
👉🏻 2 Ningxia Red Packets
👉🏻 Product Guide
👉🏻 Share Bottles
👉🏻 24% Off Membership
👉🏻 NO shipping
👉🏻 $20 back!

Retail Value? Over $400.
Your price? $179.75 🎤👇🏻

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. These are products that work.

Don’t know what to do with 11 Essential Oils? Don’t worry! You’re not walking into a random store to leave the store with no knowledge and with, what you think is pure, Lavender Oil.

To help you out right away though, I’m throwing in...

👉🏻 Fearless - Confidence with Essential Oils in 2 hours (which also touches on Nutrition because, you are what you eat!)
👉🏻 Some other handy resources to get you going

If you’re wondering why so many people are jumping on board.. there’s a reason. These things work! (If you use them) And living with less toxins is so worth it.

So what’s holding you back? Don’t let whatever that is stop you any longer. It’s worth it to make a change. For you, your family and future generations to come.


Never give up never stop trying always give everything in what you do.. life brings us through trials but we all can make them through it is all about the community you surround yourself with ❤️


Cute travel set with shampoos conditioner toothpaste super adorable case too


Who am I? And why am I passionate about young living.

My names jocelyn Thompson a local Canadian girl who loves a healthy toxin free environment! And smelling good too, a year and a bit ago I started with young living because my friend was so passionate and guaranteed me I would never go back... I started out with the basic starter kit which came with 11 oils, ningxia red samples a diffuser and sample theievs sanitizer! Now to say these are better then medication is not what I can say and not what I will say... however the oils in this kit helped extraordinarily well for pain, anxiety, and even eased a stomach flu! I’m no way a doctor but that was pretty cool... with young living not only did I find a new outlet for health and cutting back toxins... it also brought me into a community of ladies and gents all with the common interest of getting rid of toxins in our bodies and our household... young living is more than just a product ... it’s a lifestyle and I went and I never went back... I want to help others too 🙂 one person at a time I want a kit in your home! 🙂 like this post comment share. Just hit me up and let me know if you are ready to step into the young living way of life 🙂


New year, new you! If you’ve made a New Year’s

resolution to become your best self this year, trying our new ResOILution Kit should be next on your 2019 to-do list. This collection of essential oil blends contains scents that can help set the stage for your most successful year yet! We should warn you—diffusing these blends may inspire feelings of added willpower to achieve your goals.

Our ResOILution Kit features our Believe™, En-R-Gee™, Inner Child® and Rutavala® essential oil blends. The aroma of Believe can encourage feelings of strength; En-R-Gee’s uplifting scent helps restore mental alertness; Inner Child stimulating aroma promotes acceptance and peace; and the calming, blissful scents in Rutavala welcomes positivity and harmony. It’s the perfect aromatherapy for the goal-setting soul!

While you’re pushing through boundaries to be your best self, you can also help those in need. Five percent of all proceeds from the sale of our ResOILution Kit will benefit The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation.


During a month filled with endless possibilities and new resolutions, continue to be your best self by taking the next step in your wellness routine.

Fuel your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs all year long! Between January 19-23, 2019, enjoy 15% off select supplements such as Life 9, Super B, Multigreens, ICP, Essentialzymes-4 and Sulfurzyme!

Build a strong foundation for the year by adding core supplements to your daily wellness routine that’ll feed and nourish your cells to support you from the inside out. As the building blocks to for wellness, supplements act as the basic insurance your body needs, allowing you to be proactive in health while you work toward achieving your goals!

And this is bit! 90 day of trying and if you find there is no difference you get money back guarantee! That’s how sure young living is on their guarantee!


Today is a rally with my local young living the r are all based on empowerment and growth 🙂 here are just some blends they have suggested 🙂!


PanAway® contains wintergreen and clove essential oils. These oils or their active components are widely used in massage after physical activity.


To excited I got a contest on my page this is from my group the top person is offereing someone this all I need to do is one of the three things would anyone like to do a class at their house or anything 🙂 or even enroll! 🙂?


Hi people thank you for liking making my heart warm 🙂!! I’m starting ECE this fall and I know lemon will help me stay awake during my hard study sessions etc!!! I love lemon


Why did I choose young living ?
With so many different at home business and wellness buisness’ I looked for which had the best solutions for my family and my families needs.( atm m and my fiancé.) young living starter kits are all 220... and three different kits to choose from.. was an amazing deal and the oils have truly helped my life.

But is it a pyrmaid scheme?
No! Not at all you can literally get the starter kit and just order when you want makes way easier for if you can’t wait for your distributor! There is Essential rewards but I can tell you about that if it interests you 🙂

So it’s 220 for a kit what kits can you get ?
There is the oil starter kit featured on this page, comes with an amazing 11 oils sample nygnxia ( natural energy drink) a diffuser and sanitizer!

Next is the thieves starter kit which is all your household chemical free supply needs it also comes with a bottle of thieves and a diffuser

Then ningxia
It comes more with just the ningxia drinks so is more if you just really need energy bette to get later if it peaks the interest.

What do I get from you signing up?
Well I do get a small amount back but more I get the pleasure of knowing I maybe helped your household go more into chemical free living 🙂!

I’m gonna try posting more and I won’t approach if you have questions leave me a note after this 🙂!


Let’s do a fun giveaway and promote Jocelyn and her oils 🙂 for every friend you invite you will be entered in a draw for a 15 dollar Starbucks card. 🙂 help me grow friends! ❤️


Starter kit is 179 atm that’s 10% off 🙂 why not get started at cheqpe pricing diffusing young living is almost therapeutic

The Deal with the Young Living Essential Oils All Your FB Friends Are Selling 05/01/2019

The Deal with the Young Living Essential Oils All Your FB Friends Are Selling Here's what we think is worth picking up!


Fun fact Frankie can be put onto skin to keep skin young!


Yussssss!!!! 10% off premium starter kits! On Essential Rewards!!
So what does this mean??
🙌🏻 it means that if you are currently a member and you want to order another kit because it’s value is totally amazing? ($400 worth of products for $179?! Yes please! ) You can!

🙌🏻 it also means that if you have anyone you know who needs to start 2019 on The right foot and have amazing support for their health? You can help them get this kit for $179!

✔️this is exclusive for essential rewards. Which means...if you aren’t currently on the amazing essential rewards program you can start (and also discontinue without any penalties anytime!)
But it also means you will get $8 back in your ER account to spend on free products right away just from getting this kit on sale!!

If anyone wants to start their oil journey or a healthier life style etc hit me up this is way to good of a deal!


There are three different starter kits one is for the oils, one for a chemical free house, and one for energy all costing 220 after shipping and taxes so worth it though


Putting some lavender and Christmas spirit in diffuser for a magical
Night sleep after an amazing night ❤️


Let’s play a game, what is one thing that you struggle with and wish to find a natural way to help ?


Appendicitis chronic... where an appendix already ruptures and you need to WAIT forever for your surgery... this summer I was basically dying from a bad stomach pain thinking it was flu I used this stinky oil... it actually helped bring my bloating and pain down somehow helping a lot.... I don’t give the oils full credit for my healing because sadly medicine too helped... but this greatly helped me feel better and soothed stinky but works great


Yay four likes hehe share with friends too I’m gonna try and update a lot but this is my “phone” job all hail thieves oils!


A starter kit with young living comes with 11 oils! And a diffuser as seen in the picture. All oils have different uses and benefits and do work. I can say I love these oils for their smells for sure and the great benefits.

199.99 plus tax for a starter kit 🙂


A page solely based on young living oils and my journey and beginning it as well as promoting the products and a healthier home environment 🙂

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