Mixed Raffles for ALL

Mixed Raffles for ALL

This page is no longer in use atm. I have created a group (click link on page to join).

The group was originally just for raffles but have started to retail a selection of men’s/women’s & children’s clothing/Health/fitness & beauty products ��


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IT'S ABOUT CHOICES - FREEDOM & TIME - Hear what Magenta in my team has said about what having her extra income side business has done for her!


This evening as I was searching through a draw looking for stamps for cards to send out to congratulate people in my team who had achieved promotions... when I came across this... the top photo, an old pay slip from my previous full time employed job.

It was a very demanding job role as a social care worker for children with learning difficulties, the shifts were long and I would either have to start at 7 am or finish at 10pm, sometimes a double shift... and I was only allowed one in every 3 weekends off.

To earn this amount of money in one month I had to do overtime meaning this particular month I worked a total of 187 hours and probably all 4 weekends to take the over time.

When my maternity leave came to an end last year I knew that returning to work just wasn't an option, but luckily I had a choice because I already had my forever business, so I got to work.

My Daughter will turn two in two weeks time and I can hand on heart say that I have never missed a moment.
My life now is unrecognisably different I am able to be with my little girl and also look after my nephew for my sister whilst she works full time... and I work my business a couple of hours a day, usually when they nap and again in the evenings when my daughter is in bed. I don't do as much at weekends and I give myself time off when I want it meaning We ALWAYS have family time.

The pay slip at the bottom is a what the company are paying me this month as a bonus based on what my business turned over in the month of February and every month I am receiving consistent pay rises...

What blows my mind is that I have already earned cash in hand profit throughout the month.... all of this around literally living my perfect balanced lifestyle on my terms!!

I can't imagine being away from my daughter for 187 hours in a month now, and I am truly blessed and grateful that I don't have to worry about that.
I'm not sharing this to impress anyone just to show you what is achievable to anyone who sets their mind to it.