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is a design studio that creates contemporary design lamps by working closely with the best English, Swedish, German and French craftsmen.
The style that characterizes the collections signed by the Kerschbaumer sisters is characterized by both strong craftsmanship and a refined minimalism, sometimes geometric, sometimes playful and unexpected. The result are surprising works of art with a strong aesthetic connotation.
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Fine upholstered in Matthew Williamson’s striking Ikat Animal print, the Betty sideboard is a smaller alternative to our Blake and combines luxurious design with a more compact frame.

Handcrafted in England by from lacquered oak wood veneers, this statement piece is fine upholstered in sumptuous silk-blend fabric and beautifully accented with brass door frames, handles and legs. Ikat Animal is an abstract print created exclusively for the collection, inspired by exotic far-flung places and artisanal techniques.

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Tinct is a series of side tables and a room divider designed and handcrafted in Copenhagen by . Each table is made of handmade material consisting of recycled colorued glass, resin and pigments. Rich colour compositions of the table are framed in custom-made brass construction. The surface of the table is enriched in brass lines which creates a subtle drawing inlaid with this unique material.

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Coffire Pendant Lamp uses recycled coffee grounds as the sustainable pigment to form random porcelain surface patterns and textures through the innovation of the ancient pit firing technique from pottery making. Designed by

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Ginger is a project of Italian interior designer telling about syntesys between geometry and classic style.
Inspired by the 30’s but with a more contemporary and fresh perception.
Made of solid Canaletto Walnut Wood, the mirrors and the tables present two different levels, both enriched by applications in Satin Brass or Dover white Marble.

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The Arkiv bookends series of is inspired by the classical architectural forms as arches and columns and it serves to store and support books.
Check out our unique pieces in soft Blue Jesmonite.

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We welcome among our new arrivals, this beautiful decorative and sculptural mirror composed of a hand-blown glass base, a cut cork sphere and a round bevelled mirror.
Astra table mirror can be tilted as needed thanks to the cork sphere.
Created by in France.


is a design agency founded in Milan in 2006 by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto, which focuses on design and research with a multidisciplinary approach.
It deals with design and creative consultancy, develops concepts for fashion and design brands, designs interiors for private and retail, and product collections for both companies and art and design galleries.

Picture: Andrea Ferrari


Make yourself comfortable - Delisart is your new home design shop. Choose between unique design accessories and custom made furniture for your spaces.


Unique piece designed by NY based studio belonging to their ‘Found’ Collection. Marble and Brass, handmade in Armenia.


More than a simple building, the Muralla Roja is a real citadel with bright colors that looks like a real labyrinth made of stairs, similar to those designed by Esher. We want to pay tribute to this magnificent artist and architect.
Ricardo Bofill, 1939-2022


This festive season is dedicated to craftsmanship and local production.
We would like to celebrate each object in its uniqueness and recognize the incomparable value of handmade production of our fantastic artisans and designers.
Discover more in our handcrafted gift section.
Objects from:design

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Find out curated collection of home accessories as a perfect gift for your festive season. Most of the products are handmade and customizable according to your needs. Delivered worldwide.

Photos from Delisart's post 05/12/2021

Find out curated collection of home accessories as a perfect gift for your festive season. Most of the products are handmade and customizable according to your needs. Delivered worldwide.
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We are delighted to share a fresh proposal of selected handcrafted objects for your home. Each piece is customizable and it’s entirely made from experienced artisans and innovative designers. An interesting idea for your holiday gifts list.
Objects from:


Meeting Nesto Small vase of made of Walnut, Beech, Alder and Chestnut Wood and a top of Vicentina white Stone. A connection between past and present, material and form, amplifying their historical significance of these materials and the possibility of daily use.


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our holiday gift selection for your home.
Choose between a variety of unique handcrafted decorative pieces and furniture created by designers and artisans. The perfect gift for your beloved ones.
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We welcome the festive season with our latest arrival Double Snug of . A beautiful self produced project that celebrates local craft and quality material from a quarry around Barcelona, Spain.
All pieces are made from natural stone leftovers, some up to 500 million years old, handpicked by the designer herself


This fantastic renovation by Swiss architectural practice transformed a former stable into a residential building. The concept concentrates on how light fill the spaces in order to create compensatory effects on various geometries, like this beautiful circular opening allowing spacial flow.
Picture: Maris Mezulis


We love .giralt and his artistic creations that are a search for his own inner balance. They are works with few elements, usually monochrome, in which concepts such as distance, silence and loneliness are present.
His works are exhibited in national and international galleries and art fairs. Discover his work on


Simple lines and pure forms are key ingredients for a balanced choice of interior design composition.
Adding few colors to a bright white space will results simpler than having to deal with many colors at the same time.
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Architecture is a young, dynamic San Francisco-based office recognized for modern, creative designs that reflect an attention to craft and detail. Twin Gable House is one of their renovation projects, originally designed by A. Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons in 1962.


is an artist from Brussels, who creates furniture from metal and stone as they were jewelry.
Golden Throne is a full Brass Armchair designed and created by the artist-designer himself. It can be considered an object of collectible furniture design or a sculpture. This Armchair is fully customizable.


Beautiful view from , a fine example of Art Nouveau architecture now seamlessly integrated with modern facilities, Villa Peduzzi commands one of the finest views in Europe. Sitting high above Lake Como, the villa enjoys panoramic vistas over the lake, valleys and snowcapped mountains.


The couplet of , Bruno Carvalho and Camila Avelar presents the Terraço Aurora, a space of 130 m² that follows a delicate narrative, inspired by the contemporary and minimalist poetics that guides the new dwelling.


 combines traditional craftsmanship and modern production techniques. The studio in Berlin designs and fabricates exceptional living accessories, furniture and lamps that can be used in many different contexts.
The Iris Globe pendant lamp looks like an iridescent soap bubble. It is the result of ambitious craftsmanship combined with innovative technology.


Chesa Gabriel designed by Corinna Menn Architekten is a small building block within the historic core development in Samedan. Flanked by neighbouring buildings, the inconspicuous volume abuts a square toward the north and has a narrow south-facing façade looking onto a courtyard garden. As new sculptural element, the balcony monolithically connects with the outer wall. 
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James Shaw is a designer and a maker exploring the material landscape in a hands on way. His work aims to interrogate the material, systemic and formal approaches to the creation of objects. Frequently his work considers the resources around us challenging the notion of ‘waste’ to create new beautiful materials.
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is a collaboration between and .
Rafati and Murphy discovered shared anachronistic interests in historical contextualism and computational irregularity.
On the quest for a multidisciplinary practice, Elnaz and Eugene are collaborating to create a ceramic collection that bridges between architecture and ceramics, while resembling neither.

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