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Drop your favorite sexy song! Help me create a juicy list together 🎶🙏🏽🥵 Also…

Don’t mind the ladder or the overly saturated film lut. Just enjoy the artsy vibe & go add THIS song to your sexy playlist 👌🏽😎🤭

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To love yourself unconditionally is the greatest love story to ever exist✨

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It’s rarely easy, AND it can still be simple. 🫶🏽

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How often do you desire s.ex with your partner?

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Share this with another gorgeous woman! 👑 Tag them in the comments🫶🏽 let’s lift each other up ✨

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Experience is a beautiful teacher🤓 To all my couples out there, what reminder would you give other couples? Let us know in the comments ⬇️

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Did you know? Share with bae 💞

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Which resonates most? Comment slide 1, 2 or 3 ⬇️

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Imagine little you sitting in your lap, what words of love and care would you offer? 🫶🏽⬇️

I would tell her to stay wild. I would tell her that her heart is so powerful and to always listen to it. I would tell her that her beauty comes from her curiosity and playfulness. I would hold her and tell her she is safe and loved and allowed to be big and bold and courageous and confident. I would cradle her little face in my hands and look her in the eyes and tell her that I am so proud of her. That she is a gift and her kindness and vulnerability are strengths . I would tell her to trust herself. To ask for what she wants. To speak up for what she believes is just. To welcome her goals and her dreams, knowing they are meant for her. I would tell her she is enough, she is worthy, she is deserving and if ever there comes a time when she is lost, that I’ve got her back 💯.


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✋🏽if you’ve ever felt or still do feel disconnected from your eroticism! I’m over here like ✋🏽✋🏽✋🏽✋🏽✋🏽

Eroticism is our ability to create an inner and outer landscape of pleasure, trust, expression and empowerment. It is the transcendence of sensual imagination. It is healing and vibrant and powerful.

I will forever be a student to my erotic intelligence. It is a relationship I desire to strengthen and share. The more I pay attention, the more I apply what I learn, the more I’m able to be inside of my eroticism confidently and freely.

It’s ok if it feels intimidating, scary or even a little far fetched, AND I am the first person to sit on the side of skepticism… I’ve also had such incredible transformation with getting to know myself in this capacity more and more. The Bri before this work and the Bri now, are versions so grateful to one another.

If I could offer just one thing.. one step. One action oriented piece of love and guidance, if you desire to have a relationship with your own eroticism… it would be to say YES to yourself in pleasureful moments. It would be to dance when that exciting song comes on. To take a little extra time rubbing in your lotion and let it feel good. To let yourself moan and sound when you’re feeling or****ic. To savor the taste of that kiss. To paint topless. To say YES to yourself more. ✨🫶🏽

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You’ll want to save this one 💌

I’ve been on both sides of the “if you would have just let me know before…” scenario, too many times to count, if I’m being totally honest. AND learning how to navigate my own capacity for relationships of all kinds and specific aspects within them, is emotionally taxing to say the least. And yet, here we are… choosing to step into the arena of love and connection. How courageous of us! 🫶🏽

We’re not always gonna get it “right” and we definitely won’t always get it “wrong”. We just gotta keep trying. Keep showing up. Keep loving. Keep being available to give ourselves and the situations grace. Keep offering our relationships space to grow and learn.

Thriving is effort. It’s conscious. It’s worth it. ✨

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During an argument one night, I single-arm hulked a few folded piles of clothes from our dresser across the room. I don’t even know why I did it, other than because I was angry. I yelled and cursed and raged out and slept in a different room. The next morning I felt like s**t. I felt ashamed and guilty and was also so terrified to apologize, that I distanced myself the whole day while I cried and replayed what I could remember from the night before. Facing John meant I’d have to own up. I’d have to take responsibility for my reaction. I’d have to look at why and how I got to that place and take steps towards learning a different way.

Some relationships, especially romantic ones, will manage to activate this sort of nervous system disregulation. It’s very human of us😅 and it’s worth mentioning that when we are up against a situation within our relationships that hits a true trigger, our system will automatically position us into reaction. It is the safest thing we know how to do in order to protect ourselves. It’s also a beautiful and often times painful space within us that needs much more of our attention.

Many of us tend to sit in the space of reaction and it’s our job, as connective beings, to try and move towards more regulated states in order to have healthier relationships.

Learning to respond when my system is activated has been such a rewarding journey. It has positive impacts on the vitality of my relationships and my own self-esteem. It is not a linear path, and once you step in that direction, each step back feels harder and every step forward feels more and more motivating.

I have not chucked a pile of clothes across the room since and it showed me an area within my relational wounding that needed attention. It allowed John and I to step into arguments with much more self-awareness, empathy, kindness and communication. We help one another feel safe enough to respond when conflict arises, instead of react from a place of our wounding. ✨

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What’s something about loving someone that you’ve learned? 💌


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You’re ok 🤍 Share this with the first person who comes to mind✨


I really hope Linda listens 🤭🥰


Love you, mean it! 💌


Today I woke up feeling open. For the first time in months actually. Open to the possibilities that everything I want could want me back just the same. That everything I feel my curious heart seeking, is waiting patiently for me. This wintering feels different. And honestly… and so fking vulnerably, the version of me I’m so desperately desiring to meet is on the other side of the fear I hold in my body around deserving her. Our bodies really do keep score.

I have always tried to be someone who doesn’t apologize for what I want or who I am. Even if that changes moment to moment. I have always tried to show up for and go after my joy, Fiercely. Fully. Because my greatest fear, in this life, is to regret. Full stop.

I have an incredible life. I have more than enough to be thankful for. And I am. So damn thankful. AND it can still feel daunting and unfulfilling when you are out of alignment. I have felt this shift for longer than I’d like to admit and I’m not even sure what it means. A recalibration is taking place.

I’m shedding. And it feels scary. It also feels exciting. With that said.. I am going to be taking my yearly and momentary hiatus from social. Maybe I’ll pop in to say hi, maybe I won’t. And I think that’s ok. I’m not disconnecting completely. If we’re email buddies, I’ll be catching up with you more. If you’ve got my number, I encourage you to use it. If you’re not already a part of my broadcast channel, go join! The S*x Majority is the only place I’ll be sharing info, socially, while I’m away.🔥

Oh and I’ll be in Bali all of January! More on that to come… definitely by newsletter💌

Stay S*xy, Stay Curious! 💋

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The notes in my phone are filled with some of the most gorgeous words I’ve never spoken to anyone. 🥰

I think writers & poets are the sexiest artists to exist. Being able to put the human experience onto a piece of paper or into a piece of work, is pure magic.

This world needs more magic. 🤍

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S W I P E —>


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Two very important components of reclaiming self-worthiness✨

Worthiness is foundational for healing. It is the anchor that grounds us, the lighthouse that guides us, and the pillar in which we build our desired life upon✨

The mirrors that we look into in order to witness our worth are one of honesty and one of self-compassion🪞
- Do I feel deserving of what it is I truly want?
- How is my current reality serving me?

I am no stranger to the process and I have immense respect for those who choose to empower themselves towards a life of deep fulfillment. It takes courage to face yourself. Courage that I am continually calling upon and courage that I get to be witness to✨

Be it, igniting intimacy with your partner, feeling confident in your body, stepping into a new phase of your career, living authentically in your purpose, experience org✨asm, putting yourself out there in dating, trusting yourself… the only way to, is through. And through this work, through these processes, we get to excavate and recalibrate your system back to worthiness. So that you can step into your desires knowing you are so deserving of them.

I am opening up my schedule for three 1:1 clients starting mid-October. 🎉 If this feels like a yes for you, head over to the 🔗 in my b👁️o and fill out the intake form. This is on a First come first serve basis. So snag your spot! ✨

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