You are Younique by Rhonda

You are Younique by Rhonda

I am an independent presenter for Younique, located in South Australia I am here to help you with a


Thoughtful Thursday....

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A must have in every girls bag..
Moisturize your lips with the rich and creamy Lip Bonbons. Available in five shades, this daily wear tinted lip balm provides a subtle hint of lasting color.

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NEW.... NEW...... NEW.....

The YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ cleansing stick....

The YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ cleansing stick gently loosens and dissolves long-wearing and hard-to-remove makeup, leaving you with a clean slate.

Makeup that lasts all day is nice, but when it’s time for bed, you need it gone. Banish hard-to-remove makeup (including waterproof mascara and stubborn lip stains!) with a convenient and easy-to-use stick. Take the day off with YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ cleansing stick, an oil-based makeup remover that gently removes even the most persistent products.

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something for everyone....
Brilliant eyes with these beautiful colour selections ....

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It’s instant powder-to-cream colour..

featuring encapsulated water technology that transforms from powder to cream instantly.

This creamy lip product is weightless, radiant and provides full coverage yet comfortable, it’s the color wonder you’ve been waiting for..

Available in 9 exciting colour - shimmer and matte..

This one is being added to my wish list..😉

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Announcing 6 new Stunning Metallic Pressed Shadows..

They are SO pigmented the smallest amount goes a long way and the colour lasts ALL day!!!! Crease and smudge proof.

Create your own colour palette in Pressed Shadows.. single, quad or eight.

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Mineral Touch Skin Perfecting “Concealer” ....
a little goes a long way and the coverage like MAGIC !!!
Easy to the right one for your skin tone...

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A long wearing, high-density, velvety-smooth cream eye shadow..

For extravagant lids that glisten, look no further, with 28 stunning colours to choose from in Matte, Shimmer and Metallic...
Fit for a queen.....😉


So what do you use to apply face makeup??
A. Blending Buds
B. Your fingers
C. Brush

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Defend Innocence Customer KUDOS ......

100% of the proceeds from this months KUDOS goes to "Defend Innocence!"
What is Defend Innocence? A foundation focusing to educate people on preventing child sexual abuse. The statistics are frightening and need to change! This special bundle joins you in the fight against childhood sexual abuse, raises awareness for the cause and is helping to change the lives of children around the world.

MOODSTRUCK® Pressed Shadow
Worthy, an exclusive metallic blue grey, reminds you that every life is worthy of defending and protecting. This intensely pigmented colour is created with primer-infused technology for longer wear and comes in a compact with magnetic closure.

Compassionate, an exclusive dark red shimmer, encourages you to find the confidence to open your mouth and start a potentially life-changing conversation. Encapsulated water beads blend with loose powder pigments, transforming into a luxurious cream on your lips.

DIP & DRAW™ Eyeliner
Peaceful, an exclusive grey colour, evokes a calming, tranquil feeling. The smooth eyeliner in a waterproof format provides 18 hours of solid, no-fuss wear.

Defend Innocence - Customer KUDOS - $87


Essential SKINCARE:
Give your skin the royal treatment! Remove, Cleanse, Detox, Tone, Treat & Moisturize with Younique's Royalty Skincare Line!

Who here has a set routine morning and night??
Your skin will love you for it.

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Moodstruck SPLASH Liquid Lipstick
Let your lips do the talking with matte liquid lipsticks in bold, vibrant colors.

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MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadow

Finally—a way to customize your palette with the colors you love. Select one, four or eight of your favorite MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadows to create a totally custom eye experience.
Just pop in your shadows and play!

They stay in place through a magnet and pop out easily fir the next new colour..

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LIP LINER ... these are a gem..
Long-wearing, waterproof, smudge-proof pencil liners...

Lip Liners create that clear line for your lipstick to go within... for the BEST results make sure it is sharp.
Fabulous colour range to match up with the other Lip ranges and they go with everything.
I even just use this on my entire lip and then a gloss on top... many of the Lip products can also be layered to give a multitude of effects.


So this is how it goes ... the right steps for product application....


YES... this is true... Younique honours the “Love it Guarantee”

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WOW OH WOW ...... if you love long, lush full Lashes - this is just for you....
it transforms your lashes into something amazing....

3D mascara gives you 500x more length and volume, safe to wear with contacts, water resistant yet washes off with warm water.

See the before and after picture below - so amazing!!!

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Who here uses a primer??

with only using a pea size amount of the Glorious Primer for you face - this is a must have in any beauty regime - why you may ask....
well here it is you can actually see the difference it makes....
with the orange you can see it'ss like skin pigment but with use of the primer it is filled providing a smooth surface.
and on the hand for the eyeshadows - wow with the primer the colour is so much more vibrant, using less product to achieve lasting result...


Welcome and thank you for joining me as I share the exciting products that are YOUNIQUE...
If you know Younique - you know you already love them..
but if you are new to Younique, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about and then you too will soon be a loving fan.
Younique products are a naturally based skincare and cosmetics range suitable for all skin types, yes even the sensitive skin..
Younique is also the founder of the #1 selling 3D Fiber Lash Mascara - which you will here about more later.

but now for myself - I am a quick lets go kind of gal when it comes to makeup - and these products are just more.
gentle, easy to use, long lasting and a brilliant range of colours and thats just the cosmetics side ..... the skin care side is even better...

so Please join me as I take you along this fabulous journey that is YOUNIQUE...