Healing Hands Mobile Massage - Lake of the Ozarks

Healing Hands Mobile Massage - Lake of the Ozarks


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We bring all equipment and supplies needed to perform exceptional massage therapy, including massage table, linens, oil and music; to your home or office.

Mary Self, LMT and h2m2.com have provided professional licensed massage services for the greater Lake of the Ozarks region since 2001 (including Osage Beach, Sunrise Beach, Camdenton and Lake Ozark). Call for an appointment or visit our website at http://www.h2m2.com.

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Massage, combined with stretching, is one of the best ways to prevent and treat shoulder pain. Massage will allow your muscles to relax and stay loose, giving your shoulders proper blood flow to reduce inflammation. This allows your shoulders to return to proper mobility and function.


Happy Small Business Saturday! Two things to remember; shop local and massage gift certificates are one-size-fits all. $25 off your next massage with purchase of a gift certificate!


Black Friday Sale…..Now through Dec 25th get $25 off your next massage when you purchase a gift certificate. Call 573-444-1690 to purchase!


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Have you had a massage lately? No matter the answer, it’s time to schedule one! 573-444-1690


Are your hands bothering you? Do you spend too much time at a computer? Try a DIY Hand Massage. Start by stroking your forearm with the palm of the hand you’re not using. From there, move down to the hand and use your thumb and apply medium to hard pressure to the palm of your hand, flip your hand over and use light to medium pressure to the top of your hand. This process usually sees the most benefit if done for fifteen minutes at a time.


Massage day is always a good day. There’s no wrong day to massage.


Do you, or someone you know, suffer from pain? Let me/us help. Call to make your appointment and feel better today.


Aromatherapy massage is essentially a Swedish massage that uses massage oils and lotions to enhance your massage experience. Aromatherapy massages are used for calming, decongesting and mood enhancement. Schedule yours today.


Hot stone massages work wonders at bringing your body's sore muscles and damaged soft tissues back to life. Flat, smooth, heated stones are placed on areas of need on your body. Stones are generally volcanic rock stones heated around 130 degrees. Not only are hot stone massages used for pain, they can be used for stress and anxiety relief as well as promote sleep!


Did you know reducing your sugar intake can help reduce inflammation and pain? Sweet, hey?


Between massage appointments are you looking for natural stress relief in the comfort of your own home? Meditate! Just 15 minutes of meditation a day will lower stress, improve your mood, memory, focus and get you on the path to better overall health!


Try these steps for a Do it Yourself Foot Massage! Step 1: Rub the sole of your foot. Use your thumbs to apply pressure, working down to the sole of your foot. It’s recommended that you apply more pressure as you move closer to the sole. Step 2: Massage the toes. Apply a finger to the top of the toe and bottom and work your fingers up and down the toes. Repeat for every toe. Step 3: Apply pressure to your arches. You’ll be able to apply the most pressure by overlapping your thumbs and moving them back and forth over the entire arch. Step 4: Enjoy!


There’s not much a massage can’t fix! Schedule your massage today. 573-444-1690


Massage is good for your health. Book your next massage today.


Reward yourself with a post workout massage at your location! Taking appointments 8:00am to 8:00pm.
Call 573-444-1690 to schedule your in home massage.


Need a break? You’re one massage away from one of the best days of your life!


Let us help you feel your best. Book your massage today! 573-444-1690


Between massage appointments, try to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet to reduce inflammation, the ultimate pain causing agent.


When you feel good, everything around you is better! Take time for self-care and book your massage today.


Sitting for long periods of time can cause neck and back pain. Is your job causing you pain? Get back on the right track by giving us a call at 573-444-1690 and schedule your massage today.


We have availability today! Call or text 573-444-1690 to book your last minute massage!


Make moving a habit! Moving prevents atrophy, keeps your muscles and organs properly pumping & helps you maintain overall health.


But you are already home so you don't even have to get dressed and drive, ahhhh


If you’re dealing with digestive issues, a stomach massage may be just what you need. A massage of your stomach can help move stool properly through your colon and may help relieve symptoms of bloating, cramping or stomach tightness.


Give your face some love from home! DIY Face Massages are simple and effective. Here’s what to do: Apply warm water to your hands and face and then dry. This will warm and loosen muscles in your face. By using gentle pressure, rub and knead the sides of your face and work your way up to your forehead. Run your fingers again, with light pressure, along the lines of your forehead. From there, work down towards your eyes and rub around them carefully. If you’re still wanting more, you can use the same technique of warm, gentle pressure on your neck area as well!


Did you know that a scalp massage can reduce muscle tension, boost your mood and even promote hair growth? It's true! Give it a try with a Do-It-Yourself Scalp Massage. How? Move your fingertips on your scalp in small circles with gentle pressure. Do this until your scalp is fully covered. Five minutes is a great amount of time to perform your scalp massage and can be done several times a day.

AMTA Releases 2021 Research on the State of the Massage Therapy Profession 01/11/2021

AMTA Releases 2021 Research on the State of the Massage Therapy Profession

Welcome back!

AMTA Releases 2021 Research on the State of the Massage Therapy Profession /PRNewswire/ -- The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) released its 2021 research summary on the state of the massage therapy profession. While...


Neck and back issues are the number one culprit for poor posture. Luckily, massage can help you correct your posture if it’s causing you problems. As massage loosens and relaxes your body and muscles, it allows your body to position itself in its natural ergonomic position. When your body is in a natural position, it will retrain your muscles to keep upright, good posture.


Massage has so many health benefits. Make massage a regular part of your routine to maintain optimal health!


Healing Hands Owner and massage therapist, Mary Self will now also be accepting clients at Wildflower Wellness in Osage Beach, MO. Book online here 👉https://www.massagebook.com/business/10735794/select-product/services/category/Bodywork?provider_id=11607293
or call 573-444-1690 to book a mobile massage

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