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Happy Valentine’s Day!! ❤️

Passion and love oftentimes go hand in hand. But when things get hard, those feelings can of get lost in the chaos. As an entrepreneur working with business owners, my blog this week is all about igniting the passion in what you do again! ❤️‍🔥

I totally get it. I might love what I do and why I’m doing it - my life’s work is important!! 💪 But that doesn’t mean I always LIKE it.

The good news is that there are some practical tips that can help your business become a labour of love again ✨ link in bio for the full blog - or reach out directly! Your hard work and dreams are worth it ❤️


I’m leaving my business!

Before I give anyone a mini heart attack, no - Clear Eyes isn’t going anywhere! But I am! I’m going to PARIS on Monday!! 😍

I can’t even tell you how excited I am, and partly it has to do with the prep I did to make sure my business wasn’t going to implode without me. In my newest blog “Leaving Your Business - The Right Way” I go over all the things I did to make sure I could actually enjoy my vacation ✈️ link in bio for the full article!

Does your business feel like something you can’t step away from? Let’s change that!


Today’s blog is tapping into a common struggle for entrepreneurs: imposter syndrome 👹

Ever felt like you don’t belong or you’re not qualified enough? You’re not alone! Many creative minds and self employed go getters battle these doubts - myself included!

The truth is, the down playing mindset we often place on ourselves holds us back. It’s breaking this habit that lets us grow! Embrace your brilliance - you’re doing amazing! ✨💪

Have you ever faced these imposter feelings? Share your thoughts below and read the full blog link in bio


Ready to tackle your dreams head on?

Sometimes all we need is a solid plan, a clear road map, and a courageous heart to make our dreams a reality.📍

It can be scary, I know - I was there when I started my business! But remember, you have everything you need within you. I’m here to help! Let’s face those fears, embrace the unknown, and soar towards success together!✨

Share in the comments below - what’s the first step you’ll take to move you closer to your destination? Let’s inspire and motivate each other! 💪


Ready to find your ride-or-die customers? 🙌✨ This weeks’ blog is all about “Finding Your People” and it’s a MUST READ, whether you're just starting out, or in desperate need of a refocus!

Imagine stumbling on my website if you’re some corporate bigwig? Talk about a mismatch! 🤷‍♀️ That's definitely not the vibe I'm going for. My website is built for the creative hot messes out there, looking to build and grow their own business, with me as your partner in crime, helping you legitimize your dreams and conquer the world!

In "Finding Your People," I'll guide you through pinpointing your perfect audience and reveal why it's your secret sauce. 🌟🎯 Click the link in my bio and dive in! ✨


Isn’t life an adventure? If someone would have told me I’d be running my own business when I was in high school I wouldn’t believe it. Miss "risk-aversion" over there would have said “hell-no”. It’s nice to know that I’m WAY stronger and resilient than I gave myself credit for. ✨ How about you? Could you have predicted where you are today? Or are you still stuck in “high-school-Tanya’s playing small bootcamp”?


What’s your mantra this week? For me, this week is all about putting it out there. So between keeping that in mind and my peppermint tea, I’m unstoppable! Tell me, what’s your mantra?


💡 Ready to shine and discover your entrepreneurial lightbulb idea? ✨🔍 If you're itching to break free from the 9-to-5 grind and carve your own path in the business world, you've come to the right place. 🌟

✨ In my latest blog, "Finding Your Lightbulb Idea," we'll guide you through the process of zeroing in on the perfect business that aligns with your passions and strengths. 💪💼

Feeling stuck on what type of business to pursue? Don't worry, I’ve got you covered! 🤝💡 Inside the blog, I share my personal journey and three strategies that helped me uncover my grand business idea. 🔍💡 Trust me, these tips will get those entrepreneurial gears turning in no time!

Click the link in bio to read the full blog and start uncovering your very own lightbulb idea. 📖🌟 Don't forget to leave a comment and let us know which strategy resonates with you the most! ⬇️💬


I watch a ton of movies and 95% of them are ones i’ve seen MANY times.

My top go-to’s are:

Die Hard ( #’s 1 -3 definitely)

It’s a weird mix, I know...and these may change depending on my mood, but if any of these resonate with you, we’re going to get along just fine!

Now that we’re besties, do me a solid and 1. join the newsletter so we can gab some more and 2. turn those post notifications on so you don’t miss any of the goods.


Let’s audit your goals! ✨

At least once a year I use this exercise to make sure my business is on track and going in the direction I want it to!

Step 1: Set your priorities for the year
Step 2: Break down those priorities into attainable goals
Step 3: Based on your goals - create day-to-day and monthly to-do’s

As someone who loves to check things off - this is a great way to make sure thing’s aren’t falling to the wayside! Read my blog “How To Know if You’re Truly Winning at the Business Game” where I unpack these 3 steps.

Check out the link in bio!


ZEN | There's no doubt...sometimes as a boss, there are days that feel TOO MUCH. On those days, this is my go to. is my fav and this collab with hits me in warm and fuzzies. When my brain is scattered, the flicker of this wood-wick candle helps me to zone in and get things done.


DRAMA FREE ZONE | This is what welcomes you into our house ;)


Hey! You! I see you there. Don't be afraid. I promise I'm not that scary. I truly hope that I actually make your business life 1000x better! DM me and let's get you moving toward "better"


WHAT'S ON MY BOOKSHELF? I am a total non-fiction reader. Anything business, self-improvement, or stories of entrepreneurial journeys - that's my jam. Here are some of my fav's:



WHAT'S IN YOUR CUP? Me, personally, my go-to is a decaf, almond milk latte ( makes the best one!). It's sad that I can't have regular coffee anymore but when I need to feel like I'm a normal human, decaf will do. My #2 is mint tea and #3 is, well, a smooth shiraz. What about you??


Don't let FEAR hold you back. Sometimes we gotta jump and expect the best.


IT REALLY IS THIS EASY | Managing your books can seem SUPER overwhelming. Keeping track of everything, making sure CRA doesn't send a hit squad after you, doing things right?! Yep. It can be a little anxiety-inducing. If you're ready to ELIMINATE the anxiety from your life DM me! When we work together, your ONLY job is to use your phone and take pictures of your receipts. That's it. We take it from there.


Looking for information on our services? Insight or advice on all things money, taxes, and running a business? Head over to our website! While you're there, be sure to sign up for our email list for all the latest and greatest! Click the link in our BIO.


YOU CAN DO IT | Thanks Ice Cube. Sometimes I need to remind myself to stop whining and get s**t done.


Do you still have an ACTUAL piggy bank? This is sits on our fireplace mantel and all our random change goes in it. Anytime we have coins, a lot or a little, it goes in the jar. I do the same thing in my business accounts; a lot or a little, I am constantly squirreling money away. "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" is my motto when it comes to money, so the second that account starts getting "too full" I transfer it out to my other savings accounts.


June 12 from 7 - 9 pm come down to Tailgunner Brewing and stop putting off all that admin crap you hate doing. You'll likely still hate it, but at least you can hang out with us, have a drink, and yes, get your s**t done.


Wanna Hang Out? We're heading over to Tailgunner Brewing on June 12 @ 7 pm to deal with business baggage. And don't worry, there's more than beer on the menu. Click the link in our Bio to register.


TAXES | This topic can seem daunting and complex... but it doesn’t have to be! My mission is to demystify the world of taxes and empower you with the knowledge and strategies to achieve financial freedom. Check out my latest blog where I decode the intricacies of personal income tax, GST, corporate taxes, and more. Click my bio to read.


Today, I’m opening up about something rarely discussed: menopause. It’s been a wild ride, filled with challenges, exhaustion, and fears. If you’ve ever been in this situation - you’re not alone, and your experiences matter! Let’s break the silence, support one another, and prioritize self-care.
Check out my latest blog post where I share my personal journey of trying to survive menopause. Click the link in my bio to read.


GST | Taxes can be daunting, especially with all the jargon flying around. But fear not, because I'm here to demystify the world of GST and empower you with unwavering confidence.
Head over to this week's blog and learn how to rock your financial game like never before! Click the link in my bio to read.


Do your eyes gloss over when the topic of GST comes up? Or are you wondering what it even is? GST, is a federal tax charged on goods and services you sell - and most things we buy and sell are taxable. BUT the thing is, GST is not your money! So this week’s sage advice is this: Get that GST money out of sight and out of mind so you don’t ever think it’s yours.


IT’S TIME! Do not miss the Bills & Beers at 7pm today. Join me for a “fun” filled night of ending your bookkeeping and tax procrastination.

It’s not yet too late to register! You still have time - Click the link in our bio.


TOMORROW NIGHT - Don’t miss out on tomorrow’s Bills & Beers! You still have enough time to secure your spot. Join me and let’s make your bills, receipts, and invoices all cleared up. Click the link in our bio to register.


Money Moves - I'm a BIG believer in "out of sight, out of mind" when it comes to my money. Head over to the blog this week to learn my 3 step process to moving money. Click the link in our bio to get all the details.


This week's business tip is simple: if you don't have it already go TODAY and open a business bank account…and USE it. Yes, it’s a pain to move all your square/shopify/stripe deposits and switch up your auto deposits and auto-withdrawals but you can do it! And, while you're there, also open up at least ONE (but preferably 4) savings account. Each has a purpose - watch on Thursday to learn all about it.

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