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Photos from Grimdark Terrain's post 17/11/2023

Hey !
What a nice coincidence, that this years Black Friday weekend coincides with the HHIL pre-order.

What a great weekend to have a sale on GrimDark Terrain 😃
Now, you still have two weeks to print a ton of terrain for your Epic Armies to let them shine on awesome gaming tables!

To help you with that, apply the voucher:


During checkout on and enjoy a massive 60% discount on all GrimDark Terrain STL files.
Happy printing!

(Discount is valid from now until Sunday night, 19th November 2023; membership discount and blick friday discount are not comulative)

Photos from The Outer Circle's post 06/11/2023

Macca from the outer circle was very inspired by my Olympus Mons designs and did his own take on translating those into 28mm.

Being the madman he is, he not only made those files printable in FDM without supports, but he also started mass producing 🤣

This is the way, Macca!

Photos from megasonicpunch's post 15/09/2023

Based in Germany / EU and looking for an excellent Merchant for all of our GrimDark Terrain range?

Check out Thomas!

August 2023 - STL Package • GrimDark Terrain 29/08/2023

Open trench warfare with the base package of the 3D printable Argos product line. Build awesome 8mm Trench and Fortifications Scenery for Titanicus and Epic.

The kit is compatible to both the Argos and Pyraeus ranges and designed to accommodate 25mm bases (for infantry, dreadnoughts etc.).

Only three days left to get the Argos Trench Kit at the subscription price of 11.76€ (+ tax if you're in the EU) before it goes to regular sales.

August 2023 - STL Package • GrimDark Terrain Enter the Ash Wastes with the base package of the 3D printable Ash Wastes product line. Build awesome 8mm Ash Wastes Scenery fpr Titanicus and Epic

Photos from Grimdark Terrain's post 27/01/2023

I am done with the work on the entirely new sub-range of my gothic buidlings:

The Palace Walls

This base set released in January allows you to build grimdark gothic fortifications for our favourite games! The best thing is: I applied all the learning from my very first fortifications set (from waaaay back) and tried to incorporate all the feedback I received since then.

The Palace Walls are modular in height AND Layout and the new technical parts allow you to build in magnet and re-arrange building blocks.

Of course, all these are compatible to my other ranges and you can mix and match as you see fit.

Have fun with the GrimDark Terrain January 2023 release :-)

Photos from Grimdark Terrain's post 21/04/2022

As it is already good tradition, May 2022 will again have the theme MAYCHANICUM. Here is a small preview of things and upgrades to expect in May 2022.

An Automaton Crawler as upgrade parts to the Excavator released in March.

Harpyrax Siege Drones (put two on a base to proxy an Acastus). Picture is still very much WIP.

Building Adaptors for crawlers to build f-ing moving houses.

And a lot more. :-D Like always, stay tuned abd happy printing.


! It is that time of the year again!

For everybody who still needs to complete the collection or joined late: The GDT Easter sale is giving you 50% off every STL package until Monday April 17th.

So, in case there is something you always wanted to get, now is the time :-) Cheers & Happy Holidays!

Photos from Grimdark Terrain's post 07/03/2022

I am done. Quite literally... That Excavator Maioris was even more development work than the Samson and I am genuinely asking why am I doing this to myself 🤣 Simple answer, because its awesome! And you are too.

So here is the thing:

The Excavator is so far the most complex model I have ever made and it is well tested. You will notice that the fit of the tracks and the underslung crawler parts is just pure print-porn. Like always a lot of future proofing went into this and I am pretty happy right now.

Regrettably, right now my eyes are too tired to make instructions or part renders, but I'll do so tomorrow.

Here is the link to the package. Everything you see on the render is included in March 2022:

Happy Printing!


A sneak preview from my planning stage and concept "art" stage. One of the things you will be able to do with the GDT March 2022 package is the Bagger 30k - a GrimDark Version of the Bagger 288 / 292 from good old Germany.

Massive lumbering excavators that block line of sight and look nice.

Along with those massive structures go smaller machines that transport the excavation material and ore (or whatever you're digging up) to nearby holding structures. I haven't fully made up my mind on the transport, but it'll happen soon.

Photos from Grimdark Terrain's post 08/02/2022

While I do test all files and sometimes print them a dozen times, I often do not fully assemble the kits. Just checking fit and some other things, but normally not building the full kit. For example, when I made the Samson, I printed enough parts to assemble 7-8 Samsons but until after release day did not have a full kit.

With the Hermes its the same. This is my first and I am a little proud. Its standing balanced , does not need to lean anywhere and it's just a very cute utility chicken 🙂 (as opposed to the GW Murderchicken)

Photos from Grimdark Terrain's post 06/02/2022

Done with the Hermes. I must admit, I went down the rabbit hole a bit, but here are now 3 different versions for small retrieval missions.

The Hermes Defender will secure the salvage party against small ground threats and Air attacks.

The Salvator loadout will lift heavier parts onto small land trains.

The Ripley variant will perform lifting and loading tasks.

All Hermes Titans are steered by civilian pilots and do not have an MIU.

(All variants will be in the February 2022 release).


I am not happy with my Torso versions yet, but here is a sneak peak of the Hermes Light Salvage Titan. (which will be included in the Feb 2022 pack of course)

I imagine those more or less civilian walkers to not have a plasma reactor but other means of energy production. For example this one here: 2 Samson Turbofan Engines, that generate enough power to move a light titan.

The three things in the back are counterweights that are in a universal slot. This slot can be used for other "upgrades" lateron. For example a large prometheum tank or maybe an auxiliary reactor to recharge front line plasma batteries?

The two flood lights next to the head feature the regular GDT slot fo emplacements. So, you could for example replace those with antennae or other upgrades.

Arms, forks, engines, legs and exhausts are done. Only the "face" and the back left to be completed.

Let me hear what you think!


Happy 1st Birthday GrimDark Terrain!

Exactly one year ago, I embarked on a journey called "GrimDark Terrain". What started off as an experiment (to tell the truth I did not really think it would fly), quickly became a pretty enjoyable side job.

Let's recap: In the 1 year of GDT, I made almost 600 building parts, printed countless buildings and had to solve a lot of challaneges to continuosly improve GDT service. I received so much encouraging and valuable feedback, that by now I can say, I grew a lot as an artist and GDT matured a lot compared to the early days on Patreon.

And this all would not have been able without the fantastic community that has been supporting the GDT Journey. It goes without saying that I'd like to thank every single one of you for listening to my rambling, sparring ideas, supporting the project and making this all so fun!

Thank you guys, you have been awesome!

In order to celebrate the 1st Birthday and also be VERY nostalgic, I made a little something for you all to enjoy: the first Retro Terrain Piece RE-001.

It will be available on the GDT Website as a gift within the next few days. Stay tuned and Happy Birthday!

Photos from Grimdark Terrain's post 05/01/2022

Here is a small preview for January's GrimDark Terrain release. (please note that from 2022 on the release day will be the 7th of every month).

The campain map and the campaign system are progressing nicely and I am pretty much done with all the different parts of the map, such as the hex grid, tokens blanks to the sides etc.

Now I only need to finalise the terrain inserts and then we're ready for release.

EPIC 30K Battle Report - Iron Warriors vs Imperial Fists 2000 Points 01/01/2022

Can I just say how much I love this yellow "industrial" colour scheme of the Samsons? Awesome table and a fun game! Like always quality content by the TTS Guys.

EPIC 30K Battle Report - Iron Warriors vs Imperial Fists 2000 Points Hello Princeps, or should I say Captains/Commanders? Today we try for the first time our first game of EPIC on the channel and keeping with the Heresy. We lo...


I promise, it's the last spam for this year, !

To anyone who got a Printer from Santa! Now is your time!

Last year around that time, I was dialing in my new printer, had nothing cool to print and fumbled around in 3D programs to make my own stuff. I am celebrating all the dudes and dudettes that recently got into the hobby and have a love for small scale awesomeness (aka Titans!)

That's why I have set the shop to 50% OFF for the next 24 hours. Get the the stuff you're missing and feed your printers!

Cheers and Happy New Year!


Merry GrimDark Christmas, everyone!

I wish you all a good time with your families and loved ones and hopefully a not too significant addition to your pile of shame 🙂

Now go and paint some of the stuff you printed :-D Cheers!


I have looked over and prioritised my plans for 2022 and here is a very tiny scuttling previews of what's to come in the future. I'll post a detailed preview around christmas.

2022 will for sure see more Mechanicum. What are your thoughts about small animations like this one? Helpful to imagine the world GDT is building? Wasted time?

Please let me hear your thoughts!

Black Friday 2021 - Full Catalogue (January - Oktober 2021) • GrimDark Terrain 25/11/2021


We are celebrating this year's Black Friday with a massive One-Click Bundle and a massive 50% discount on all STLs!

In case you always wanted to start printing 8mm Terrain or just joined, the One-Click-Bundle gives you everything GDT ever released so far (except for current Month's package).

In addition to that all previous releases are on sale at 50% now until Sunday night!

Happy printing everyone!

Black Friday 2021 - Full Catalogue (January - Oktober 2021) • GrimDark Terrain Get everything GrimDark Terrain has ever done until now in one handy bundle. No Membership required.


Hello Everyone!

As it is pretty much mandatory to do something on this upcoming Friday, GDT will join the frenetic hordes and offer black friday discounts.

50% off for all STLs

Since we are a community that is literally scattered around the globe from New Zealand to Hawaii, this sale will not just be on Friday but from Friday 0:00 GMT to Sunday 23:59 GMT.

So, in case you're missing a pack or need to catch up on previous releases this is the time :-D


Photos from Grimdark Terrain's post 03/10/2021

I have been a little busy with my day job but I was still productive this month. Here is a sneak peek of things you can build with the package coming out tomorrow.

Like always: Fully modular, compatilbe to Civitas buildings and of course pre-supported and tested.

Looking forward to releasing this one. What do you guys think of the re-vamped Umbraculum?


Today I have an early sneak peek for October: the Umbraculum, protecting imperial cities since M29.811.

An armed and fortified building to span a protective shield over the surrounding neighbourhood and shoot down enemy aircraft.

Do you guys also wanna see a ruined version of this building?

Template Construct: Crypt Entry • GrimDark Terrain 04/09/2021

Check out the Crypt Entry Kit, that you can build with parts included in the September 2021 Package. No other parts are needed.

The Cryp Entry is a 121x121x130mm large biulding kit, that can hide a reaver.

Template Construct: Crypt Entry • GrimDark Terrain The Crypt Entry Most Imperial worlds have extensive crypt systems beneath the surface. Over the millennia, a variety of uses have evolved: some crypts are used as shelters, others as places for occult rituals. Part List 4 Stairs (4x IP-001 or IP-002) 1 Flooring (1x IP-058) 4 Wall (4x IP-077) 1 Roof....

Photos from Grimdark Terrain's post 02/09/2021

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I have looked over and prioritised my plans for 2022 and here is a very tiny scuttling previews of what's to come in the...
Here at GDT we take pride in only producing at the highest possible value. Here is some dramatic footage with totally aw...