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Rooz Jewellery is a Toronto based jewellery brand that designs and fabricates one of a kind occasiona


Now more than ever, the world needs the unifying power of art and the calming influence of peace.
Art has the ability to transcend borders, cultures, and differences, speaking a universal language that can bring people together.
And in these turbulent times, we must strive for greater peace and understanding, to counter the divisiveness and conflict that threatens to tear us apart.

Let us embrace the healing properties of creativity and the transformative potential of nonviolence.
Through art, music, literature, and peaceful dialogue, we can find common ground, express our shared hopes, and work towards a more harmonious world.

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Happy Norooz!
Celebrating the Arrival of Spring, the Iranian New Year, when darkness and cold give way to light and warmth.

Embrace the timeless allure of this exquisite 18k yellow gold ring adorned with dazzling natural Colombian emerald stones. Each gemstone tells a story of beauty and rarity, adding a touch of luxury to your every moment.

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اثر « انگشت انتخاب » جوابیست از طرف من و هم نسلانم به دعوت به انتخابات نمایشی حکومت تمامیت خواه و ویرانگر کشورم.
حکومت فاسد و سفاک اسلامی که در برابر مردم بی دفاع ایران خونریز و مستبد و در برابر کشورهای خارجی پخمه و باجگذار هست.
فساد، دروغ، نابرابری، و دزدی تمام وجودتان را فرا گرفته. تاریخ مصرفتان به پایان رسیده، این حقیقت را حتی مزدورانتان هم فهمیده اند.
Totalitarian barbaric regime of Iran while continues kidnapping, torturing, and killing innocent civilians of Iran are inviting people to participate in their mock election to show off their “ popularity “, so here is our response to their invitation!
This piece is not for sale.
Thanks for supporting Iranian people by amplifying their voices.✌🏼
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Whether you’re drawn to a stone that captivates your senses, your favorite color, or the gem that represents your birth month, there’s a perfect birthstone ring waiting for you ✨⁣⁣⁣


Add a touch of sunshine to your style with this exquisite natural oval cabochon yellow citrine stone set in a beautiful 14k yellow gold plated bronze ring. 🌟 The vibrant citrine stone symbolizes positivity and abundance, radiating its warm and captivating energy. ✨ Whether you prefer silver or gold, this ring can be customized to reflect your personal style. 💫⁣⁣⁣


Forever begins with a touch of elegance ✨
Embracing love and commitment with these stunning gold and diamond engagement rings 💍💎
All our engagement rings can be customized and made in any gold karat or color, diamonds or gemstones.
Price may vary depending on the type and quality of stones and karat of gold.

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By sharing the spirit and artistry behind each creation, Rooz Jewellery invites people to connect with their pieces on a deeper level. They believe that jewellery is more than just an accessory; it is a medium through which stories are told and emotions are expressed. With their creations, they aim to inspire, captivate, and spark conversations.



Where golden threads delicately hold cascading pearls, creating a mesmerizing dance of elegance.


A timeless symbol of love and devotion: The Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring. 💎✨


As a passionate jeweler, I thrive on the art of meaningful collaboration. Guided by open communication and a deep understanding of my clients’ desires. Together, we bring their dreams to life in every meticulously designed piece, ensuring a personal touch that resonates with the essence of each individual I have the privilege to work with.


Dazzle in the allure of a January birthstone ring featuring Garnet – a gem that signifies passion and vitality. Elevate your style with this timeless piece that speaks volumes about strength and determination. 💍


Embrace the allure of asymmetry with this golden beauty adorned with exquisite princess-cut natural blue diamonds. A statement piece that radiates elegance and individuality ✨💎


Bringing dreams to life, one custom piece at a time.💫Witness the magic of personalized artistry and let your imagination shine. 💍


Your jewelry introduces you ✨


Dive into a world of personal connections and timeless elegance with our enchanting birthstone ring collection – each piece tells a unique story, capturing the essence of cherished moments. ✨


Introducing Roozbeh Rastegar—an artist, designer, jeweler, and maker. Originally from Tehran, Iran, his creative path was nurtured in an artisan family, where innovation was ingrained in his soul. Amidst studies in mathematics and Ceramic engineering, Roozbeh’s passion for artistic expression and innovation thrived. Join him on his journey of bringing something new and unique into the world, by creating pieces that are special and meaningful for you. 🌟

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Crafted with precision and love, this custom engagement ring is a true masterpiece. 💍✨ Every intricate detail, from the genuine green Australian sapphire to the shimmering diamonds set in 18k yellow gold, tells a unique story of love and devotion.


Timeless Beauty ✨

Introducing our Solitaire Oval Engagement Ring with Halo. It’s elegance personified, capturing hearts with its sparkling diamonds and exquisite design.

Tag someone who would adore this ring or drop a 💎 if you’re captivated by its allure!


Radiant opal enchantment, embraced by 10K gold. Online now ✨


Radiating grace and sophistication, it’s a must-have addition to your jewelry collection.


Dive into December vibes with our turquoise birthstone ring – a touch of timeless elegance that mirrors the beauty of winter skies


Jewellery is not just an adornment, but a vessel that holds and preserves cherished memories, keeping them alive through the passage of time.


A timeless engagement ring, showcasing a radiant round diamond in a simple four-prong setting 🤍


Elegance in Simplicity ✨


Introducing the Pear Solitaire Diamond

14K yellow gold engagement ring featuring a 0.50ct bezel-set pear natural diamond.


Embrace the warmth of Citrine, the November birthstone! ✨ Celebrate yourself or your loved ones with this abundant gem as a special gift. Enjoy 20% off on Citrine for the remainder of November. DM me for the code to make your purchase.


Behold the enchanting beauty of our Custom Australian Opal earrings. Crafted with care, these earrings showcase the mesmerizing properties of Australian Opals. Known for their iridescent play of colors, Opals symbolize creativity, inspiration, and emotional healing.


Love on display. Created with a 0.77ct marquis lab diamond, our 14K yellow gold Marquis Diamond Engagement Ring graces the hand with unparalleled beauty.


Captivating elegance in every facet ✨Our Marquis Diamond Engagement Ring is a true embodiment of timeless beauty and sophistication. Let love shine with this exquisite piece that symbolizes a lifetime of cherished moments.
💎✨ "

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