We are a kitchen appliance company that specializes in Sous Vide machines. It is our goal to make professional cooking simple.

Here you can find our products, recipes, and other information regarding the AnchorChef.

Timeline photos 27/05/2022

Cooked in an AnchorChef Precision Sous Vide cooker!

Timeline photos 11/02/2022

Home cooking this year for Valentine's Dinner? Cook to impress this Valentine's with the AnchorChef Sous Vide Precision Cooker! Order today for delivery before Valentine.

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A sous vide is a wonderful cooking method that so many people are enjoying! Anchor Chef has this great product in stock....
Got 60 seconds to spare? Watch this video and learn everything you need to know about AnchorChef and the wonderful sous ...
AnchorChef Recipe- 48 Hour Brisket

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