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Book Design and Publishing Services - DTPerfect - How to Sell Books from Your Website without Shipping Stress 15/05/2024

New from our blog 🌟

A new (very easy) way to sell books directly from your author website.

Book Design and Publishing Services - DTPerfect - How to Sell Books from Your Website without Shipping Stress In this article, we will walk you through how to utilize IngramSpark's new feature to sell books directly from your website.


Did you get one of our bookmarks at PubU?

We hope you got all three! ✨

🎨Illustrated and designed by our very talented Nicole Jones Sturk.


IBPA's Pub U 2024 was a blast! Thank you to everyone who visited our table. It was so wonderful to meet you all! 😊🌟

Three Big Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Book Cover - Written Word Media 30/04/2024

Yes, these are 3 big mistakes to avoid on book covers. Great article!

We follow much of this same philosophy in our approach to cover design: https://dtperfect.com/services/cover-design/


Three Big Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Book Cover - Written Word Media Whether you like it or not, the cover is the most important marketing tool you have for your book.

Creative book cover treatments 09/04/2024

Another great article by Book Design Made Simple!

We LOVE foil, embossing, and special treatments. 😍While not available with print-on-demand printers like KDP or IngramSpark, these can be done with most offset and digital printers. Ask us about special printing options on your next design project.

Creative book cover treatments Your book cover may be worthy of some extra special treatments such as metallic or 3D effects. We introduce you to the possibilities.

How to Sell Books Direct to Readers: The Complete Guide 19/03/2024

A nice article about selling books directly from your author website.

Now there's an even simpler way to sell direct: An e-commerce link through IngramSpark. Ask us about integrating this with your next project.

How to Sell Books Direct to Readers: The Complete Guide Discover how to sell books directly to readers and boost your income as an author. Learn the strategies to build your own direct sales channel.

101 Color Combinations to Inspire Your Next Design + Free Swatch Download 08/03/2024

101 Inspiring Color Combinations

101 Color Combinations to Inspire Your Next Design + Free Swatch Download In this roundup, we compiled 101 new color combinations to inspire your next project. Download the free swatch files today!


A trendy book cover is not just a nice design feature. It also signals to potential readers that your book is new and up to date. βœ…

This is a great article about 2022 book cover design trends...


What does a children's picture book editor do? 07/09/2021

A very well-written and thorough article about the 's process. If you're planning to publish a children's book, make sure to check this post out first!

✏️ By guest contributor and children's book editor Brooke Vitale on the Book Design Made Simple blog.

(And, of course, if you need a designer for your children's book, we'd love to help. πŸ˜‰https://dtperfect.com/services/childrens-book-design/)

What does a children's picture book editor do? Edit your story AND illustrations so they flow together seamlessly!

Amazon A+ Content for Authors - Written Word Media 30/08/2021

Amazon A+ content used to be available only through Amazon Advantage and professional selling accounts. It's an exciting development that this feature is now available to KDP authors!

Have you added Amazon A+ content to your books yet?

This article is a great explanation of what Amazon A+ content is, how to set it up, and some nice examples.

P.S. Yes! We can help you design this section. Just ask!


Amazon A+ Content for Authors - Written Word Media Amazon A+ content opens new doors for independent authors: learn about its best practices and restrictions in this article.


Stop guessing and start publishing! πŸ’‘

Use our instant calculator to get an exact price for your project.



We're growing! 🌷

Meet our team at https://dtperfect.com/about/

🎨 Illustration by Guzanna / DepositPhotos


πŸ“˜What is your favorite children's book size?

Author Dr. Timothy Dukes chose landscape 11 x 8.5" for his books, Fuzzy Buttons and Gone Fishing, printed in paperback and hardcover with IngramSpark



It's been a busy few years!

We're excited to share a brand new website β€” with lots of new work examples, new project pricing, and FAQs about the book design process.

Come visit and drop us a line ✏️ www.DTPerfect.com


Foil stamping makes a book extra fancy! 🌟

The author (and we designers) were happy with how this hardcover came out.

Private Funds for Investment Advisers: How to Become a Magnet for High-Net-Worth and Institutional Investors by Adam Ponder

πŸ““Printed by Acutrack, Inc.


Mother's Day is tomorrow! 🌷

This is one of the sweetest mother & child books we got to design recently.

Story by Renee Sullivan. Illustrations by Sakharam Umrikar. 🎨

While it won't ship out by tomorrow, you still have a chance to share the Kindle e-book version with mom or moms-to-be. 😊



Congratulations πŸ₯³ to Charles Brown on publishing his new book, Marquee Supervision with Purpose.

From proofs to printed copies, we're quite happy with the final result: hardcover and paperback printed with IngramSpark. ⚑️

Our work included:
- Cover design for paperback and hardcover jacket
- Interior typesetting for print
- Converting to an e-book

Check it out! This book is now available at Amazon, B&N, and many more.



It's been a busy year!

So many new projects to share... and we're so excited to reveal them on a brand new website.

Coming soon! πŸ•‘


From color proofs 🎨 to printed copies, it's so much fun to see a new book in print!

This latest book by Joseph Jenkins is coming soon to stores and is already available at http://josephjenkins.com/

Joe Jenkins is THE expert on composting toilets, with over 40 years of first-hand experience building, teaching, and saving the earth. 🌎

This full-color book is a fantastic guide to clean and effective composting toilets. It was an honor to help Joe with the cover design.

Cover design by DTPerfect.com
Front cover by Kelsey Brown
Back cover illustration by Elena Reznikova

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