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Exciting news! After eagerly awaiting, the day has finally arrived🔥 – our kimchi pouches and tubs are now back in stock! Don't miss out on this flavorful opportunity to enhance your meals with the perfect blend of spices. 🔥🥢 See you all on Monday‼️

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DiamanteDishes is now open for business!!❤️
Get yourself a bite of our delightful kimchi and set your tongue on fire!🔥

‼️This is for limited-time only, so what are you waiting for?!? Pre-order now! For more information, please don't hesitate to direct message us!

🥢PS: Our Kimchi in jars has been quickly snatched up by Kimchi enthusiasts! But don't despair - we still have pouches and tubs available!!
: We express our gratitude and appreciation to the wonderful individuals who have purchased our Kimchi, we eagerly anticipate and welcome further orders!


Want some spice on your rice?
We've got'cha! 😎💯
Feel the hot sweetness of our Korean Kimchi! 🌶️

made by DiamanteDishes!
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