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#ONPASSIVE Updates Fri 14th Jan with RED 14/01/2022

Join me today ( Fri 14th Jan ) at 11am EST 4pm UK for UPDATES …. Tag your friends and SHARE the long …. See you there guys !

#ONPASSIVE Updates Fri 14th Jan with RED

#ONPASSIVE Updates Nov 8th 2021 with Red 08/11/2021

Recording of today’s live ….. the recording doesn’t have any buffering

#ONPASSIVE Updates Nov 8th 2021 with Red Live ‘ Updates on where we are in the launching process of Not a Founder or Reseller of ONPASSIVE?For more information go here 👉 https://paulhedg...


Last chance to get your hands on August 2019 Pending Founder Positions ( roughly 30-37,000 founders then ) PM me if Interested

#ONPASSIVE ‘ Live’ Updates October 1st 2021 with Red Redfern 01/10/2021

Recording of October 1st ‘ Live ‘ with Red Redfern Recap of Ash Mufareh on the ‘ Julie and Milo Show ‘

#ONPASSIVE ‘ Live’ Updates October 1st 2021 with Red Redfern

The Advantages of the #ONPASSIVE Founder Position 11/09/2021

The Advantages of the Founder Position

The Advantages of the #ONPASSIVE Founder Position A quick look at what you will get as a Founder of Vídeo by Marty DeGarmo ‘ OnPassive …Do we Truly Believe ‘ a Fo...

#ONPASSIVE ‘ Live Updates ‘ Sept 08th 2021 with Red Redfern 08/09/2021

Today 4pm UK 11am EST ‘ Iive Updates ‘ with Red Redfern

#ONPASSIVE ‘ Live Updates ‘ Sept 08th 2021 with Red Redfern

#ONPASSIVE ‘ Live ‘ September 6th with Red Redfern 06/09/2021

RECORDING of today’s ( Monday 6th September’ Live ‘ )

#ONPASSIVE ‘ Live ‘ September 6th with Red Redfern

#ONPASSIVE ‘ Live ‘ September 6th with Red Redfern 06/09/2021

‘ Live ‘ Today ( Monday 6th September) with Red Redfern @ 4pm UK 11am EST

#ONPASSIVE ‘ Live ‘ September 6th with Red Redfern

#ONPASSIVE ‘ Live ‘ Updates September 3rd by Red Redfern 03/09/2021

Recording of Red Redfern’s ‘Live ‘ Friday 03rd 2019

#ONPASSIVE ‘ Live ‘ Updates September 3rd by Red Redfern OnPassive Updates on where we are in the Global Launching Process.

#ONPASSIVE ‘ Live ‘ Updates September 1st by Red Redfern 01/09/2021

Remember ‘ Live ‘ with me Red Redfern at 4pm UK 2pm EST today … some great updates on this one

#ONPASSIVE ‘ Live ‘ Updates September 1st by Red Redfern


💥Older Pending Founder Positions 💥

Still available direct from the Company. Send me an email to [email protected] with your requirements

Will need name to go on the account and a never been used before with OnPassive email

Please don’t request if you can’t pay right away ( $97 ) to the company

You will receive confirmation and log in details from the company

The dates are from early OCTOBER 2019 ( great time stamp around 40,000 founders then )

First come first served. 🆗✅

You will be placed directly under me in my team. This is for founders who would like a second or third position


Many of my friends have looked at my posts on what is to be the largest and best company hands down very soon..


Yet what interests me is why they have not joined..

There are a few reasons..

They think its fake..
They think its too good to be true..
They think its a pie in the sky..
They think, they think, they think..

I say they think because thats where it ends..

No action is taken..

If someone came to me, a person that is looking for a business that can offer time and financial freedom, I would turn that business inside out before I even considered joining..

Then I would find out how much it is to get in..

When I come to know Founder positions are $97 and a refund for this amount is open always I would join so I can see what is going on inside that I cannot see outside..

Then after immense scrutiny I would decide to either get a refund(available 24/7)or join the journey to launch and beyond..

Thats optimist, a positive thinker, someone that will keep trying till I drop..

Thankfully my journey has ended at ONPASSIVE..


Because I have studied everything there is to study about this amazing opportunity..

I have left no stone unturned..

I am fully up to date with what is going on..

With all this done I am now in a position to say I am proud, grateful, honoured and blessed to be a Founder..

Because I understand what our incredible CEO is doing, has done, will do..

Once you join as a Founder you are in a privileged position to reap rewards beyond imagination because what is on offer is endless..

After launch you are given the following..


All this is done for you, hands-free, passive, no input from you for a monthly fee of between $100-$250(actual figure to be announced soon)..which you pay just once, the following months you pay from profit..GUARANTEED!!!!

This is just a brief explanation..

You are free to PM me for an indept analysis or you can check my previous posts..

What you must understand is this..

This is happening..

This is really happening..

And you are not in..

Can you really let an opportunity like this pass you by for just $97..Really!!!!

Is your why not big enough??

Are you not serious about your financial future??

Do you prefer to keep jumping from one scam to the other??

Time is of the essence..

Give this opportunity a chance to prove itself to has already proven itself to over 470,000+ thus far..and thousands are joining daily..

No one is left behind here..

All will succeed..the business is structured this way..

Founder positions will close soon..

Give yourself the chance you deserve and give your family the future they deserve..


How do I make money with #ONPASSIVE ? 16/01/2021

Two Videos I have done to explain two commonly asked questions... feel free you use snd share

1. What is 3 and it’s FREE?

2. How do I make money with

How do I make money with #ONPASSIVE ? Here I run through how you will make a residual income with .Looking for more information? ...go here :-

Looking the Part with #ONPASSIVE 05/12/2020

Looking the Part with #ONPASSIVE With anything in life looking the part is half the battle... does just that !! For more information about becoming a founder or reseller click here...

Income For Life 27/10/2020

Income For Life Income For Life


Diversificación Online 📈 is a must if you want to earn the big 💶💰bucks

There is this misconception that you should only 🏅concentrate on one thing at a time. yes admitted you need to get your next hustle off the ground and 🏃🏽‍♂️running


Having the ability to diversify in different 🔛 directions will not only bring in the extra 💰money but will also widen your 👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧 audience

Things move 💫 fast very⚡️⚡️ fast online and if you don’t keep up with new ideas and ways of doing things you get left ❌ behind

So don’t be 🙈scared and feel that you are in some strange way betraying your current project by 👀looking at another

Diversificación is key 🔑

Wanna know my latest Hustle? Msg me

Martin Gerraux - Learn How To Become a Bitcoin Millionaire 25/04/2019

Martin Gerraux - Learn How To Become a Bitcoin Millionaire Welcome! Please start registering by entering your name and email address. Details: - We will be using GoToWebinar. - You can join our session by using a Mac, PC or a mobile device. Agenda: - All about the upcoming iTraderPRO Launch - Cryptocurrency Trading Basics (How to get started) - 2019: Crypto...


**Exciting Results!!**

As you know, the Automation hasn't been running for much more than a month now and yet we've had some incredible results.

has taken lead on tracking all of our results using my own personal trading account as a source of information.

My account is set to only place the minimum trade size for every trade to ensure I can take EVERY trade.

This data will be compiled once per week to provide **you** with an accurate report.

The individual trade data is available upon request.

**Please Note:**
Auto 1 =
Auto 2 =
Auto 3 =
Auto 4 =
Auto 5 =

Auto 4 and 5 both have **Active** trades but none that are **Closed** yet.

You may use this information to share with your network that are curious about our performance but please explain that we only have 34 days worth of data.

As we gain more data, it will gradually become more accurate and give us a better idea of what to expect over the coming months and years.

Please also explain that this data only includes our **CLOSED** trades, not our Active ones.

I hope you're as excited about this data as I am! 😄

To join go here

Paragon Crypto Hub 12/03/2019

Paragon Crypto Hub Premium ALTCOIN Signals & Investments


For the past couple of years I have been very active within the Online Network Marketing and Crypto World building a following of like minded entrepreneurs and business people who see the same vision as I do.

I have helped many people start out on their journey to financial freedom who have had no experience of the industry whatsoever and are now in full control of it because they use the one thing most don't.


If you don't have a System that teaches people the right steps to take, to nurture their abilities, to educate themselves on the right path to success then most will try but unfortunately fail.

Learning and education yourself on the right strategies and actions to take are a sure fired way to be on the right road to achieving your goals. .

So don't just bury your head and think I know it all and I will muddle through as I have done in the past?!!...NO....this is a whole different ball game.... Take action.... get educated and use the RIGHT SYSTEM.


Looking 👀 to make if BIG 💪 Online?

We have the System have you got the Passion?🤔

To get your hands 🤲 on it comment “ Info “



Many of us have tried things and for whatever reason, being our own fault or not of our doing things just haven’t turned out quite as we wanted have they?.

But should you give up at the first hurdle? I think NOT.

If you look at nearly any opportunity the people who have made it and I mean really succeeded in it are the ones who fail multiple times for all sorts of reasons.

I have learnt that there are many things you need to succeed, a good viable opportunity, affordability, help, direction and a system that can be used by you and others.

To truly be able to achieve your goals and dreams you need to use a platform that teaches everyone how to leverage your product or service to maximize is potential to get to where they want.

I have been using a system that works with any product or service with amazing success and it’s available to you too.

To find out how you can benefit from using this system click the massage button or comment below for info



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