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Bicycle Globetrotter

Turystyka rowerowa.

Operating as usual


Rowerem do Mechelinek

Ostatnim razem byliśmy w Gdyni na Polance Redłowskiej.
Tym razem zabieram Was do miejscowości Mechelinki.

Jak zawsze - jedziemy 🚴🚴🚴

Have a good trip!



Rewa jesienią



Rewa jesienią


Rowerem do Rezerwatu Przyrody "Beka" w Nadmorskim Parku Krajobrazowym

Rowerem na granicy Rezerwatu Przyrody "Beka"

[11/23/20]   Jesień w Nadmorskim Parku Krajobrazowym.
Rzucewo nad Zatoka Pucką.


Linz 👇

Jetzt heißt es, die Donaustadt etwas aus der Distanz zu betrachten... #stayathome 17/03/2020

Zmiany w kursowaniu pociągów krajowych

Trzeba sprawdzić. Strona internetowa przewoźnika kolejowego PKP Intercity S.A. należącego do grupy PKP, obsługującego kolejowe dalekobieżne przewozy pasażerskie: pośpieszne (Twoje Linie Kolejowe i InterCity) oraz ekspresowe (Express InterCity i Express InterCity Premium). 17/03/2020

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Vienna, Austria - Google Arts & Culture

Vienna👇😃 The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna is one of the foremost museums in the world, with rich holdings comprising artworks from seven millennia - from Anci...


Visit Regensburg

Dear friends and followers, due to the current Corona situation, the Tourist Information on Rathausplatz, the Tourist Information on Schwanenplatz, the World Heritage Visitor Centre and the Marinaforum Regensburg will be closed until further notice. During this time you can of course still reach us by telephone from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on +49 941 507-4410, -4411 and -4412 and via e-mail: [email protected].

From now on there will be no more regular guided tours arranged by the Regensburg Tourismus GmbH.

All group tours booked with Regensburg Tourismus GmbH for the next 14 days will be cancelled. Of course, this will not cause any costs for our customers.

Thank you for your understanding 16/03/2020


Norymberga - odwiedzam podczas mojej wycieczki rowerowej
Material #ExpozaTravel Norymberga - piękne miasto na drodze mojej planowanej wycieczki rowerowej. 16/03/2020


Norymberga - krótki przewodnik po mieście
Materiał #ExpozaTravel Norymberga - piękne miasto na drodze mojej planowanej wycieczki rowerowej. 16/03/2020

Coronavirus and travelling to Norway

Coronavirus a podróż do Norwegii - informacje Do you have any questions about the coronavirus situation and travelling in Norway? Please find updated information and travel advice at the Norweigan Institute of Public Health. 16/03/2020

Ingolstadt V5

Krótki film o Ingolstadt - tylko niemieckojęzyczna wersja językowa © Weser-Film-Produktion, Bremen 16/03/2020

Informasjon om reiser og koronavirus Utenriksdepartementet fraråder reiser som ikke er strengt nødvendige til alle land. Reiserådet gjelder i første omgang fra 14. mars til 14. april. Her finner du svar på aktuelle spørsmål om reiser og koronavirus.

[03/15/20]   Zamknieta TV Tower 👇


Linz 😃👇

Wir sind dabei!



Vienna Old Town - the Freyung Square😃👇

The Freyung is one of the largest and most famous squares in Vienna's Old Town. 15/03/2020

Stunning photographs of Vienna's old, grand & beautiful libraries before they open

Vienna 😃👇 We were let in to Vienna's beautiful libraries before they open to snap some amazing shots for you 13/03/2020

Latest information on Coronavirus in Vienna Full information on the current situation in Vienna. 13/03/2020

Enjoy Fjords, Arctic Landscapes, and the Midnight Sun on This Arctic Circle Express Train Tour

Może Arctic Circle Express Train Tour?😃👇 This arctic train is possibly the perfect way to see the best of Norway. UpNorway, a curator of amazing journeys through Norway, has a new…


Berlin 👇

Friday morning... Another rainy day awaits us in Berlin. What are your plans for the weekend? And what do you do if the weather is bad?



When you pass the #Haidplatz, you will surely notice the big red building. This house castle was built around 1300 by a patrician family. #Funfact, today the building is called "Neue Waag"(New Scales), because from 1441 on the city scales were located there. There the merchants could weigh their goods. ⁠

📷: Katja Fouad-Vollmer



The perfect time to go to Hardanger is springtime at the height of the fruit blossoming season 🌸 and when the river runs high 💦


Visit Linz

Wir stehen auf Linz! 😃
Und das könnt ihr jetzt auch. Im Alten Rathaus ist das Luftbild der Donaustadt am Fußboden komplett erneuert worden. Gleich mal reinschauen und in wenigen Schritten durch die ganze Stadt spazieren. 11/03/2020

Top 10 Waterfalls in Norway | Norway Travel Guide

Waterfalls in Norway Norway is home to nine of the 20 highest waterfalls in the world, as well as the ten highest in Europe. As you can imagine, putting together a list of the country’s best was pretty difficult, but fear not, it has been done!Find Norway Tours & Vacation PackagesWhilst a few of the very highest have ... 11/03/2020

Homepage - GIS 10/03/2020

Environmentally friendly in Vienna

Wiedeń Vienna can be experienced in a variety of ways – on foot, by Citybike, on skates, or by boat. From the city center to the Donau Auen National Park there are always new ways to see the city.


DW Travel

Wiedeń 👇😃

Vienna is famous for its food -- including Wiener Schnitzel and Sachertorte. We talk to a chef and a pastry chef to find out what makes these dishes so special. 10/03/2020

Top 10 Things to Do in Vienna, Austria

Wiedeń Top 10 Things to Do in Vienna, Austria Walking through the streets of Vienna, Austria we are able to appreciate how history has gracefully slithered into the modern world. From the horses and carriages trotting through the cobbled streets to the modern trains racing through the rails. Vienna is trul...


DW Travel

Information for visitors to Berlin: The dome and roof terrace of the Reichstag parliament building have been closed to visitors since March 10 until further notice to prevent the possible spread of the coronavirus. The walkable dome and the roof terrace are visited by more than two million people every year, according to the Bundestag.
More about the coronavirus and its consequences for tourism can be found here: 10/03/2020

Ultimate Norway: The 25 Things You Have to Do Before You Die Summer fjord visits and winter northern lights excursions are musts, but Norway has other equally fantastic sights and experiences—in town and country and throughout the year.


Berlin, the Nikolai Quarter👇

Good morning from the Nikolai Quarter in Berlin-Mitte!
Did you know? The Nikolai Quarter is the oldest residential area in the German capital. Its origins go back to the 13th century.


Regensburg 👇

Street art on the historic buildings of the old town is not a good idea. That's why two young graphic designers have created the 24h-Gallery, which is located near Dultplatz. Once a year, during the public festival "Dult" in September, the 10 concrete walls are redesigned by national and international artists. If you are in Regensburg, it's worth stopping by.



Kojarzycie ten nietypowy budynek w Wiedniu?

P.S. Z tą wiedeńską atrakcją wiąże się mnóstwo ciekawostek. Wiecie np. jak naprawdę nazywał się jego architekt? Lub jak dziś zmienia się budynek, dzięki jego mieszkańcom? 🌈

#feelaustria #visitaustria #czasnaoddech


Pomorze rowerem

Chcesz poznać najpiękniejsze miejsca na Pomorzu Gdańskim?

Zagłębić się w Trójmiejskim Parku Krajobrazowym

Zaszyć się w Puszczy Darżlubskiej albo zobaczyć polską pustynię

Jedź ze mną na wycieczkę rowerową

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Rowerem do Rezerwatu Przyrody "Beka" w Nadmorskim Parku Krajobrazowym
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Trójmiejski Park Krajobrazowy
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