Loyalty Beach Campground and Fishing Lodge

Loyalty Beach Campground and Fishing Lodge

Cape York's Hidden Tropical Paradise

Whether journeying to the northern-most tip of Australia for business or pleasure, Loyalty Beach Campground and Fishing Lodge has the facilities and services to cater for all – grassed beachfront camping, air-conditioned lodge-style accommodation, licensed dining facilities, a self-contained beach house, one-stop tour booking and information office, fishing charters, hire boats, wharf transfers, a

Photos from Loyalty Beach Campground and Fishing Lodge's post 05/06/2022

Meet the worlds most venomous fish, THE STONEFISH! The spines along their back hold a nasty venom that hurts, ALOT! But stonefish aren't all bad! This is because they also have a second type of toxin - a poison that is secreted by all the lumps and bumps on their skin. Unlike their venom, stonefish poison doesn't seem to hurt us. Instead, it might be useful to boats/harbours as an antifoulant, or even to us as a medicine against parasitic worms.

If you look REALLY hard you might be able to spot one around the inshore intertidal areas in Cape York! Be warned, it wont be easy because these guys are also incredibly good at blending into their environment! So rock on, but don't get stone-fished!🤘


Huge Congratulations to Badu Kulpiyam for taking home the 2021 Dan Ropeyarn Cup!!
Thank you for choosing to celebrate your Grand Final win with us at DJ's Beach Garden Restaurant last night!