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Beckie is the creator of The Leather Store, turning her passion for handbags and sustainable fashion into a brand back in 2008. Classic designs and styles are the inspiration behind the brand: soft, supple leather, generously shaped simple silhouettes with a whisper of bohemian and vintage flair. Our bags are made from eco-friendly vegetable-tanned leather, the most sustainable method of leather p


Easter marks the beginning of summer and I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking it can't come soon enough! For some reason, it feels like a long time coming this year! I love all of the seasons but I'm so ready for the longer days and lighter evenings ahead. 😁😎

Whether you're off somewhere exciting or, like me, staying at home, enjoying time with friends, and relaxing a little, enjoy! 🫶

Any orders placed from today through to Bank Holiday Monday will be shipped on Tuesday 2nd April.

Beckie ❤


I may have been very quiet with my socials for the past few weeks but it's been go, go, go behind the scenes at The Leather Store HQ 😁. One photoshoot done and two more prepped and booked in with the lovely Chloe Upton Studio Photography. 📸 Lots of newness inbound!

The new website is almost there and I honestly can't wait to share that with you! ❤

In the meantime, a few of the bestsellers are back in stock having sold out at Christmas so if you've been waiting on something, click the link in the bio to check if your favourite is there!

The Bobbie backpack, always a favourite, is now back in stock! 👌

Beckie x

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We’re well into February now and it’s impossible to miss the red love hearts popping up everywhere.❤

If you’re still searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the love of your life and want to say it without flowers 💐 we’ve got it covered with our gorgeous leather wallets and accessories.

From bifold and trifold wallets to handbag tassels and card purses, all handmade from full grain vegetable-tanned leather and finished with nickel free brass hardware, we have something to remind you of that special person for many years to come. 🎁


I hope you’ve all had a great week. 😊 It’s been a while since I’ve posted – even by my standards! 😆 January is generally a quieter month, and I try to use this time to catch up after the busy December period, focus on some product work and plan ahead.

While I’ve been quiet on my socials, IRL things are super busy. I’m in the process of having a new website built – it’s exciting and overwhelming in equal measure. Over the past 15 years, I’ve had a couple of website changes, and it’s always such an overwhelming task. There have been times when I’ve thought to myself, there’s nothing wrong with the website that I have – it works perfectly well and does the job it’s meant to – and to a point, that’s true. However, the excited feeling I get when I take a peek at the new site taking shape reminds me this is a good decision! The new website will allow me to share so much more information about my products, materials, processes and lots of handbag inspo, which my current website doesn’t easily let me do. So, I’ve dedicated every spare moment to getting stuck in, and I am starting to make good progress now!

I’ve also had another photoshoot with the talented Chloe Upton and can’t wait to share those images with you.

There’s lots of incoming newness to share with you, and some new designs will be dropping soon! 👀

In the meantime, thank you for your orders and continued support 🙏

Here’s a sneak peek from the latest photoshoot - a gorgeous picture of the slouchy Finsbury leather crossbody dumpling bag. ❤

Happy Friday!
Beckie x


Good morning!

After catching up with family and friends over the festive break, I'm now back in the office. I wouldn't say I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but I'm here and present! 😆

Thank you for all of your orders over the holidays- I'll be working hard to get them out to you over the next few days. 😁

Although it'll take me a couple of days to return to my usual routine, the New Year has always been one of my favourite times. For a start, things get back to "normal" - I like normal and I like my routine! I'm not one for setting big goals, but the New Year always feels like a fresh start, a time to reflect on the previous year and decide what I want to be doing in the one ahead. I've started my year off with having a big tidy and organisation of my office with a pledge to keep it that way. 🤞 I'm going to start using a planner this year instead of post-it notes, and will try my best to stick to using just one notebook at any one time - if I manage to do this in 2024, it will be a huge achievement! 😆 Other stationery addicts will understand!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! 🎉

Beckie x


We've now sold out of our bestselling Amy crossbody bag in brown - it will be back in the New Year!

Fear not, it's still available in the gorgeous dark tan, which is also a winner! If you're the sort of person who likes a place for everything, there are pockets galore with this bag - you will be super organised 😁

Handcrafted from supple chrome-free vegetable tanned leather which only gets better with age, and finished with nickel-free brass hardware 👜

Beckie ❤


Thank you so much for your orders over the weekend - they're being wrapped, packed and shipped out to you over the next couple of days! 🙌

Just a heads up to say that the Amy crossbody bag in brown leather is about to sell out – I’m down to single numbers so, if it's on your wish list, make your move so you don’t miss out. 🛍

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Beckie ❤


Circular bags have been a big trend for 2023 and the delicious Tallulah is precisely designed to be super stylish, vintage- inspired, and classically chic.

Ideal as an everyday bag, or as a carefully chosen accessory when you’re looking to perfectly complete a cute outfit, it’ll easily be a bag you come back to again and again.

Available in both brown and tan, and on our website right now.

Ps… When you buy the Tallulah, you’ll be eligible for free worldwide shipping.

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If you're someone who's always prepared and loves to carry it all with you, the XXL totes are your perfect choice

We’ve got you covered with three lovely bags. They’re all bang on trend, classically in fashion, available in tan and brown, and all with free international delivery.

Now for the tricky part - choosing your favourite!

The Lichfield has a timeless tote bag handle and tons of space. Not too big to carry in the crook of your arm or over your shoulder, it’s a dreamy day-to-day handbag.

The Clifton nods to the oversized tote trend but is still effortlessly practical for everyday use.

The Chelsea is a bestseller for a reason- from work to days out, this gorgeous bag can handle it all and it’s still so comfortable to wear for hours.

Enjoy having a browse on our website and if you have any questions, send us a DM. We’re here to


Today is National Handbag Day! A whole day dedicated to celebrating the timeless accessory that adds style, functionality and personality to our everyday outfits. 👜 Here are some creative ways to mark this special day:-

👜 Show off your favourite bag, take a photo, post it to your social media and tag your favourite bag designer and fellow handbag lovers.

👜 Appreciate your Bag. Our bags work so hard for us and, occasionally, will need a little TLC. Buffing with some natural leather balm will breathe a new lease of life into your bag and make it beautiful again.

👜Donate Your Bags. Pass on the love by donating your gently used bags that no longer work for you to those who will love them as much as you once did. Here are two charities which I’m honoured to support when I can:-

charity was set up in memory of Grace Millane by her family and friends as a legacy to help and provide practical support to women affected by domestic violence. Each donated bag they receive is filled with toiletries and luxuries and given to women as a symbol of hope, a new beginning and a reminder that they matter. ❤

is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting unemployed people back into work. For some people, a huge barrier to making that move is simply not having anything suitable to wear to an interview. Suited For Success offers free coaching and interview skills, and suitable clothing and accessories so their clients look sharp, confident, and ready to make a great first impression. 👌

It’s also a good day to pass on my thanks and gratitude to all my customers who support my business. Every view, like, and order is appreciated so much, and I can’t tell how excited I get to see customers returning to my shop looking for their next bag. I’d love to hear your stories about your favourite bag, so please feel free to share them in the comments!

As a thank you and to celebrate National Handbag Day, there's 20% off all bags ordered on my website today – use the code HANDBAGLOVE20 at the checkout (expires 7am GMT 11th Oct).

Beckie 🤎

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The deep brown leather of this iconic tote bag is really what makes it stand out.

The Somerset tote bag complements so many outfits- from earth tones to oatmeal, navy, and orange.

The dainty straps and delicate antique brass hardware work so well with the super straight top stitching. There are two ways to wear this handbag, with the shoulder straps, or the longer, detachable crossbody strap.

If you’re ready to step into Autumn with a new bag, the Somerset might just be the perfect one for you. 🍂


The classic, clean lines of the Fairfax, paired with the deep brown shade of the leather, may just remind you of the 1970s.

Its design is a blend of vintage and modern and has everything you’ll need in a day-to-day handbag. The large square style has strong leather handles and a detachable shoulder strap, as well as a large front pocket. If you love 70s fashion, this might be your dream han

Photos from TheLeatherStore's post 25/09/2023

Gym stuff, laptops, commuting or travelling, the Marni can handle it all.

Both elegant and practical, it’s seriously spacious main compartment allows for everything a normal (super full on busy) day could throw at you, but it can also handle weekends away.

With really strong handles, an adjustable shoulder strap, and the handiest pockets right where you need them, you might have just found the bag that’ll be your best friend. 🤎


All is not equal in the world of leather. Different processes can set one type of leather apart from another in terms of suitability, quality and the final look. So, let’s take a deep dive into the different types you’re likely to encounter when searching for a new leather handbag.

👜 Full Grain Leather
Without a doubt, the highest quality leather. The minimal processing means it keeps its natural finish and appearance, including all the subtle tonal variations, freckles and scars. Over time, it’ll develop the most stunning patina, making each finished product unique.

👜 Top Grain Leather
Up there with full-grain leather in terms of quality and durability, but the top grain has been sanded or buffed to remove any marks, revealing a more uniform finish. It's still an excellent choice.

👜 Corrected Grain Leather
Often referred to under the blanket term “genuine leather” (which can be confusing), this is a much lower grade leather. The outer layers are removed, and an artificial texture or colour sprayed on. Vulnerable areas such as corners and handles won’t fair well over time and can start to peel or crack.

👜 Bonded Leather
We’re pushing the leather boundaries now. With as little as 10% real leather and the rest made of polyurethane or latex, quality and durability will be significantly compromised, meaning it could end up in landfill pretty quickly.

So what do we use? Always full-grain leather, of course. It has all the natural characteristics we love and is easy to clean and nourish, meaning with a little care, you’ll enjoy your bag for years to come. 🤎

Don’t be shy to ask a retailer about the type of leather they use for their products. There’s such a big difference in quality and durability that won’t always be apparent at the start, but can be the difference between having a bag you'll enjoy for many years and one that will look tired and worn in months.

Happy leather shopping! 🛍

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Like a tote bag but bigger, a good duffel bag has one job to do – hold loads of stuff!

Whether you’re heading off for a weekend away, going to the gym or needing something with a little extra room, our Destiny bag has it covered.

We featured the Destiny bag in our Best in Class University bag collection, and it’s been so popular. Perfect for carrying books, laptop and folders and as a travel bag when you head back home to see family and friends.

It’s made from super soft and squidgy vegetable-tanned leather that oozes character and has a gentle vintage vibe and casual look. As with all our bags, it comes with a long crossbody strap and is lined in our gorgeous floral fabric. Finished with nickel-free brass hardware and base studs.

Here's some fab things our customers had to say about it ❤️

👜 “Absolutely beautiful! Love the size, color and quality. Arrived just in time for a weekend trip I had planned. So many compliments :)”

👜 “Love love love this bag! Can't wait to use it soon. This is my 5th bag from Beckie, I'm kind of a big fan 😉lol”

👜 “This is my second purchase from The Leather Store. Great quality leather, great smell! Bag is plenty roomy and fits my laptop. Came with a pot of balsam for care. My first bag is already 7 years old and still looking and smelling great!”


It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I decided to have a stall at the Frampton Country Fair this year – which was last Sunday. I’ve dabbled with markets and stalls over the years, but it’s not something I’ve done regularly, so every time feels like the first time!

It took me weeks to get organised, to make sure I had what I needed from tables, covers, stock and, of course, the contactless cash machine – the last time I did a fair, contactless didn’t exist! On a personal front, I really don’t have the credentials to do fairs. I’m a city girl and get nervous driving long distances. I don’t drive on motorways, which makes my journey even longer, and I’m not an early riser. Despite the odds being stacked against me and with the help of my very patient and understanding sister (who also had a stall), we set off on Saturday to help each other set up early and avoid any last-minute panics (in case I overslept on Sunday!). 🛌

Sunday arrived, I didn’t oversleep, mainly because I didn’t actually get any sleep 😆 and with two friends in tow, I returned to my little stall for the day ahead. Despite the rainy start, the sun got its hat on by lunchtime, and we had a fabulous day. ☀️

The best thing about having a stall at an event is meeting the public, telling people about your brand and processes, and for them to hold and feel your products – nothing beats it. It gave me such a buzz!

It got me thinking that perhaps it’s about time I started to do videos or Reels for my bags – it’s the next best thing to having a stall, I guess. So many people have suggested I do it, but here’s the thing - in real life, I’m a chatterbox, you can’t shut me up, I can talk the hind legs off a donkey but put the camera and sound on, and I can’t string a sentence together! Maybe it’s time for me to give it a go? Any tips will be gratefully received, and any ideas for the sort of things you’d like to see would give me a good place to start! Let’s see if I can finally crack this! 🎥🎞

Have a lovely weekend! 😎

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We've recently been helping many customers returning to Uni or going for the first time choose the perfect bag for their studies.

A uni bag is going to have its work cut out carrying books, laptops, chargers and all the other daily essentials you'll need for your studies, so they need to be durable and strong as well as practical and stylish.

If backpacks just remind you too much of school and you want a whole new look, a classic tote bag could be the perfect choice. 👜

We're always on hand to answer any questions, and to make choosing a little easier, we've put together our collection of perfect Uni bags on our website.

We've included our iconic Chelsea tote in the collection. It's hard to believe that we launched the Chelsea tote almost ten years ago, and it remains one of our most popular designs.

It will hold everything you need for your studies with ease. The zip closure keeps your belongings safe and secure. With two handles that easily fit over the shoulder and a detachable, fully adjustable long crossbody strap, you'll have your hands free for carrying that flat white or cappuccino as you breeze through campus. 😁

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Once ridiculed but now revered, the humble bum bag, also known as the f***y pack, waist bag, or hip bag (depending on which side of the pond you’re on) has made an impressive comeback over the last couple of seasons. No matter what you want to call it, for me, it's hands down one of the most practical bags you can have. 👜

I’ve been road-testing our new City bag over the past couple of months – from day-to-day use at home to a couple of city breaks, it’s proven to be a winner and taken me from the airport, around the tourist attractions and back home again. Ideal for carrying the essentials such as phone, keys and a small purse – I’ve also managed to fit in my passport, sunglasses and a small tube of sunscreen – it’s like a tardis. 👌

With a fully adjustable strap and a clip buckle fastening, it can switch seamlessly from wearing it across the body, over the shoulder or around the waist.

Handcrafted in vegetable-tanned leather and available in brown or tan to perfectly match our other bags and accessories.

Are you ready for the ultimate accessory upgrade?

Photos from TheLeatherStore's post 04/08/2023

Can you resist a matching set of luggage? If you can, you’re stronger than us!

Our gorgeous leather Nessie pouch set is ideal for toiletries, make-up, earbuds, charging leads, and anything special you need to keep safe and organised. Easily tuck them into your handbag or in your travel bag for your next adventure.

Crafted from gorgeous vegetable-tanned leather, they're available in tan or dark brown to ensure a perfect match for any of our bags. Finished with run-smooth metal zips and of course, our cheerful floral lining fabric. 🌸

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Nothing beats the look of a well-travelled leather holdall. Each trip and journey adds character and contributes to the distinctive patina that only a natural material, such as leather, can acquire. It’s why I love it so much. 🧡

Our Westfield holdall might just be the perfect travel bag. We’ve included lots of pockets so everything has a place, and the essentials are easy to reach. The extra-long zip makes for a wide opening for easy packing and organising; you can see your belongings at a glance. The rolled handles and long adjustable crossbody strap make it super versatile. We’ve added a luxurious finish with nickel-free brass hardware, protective base studs and metal zips.

All of our bags are crafted from sumptuous full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather which is developed using traditional, organic and sustainable methods with vegetable dyes and oils. It’s what gives our bags that authentic natural look and subtle tonal variations, making each bag unique.

Do you need any more convincing? ☺️

Buy the Westfield here:


The other day, I had a rather lovely, unexpected encounter with a customer. 🙌

Wandering around my local supermarket, I noticed a lady wearing a Leather Store satchel. I do occasionally spot people wearing my bags, which is always special, but I wouldn’t usually approach them. However, I noticed a buckle was missing from her bag and immediately thought, I can’t let this go - I need to fix the situation!

I plucked up the courage to approach her, explained who I was, and asked if I could send her a new buckle to fix her bag. After the initial shock, she was delighted! It turns out my lovely customer, Debra, bought her bag in 2015! I was blown away when she told me how much she still loved her bag as much as the day she received it – even with one buckle missing! Needless to say, Debra received a shiny new set of buckles a couple of days later!

Now more than ever, we need to care for the things we own, including our clothes and accessories. We use them day in and day out, and once in a while, things may need replacing or fixing so we can continue to enjoy them.

That’s the beauty of natural materials, and that’s why I love leather so much – it can be cleaned, nourished and mended, which means it has longevity in a way that other materials simply don’t. The longer we can keep things out of landfill and in our wardrobes, the better!

My passion isn’t just about handbags, it’s about creating bags that will last for many years to come. We’re always happy to replace hardware for our bags, whether it’s a buckle, zip pull, studs, or lost straps - it's our way of ensuring your love of our bags never ends. ❤️

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As we step into a new month, we're delighted to introduce a new design.

We're all about creating sustainable designs, crafting timeless bags that you’ll want to use for years to come, and always striking a balance between practicality and style.

We think we’ve nailed it with our Winnie bag. With a gentle crescent shape, it's a classic shoulder bag which looks gorgeous tucked neatly under your arm. We’ve included a long detachable strap to wear across the body.

Handcrafted from full grain, vegetable-tanned leather with a subtle tonal variation and an understated vintage vibe. Finished with brass hardware, protective base studs and metal zips.

We hope you’ll love it as much as we do! 🧡

and an understated

Photos from TheLeatherStore's post 31/07/2023

A timeless, classic leather backpack is a staple in every wardrobe.

Perhaps the reason backpacks are so popular is because they’re so comfortable to wear, even if you’re wearing them for hours. The Rowan. has wide, slightly padded straps, adjustable buckles and a grab handle at the top, making it fully adjustable for maximum comfort. The large, zipped pocket at the front makes it super easy to find your belongings at a moment’s notice.

Crafted from full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather, finished with run-smooth metal zips and brass hardware, and lined in our gorgeous floral print fabric.
What more could you want from a backpack? 🙌

Photos from TheLeatherStore's post 19/07/2023

Summer adventures are in full swing (weather permitting), and it’s a time of year when we’re out and about more☀️. Whether you're off to a festival, concert, or a fun day out with family and friends, keeping your valuables safe in crowded places is always a top priority.

Introducing our fabulous Melody bag - the small bag with big features! 💼 With three external zipped pockets and a slip pocket (perfect for your cards, coins, and tickets!), this bag is designed to keep your essentials organized and secure. 🛍️ The spacious main compartment comfortably fits even the largest smartphone, and the adjustable, detachable strap allows you to wear it over your shoulder or as a crossbody bag, keeping everything close and within easy reach. Oh, and we’ve included a handy loop on the back, so you can put it on your belt and rock it as a waist bag!

Personally, I love using this bag for my holidays and travels! 🏖️ My passport, paperwork, and phone are always right by my side, making check-ins a breeze! ✈️ No more frantic rummaging through my bag at the last minute!

The Melody bag is available in two stunning shades: distressed brown and the much-awaited tan (it's finally back in stock, yay!) 😍

Photos from TheLeatherStore's post 03/07/2023

🌍 Embrace the beauty of sustainability on Plastic Bag Free Day! 🌍

Join us in celebrating this special day by saying goodbye to plastic bags and welcoming eco-friendly alternatives. Today is Plastic Bag Free Day, but it’s also Plastic Free July so we’re sharing the message to take the small steps to make a big difference in July and beyond. 🙌

A while ago, we decided to make reusable bags from our bright and cheerful floral print handbag lining fabric - it seemed like a natural step to bring the inside out and spread the joy! 💐 They’ve been a huge hit, and we love hearing how you’ve been using yours – including beach trips, work, travel and the local farmer’s market! 🧅🥕

We know that reusable bags need to be strong and durable – we expect a lot from them, and of course, they need to last. With that in mind, we’ve doubled up on the fabric for extra strength, and the handles are over-stitched for all that heaving lifting! When you’re not using your fabric bag, you simply fold it back into its little pouch and pop it into your handbag for next time.

Sustainability and slow fashion are at the heart of what we do, so it felt right to make something practical and fun but also to reduce our impact on the environment and keep more plastic bags out of landfill and our oceans. 🐟

Let's make a positive change together by saying no to single-use plastic bags (and other plastics) and choosing reusable options that protect our planet. Every small action counts, and by supporting us, you're taking a step towards a greener future.

To help you make that positive change and spread the word on reducing plastics wherever we can, we’re including one of our gorgeous reusable fabric bags free with every website order over £130 in July! 🌍🌱💙


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