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Monday came in swinging!! We unveiled an array of stunning old rugs at Rug β€˜N’ Roll, each boasting its own distinctive personality, and each one wildly different from the last one shown.

πŸ₯β€¦And the one that stole the spotlight? A magnificent antique tribal rug that paired perfectly with the drool worthy πŸ›‹οΈ couch! Destiny I tell ya! πŸ’« The chosen one really fits into its new home like it was meant to be there all along! 🀎

πŸ‘ Major props to for making this dreamy reality! πŸŽ‰


In the ebb and flow of life, love remains the steadfast thread that binds us all. to the world 🌎.

May our collective hearts beat with the rhythm of enduring love, weaving a tapestry of compassion and connection. πŸ’Œ


When you want to elevate your floor game. πŸ‘€πŸ˜


Jumped into another Rug N Roll on Saturday with to finalize the ultimate bedroom for her client. Showcasing rugs was quite the feat. The floor was dodging our rug dreams due to limited space, so the bed became our catwalk. 😎

The antique Lilihan in the foreground ended up stealing the spotlight for this room. The new owner of this Persian is an older gentleman who happens to be a powerful US attorney and I think it was just so sweet that he fell in love with a coral rug 😍.

The greatest challenge of the weekend? ➑️ Maneuvering the rug pad in this snug setting under a bed that had drawers full of legal docs! It took 4 people to conquer the task. πŸ‘πŸ›οΈ


Thrilled to witness the talent and work of featured in . She also recently earned a well-deserved spot on the LUXE gold list. πŸ’›

Here’s a shot from the magazine spread (Nov-Dec 2023 issue), showcasing beauty all around. As seen, Emily’s dedication to old rugs and her hardcore representation of Blue Parakeet Rugs takes center stage in the dining 🍽️ with this 1920s Persian Heriz. πŸŽ‰



Thank you to for featuring this Los Angeles Craftsman-style home, a project of , with lead designer .a.rose and stylist .

The threads styled across the bathroom floor is an antique tribal rug from the Caucasus, grounding all the beautiful new with the soulful old. πŸ₯³

In great gratitude to Velinda, Julie and Emily for this amazing collaboration and to . πŸ™

Captured through the lens of the talented .studio πŸ“Έ


Wishing everyone a season filled with joy and warmth. May your hearts be wrapped in the love of family and friends. ✨ I hope that you relish in delicious feasts, dance πŸ’ƒ to holiday tunes, and savor the magic in every moment. ✨ Cheers to creating memories that last a lifetime πŸ₯‚ πŸŽ„β€οΈ

The pic chosen here is the festive beauty of Em Henderson’s former home, where Blue Parakeet Rugs served as the soulful anchor for the floor. πŸ’™

πŸ“· .studio


Talk about a colossal size Persian Heriz elevating the entrance game. πŸ˜€


Square & rare 9x10 antique 19th Century Persian, beautifully love worn. πŸ’• In the shop πŸ›οΈ 2662


Scouring for that dream is like a scavenger hunt, and once you find β€œthe one”, it turns your home into a happy playground😌. Whether you meticulously choose the rug of your dreams or let destiny toss a stylish surprise your way, in the heart of your haven, an antique rug with character isn’t just there for warmth; it’s the lively accomplice injecting a burst of love and inspiration into your cozy abode. πŸ’•πŸ 

This is a local install of a beautifully love worn from earlier this year.


Festive vibes with twinkling lights. πŸŽ„


Let the magic of an greet you as you land your feet πŸ‘£ on it in the morning. And when the night πŸŒ™ comes, let it be your cozy haven, cradling you to sleep with peace, comfort, and a touch of whispered prayers. πŸ™


This palatial Persian is a 🎁 for the πŸ‘£ and πŸ‘€. Whosoever lays claim to this floral beauty is destined for a voyage into heavenly bliss, as the ethereal softness of the wool beneath beckons like a celestial embrace and will es**rt one into a state of bliss πŸ€€πŸ’•. In the shop. Rug #2097


This is not just decor ~ it’s an experience. Approx 12x18 with a grand presence that's impossible to ignore. The curvilinear design dances with πŸ‘οΈ eye catching pops of in the corner spandrels that are irresistible.

Bidjar rugs are renowned for their durability and weight (we’re talking approx 250 pounds πŸ’ͺ ), making this masterpiece both exquisite and substantial.

Tap πŸ‘†πŸΌon the photo and click on the tag 🏷️ to see the details in shop. 🏑✨


Witness the beauty and power of this soulful Persian rug, weathered with stories, effortlessly anchoring and adding warmth to the heart of this new home. πŸ‘βš“οΈ

Flashback photo of the collabo in 2020 with and

πŸ“· by


Pick a true love that grows deeper, richer, and more beautiful with the passage of time.β³πŸ’–


πŸ’•Turning sidewalks into runwaysπŸ’•

38’ x 2’5 πŸ‘£


The beauty is in the details. πŸ’«

Local project with

Installed a gorgeous berry ground antique Persian Lilihan rug to complete the space. πŸ’•


On this Day, my heart swells with gratitude for the joyous adventure of discovering from every corner of the globe 🌎, a journey I am blessed to share with each and every one of you. This vibrant community, woven together by a tapestry of love and art, fills my soul with appreciation.πŸ§‘πŸ’™πŸ§‘


With such gratitude for this


A bit more Honey.

A recent feature in of one of my favorite projects to date β€” the incredibly imaginative design of Tamara Honey and her always creative and innovative team ,this historic Montecito California home, originally designed by legendary architect George Washington Smith. It is now the home of two of my favorite artists/clients
I am deeply grateful to Tamara and her clients for allowing me to more than participate in this project.
I designed lighting, seating, media shelving, a floating bar, a stage and sculpture. This home is in overflowing with music, art, s*x, humor, subversion, laughter, and most certainly love.
Shown here : AntiFuture Bar with its scalloped cut statuary marble top custom mahogany back bar and brass base , Libre candle sconces. Stage One, a custom performance stage wrapped and hand stitched antique rugs selected with my ancient soul traveling partner , Entelechy Geo pendants in Sanguine glass all by .

Photography by


Tiny rug, big impact. πŸŽ€

It's not just about style; it's about adding warmth and character to every corner. Loving the blend of old and new vibes.

This was a πŸ“Έ shot I took πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ while working with the amazing


The soulful pulse of this home began with the placement of this antique Persian rug. I drove πŸš™ approx 2 hours to lay it down on the canvas of the bare floor, unfurling its rich history, and beckoning the dance of decor to commence around its intricate charm. πŸ’«
Nestled here at the heart of the house, oh the memories it will cradle. πŸ’™ 🏑🌿

Photos from Blue Parakeet Rugs's post 06/11/2023

A little slide show of some old rugs that hit the shop πŸ›οΈ. Link in bio if you wanna check them out. πŸ€“

Antique Caucasian 4x5
Antique Runner 4x9
Antique Berry Scatter 3x4’6
Antique Heriz 9’3 x 11’6
Antique Afshar 3’10 x 5’8

Photos from Blue Parakeet Rugs's post 13/08/2022

MMM MMM good. πŸ’₯

This heavy duty battle axe of a Persian is in the shop. πŸ›

Notice how moody it is from the indoor vs outdoor shot!

This gorgeous scene is brought to you by and . 😍

8’9 x 12’5 Antique Sarouk rug #2420

πŸ“Έ: Virtually Here Studios

Photos from Blue Parakeet Rugs's post 10/08/2022

Freshly bathed πŸ› and she feels so good 😍! This is a late 19th Century Persian and her size at 14’ x 16’3 is only the start of how special she is. Showcasing a whimsical design with attractive and fun floral motifs and shapes and irresistible blues, this timeworn beauty also has large and prominent cypress trees woven in. Cypress trees existed in the most formal palace gardens in the Persian Empire and they symbolize long life and eternity. πŸ’›

This big, old baby is in the shop. πŸ›


For the grand hall, perhaps. 😍

8’3 x 18’9 Antique Persian Mahal, now in shop. Link in bio or just tap πŸ‘†on the rug and tap again to follow the lead.


If this Persian had a name, it would be
The Queen Of ShebaπŸ‘‘

9x15 avail by DM.

Photos from Blue Parakeet Rugs's post 01/08/2022

This ochre Oushak…a queen. πŸ‘‘

This found home a while back and the way it all happened was mystical and ever so timely. The connections & things that happen around here truly blows my mind on the daily.

A lovely lady was hunting for the right piece and for 2 years I believe she had said. At the time, she just happened to find BPR; Simultaneously, I had this rug just land and I didn’t know it yet, but it was the very kind of thing she was seeking to find and the color too. If I do recall correctly, she even sent me an inspo shot and I immediately sorta swallowed my breath in excitment and felt a shock wave because the color, size and feel she wanted was in my very hands. I shot her over some picsπŸ“·.

Honestly, let’s face it, it was definitely better than she even imaginedπŸ˜β€¦.this one is a jackpot heirloom to collect. A 9x14ish Turkish Oushak with around 150 years of age and with Sufi script. So damn poetic, rich in color, and a mountain of history and soul within it. πŸ’›

I cannot tell you what she actually felt seeing it when I forwarded πŸ“· photos but I know she spotted the rug she wanted and the next one question was price 😝and I did not disappoint. I then in turn asked her what she wants to do with it and she said it was for a dining room πŸ₯—πŸπŸ΄. I wasn’t actually feeling that idea πŸ˜‚ and I told her the rug is 150 years old or so and quite love worn. I wasn’t imagining it under a table with you know…musical chairs πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί- all the sliding back and forth you know? But hey, there was no backing down on her part 🫠 and that’s how the story went on this one.

Photos from Blue Parakeet Rugs's post 31/07/2022

Just let your eyes feast.


(4’4 x 6’1 not in shop yet - but avail by DM)

Photos from Blue Parakeet Rugs's post 29/07/2022

The luxurious softness and warmth of wool makes is incredibly comfortable under our feet πŸ‘£ and it is the choice place for our pets, tooπŸ˜ƒ. It actually keeps us all safe and healthy. It’s true. Wool is a non-allergenic fiber that does not promote the growth of bacteria, dust mites and it does not give off harmful emissions, which makes it a perfect for pets, humans and those with compromised immune systems. Also, it’s ideal for kids that crawl around and play on top…because with true, old rugs - it’s all natural, so parents need not worry. Just sheep’s wool πŸ‘πŸ and vegetable πŸ₯• πŸ…πŸ§…πŸŒ±dyes. It simply cannot be better! These old rugs also absorb indoor air contaminants and acts as a natural air filter producing cleaner, safer air that we breath in πŸ‘ƒ. It’s like an all in one solution. Oh ya, and it’s ART! πŸ˜†

And that’s why Blue Parakeet Rugs’ get delivered with a ribbon on it πŸŽ€.

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