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Mane 'n Tail 😂 Currently usi ng Cowboy Magic on my hair. Gre at product 💕
Thank you Mane 'n Tail & Afritra de for my Cowboy Magic ❤ Th is product is AMAZING!! My hair fee ls super clean and it feels li ke your whole body had an aromathera py spa treatment. 😍 This product is definite ly value for money... just a litt le drop of shampoo lathers up t he whole length of my hair A ND this is the first conditioner th at also creates a lathering effect a nd leaves hair so soft. No kno ts or tangles....just super clean, smooth & sil ky looking hair. I will reccommend th is product to anyone and I wi ll be sure to buy this produ ct again. I will gladly allow my ha ir to be a guinea pig f or any new products that you wou ld like to test in future 😇
How do we get some in J HB?
I bought the shampoo and condition er online, they were delivered, my wor ry now is, before the delivery, t he communication between us was almost everyd ay, was kept informed about my delive ry, the sad part now is, when I finally get my ord er, it was leaking, immediately informed t he distributor, since they say th ey will replace them about a we ek and a half ago, no upda te or anything, should I be worri ed?
Can the Cowboy magic shampoo a nd conditioner be used on human ha ir, and how much.
This product is really amazing 👌
Wer do u buy it
Thanks you for the wonderful custom er service I received. I love t he product and can already see t he difference it’s made to the heal th of my hair! 2 thumbs up fr om a happy customer 😁
Ave ngngayithandy lento yabangani abathanda ukuvakashela na xem

Makers of beauty products for 50 yea rs

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Wondering which Mane 'n Tail produc ts are for you? Explore our wonderf ul range below👇🏽

💪🏾 Herbal Gro Shampoo: perfe ct for those who experience flyaways, fri zz or knotted locks. This shampoo wi ll enrich your locks with natural her bs which are said to support healt hy hair growth
🌿 Herbal Gro Leave-In Cre me: designed to nourish hair from ro ot to tip. This therapy in a bott le is the perfect scalp hydrator th at ensures shape and shine
🍉 Deep Moistu re Shampoo: ideal for those who fe el their hair is a little frazzl ed from heat styling or colour dama ge. This ultra-hydrating shampoo restores and rejuvenat es the hair. Ingredients such as Provitam in B5 and Coconut Oil will he lp gently cleanse hair without stripping
💆🏼‍♀️Detangler: is gre at for refreshing hair between wash da ys or on towel-dried hair. The spri tz adds a layer of protection whi ch helps prevent breakage and split en ds. Strong hair got us feeling o ur best!
🧼 SAVE for future mane-wash da ys 🧼

Available at Dis-Chem Pharmacies


How much shampoo and conditioner shou ld you be using in the shower?
👍O ur general rule of thumb?➡️ A t wo pence piece for each area of yo ur head: crown, lengths and ends. Ha ve the gift of thickness? Try doubli ng this, but remember to spend a litt le extra time rinsing.
💽 SAVE for futu re use

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Let's talk about CURLS! ➰⁠ ⁠

Constant ly buying new products but never kn ow which products are ACTUALLY right f or your hair type? Well, hello wav es, coils and ringlets; we're here f or you! 👋⁠

💙 Type 1:⁠
Dreaming of volu me and vibrancy? Luckily all of o ur shampoos are designed to add mo re body and shine, so you c an provide your pin-straight hair with built- in volume straight from the shower! O pt for our Original or Color Prote ct range (the latter works even on natural ly coloured hair!)⁠

For styling, we recommend usi ng products to help tame static ha ir such as our Hair Strengthener, whi ch will also add a little boun ce! Use Braid Sheen to tame a nd soften the hair before styling. O ur spray-in products are hard-working, whilst deliveri ng results for when your stubborn straig ht hair won't behave!⁠

💡 Style Idea:⁠
Why n ot try some heatless curls using a soc k?! Check our 'Curl Care' series und er our video tab and you'll lea rn the ropes (literally) with @romymorris.x f or a fun style 🧦 ⁠

💙 Ty pe 2:⁠
Love your waves when on t he beach and after wash day, b ut the other times find your ha ir unmanageable frizzy? Wavy hair always loo ks so effortless, but actually, it requir es a little work. Using a hydrati ng, nourishing shampoo and conditioner will be t he perfect first step to your routi ne. The oils and Keratin found in o ur Herbal Gro range make styling so mu ch easier. The naturally-inspired, botanical formula wor ks to fight frizz (even on win dy days) and to strengthen hair fr om root to tip. ⁠

💡 Style Idea:⁠
U se Detangler between wash days to he lp revive and bring waves back to life!⁠

Availab le at Clicks, Dis-Chem Pharmacies and Takeal ot

discoverthesecr et


Gently cleanses hair, leaving hair shi ny, silky, and healthy-looking! Formulated with natur al herbs and olive oil complex, th is new range nourishes, strengthens, and fortifi es from root to tip. Safe f or relaxed, permed, colour or chemically treat ed hair.


Goodbye damaged, dry hair and hel lo soft, beautiful hair! 💙⁠

Our Deep Moistu re range is one of our mo st popular ranges for a reason 👀⁠

So me of our hydrating botanicals include Oli ve Oil, Coconut Oil and Soybean O il for a glossy, manageable mane 🧴 Rea dy to hydrate your locks?⁠

Available at Clic ks, Dis-Chem Pharmacies and Takealot

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Which is your go-to braid sty le? ⁠⁠

💛 Fishtail braid⁠
💙 Loose braid⁠
🧡 B ox braids/Cornrows⁠
🤍 Waterfall braid⁠

We LOVE them a ll! 😍⁠


We continue to and we' ve wandered into the 80s! Looks li ke they want their hairstyles back... 💿 🎶 🕺🏻 ⁠

👱‍♀️Hi gh ponytail?⁠
👩Feathered blow-dry?⁠
👩‍🦱Crimped ‘do?⁠

⬇️Go on, tell us whi ch ""totally rad"" hairstyle was your favouri te ⬇️


Welcome to our Scalp Health less on no.2 👩‍🏫 ⁠

Give your hair a wi th our Herbal Gro Conditioner! 🌿 H ow does it work? And why do es it leave hair feeling so go od? Let's answer some of your FA Qs below:⁠

🧼 Ingredients such as Horse Chestn ut helps to boost blood circulation in t he scalp follicles and balance the ha ir with its anti-inflammatory benefits (calm a nd soothing, yes please) ⁠

🧼 Conditioning to t he scalp with Sweet Almond Oil, Magnesi um and Zinc. Perfect for taming tho se frizzy locks!⁠

🧼 Helps to relieve a d ry and itchy scalp with Chaparral. Gre at for the changing of seasons⁠.

Available at @clicks_ sa, @dischem_pharmacies and @takealotcom

discoverthesecr et


Hello Herbal Gro Leave-In Creme! O ur creme can be used as:⁠

🧖🏽‍♀️ A cu rl creme to add shape and shine⁠
🧖🏽‍ ♀️ A leave-in conditioner⁠
🧖🏽‍♀️ A hair mask⁠
🧖🏽‍ ♀️ A heat/styling protector to prevent spl it ends⁠

Our natural blend includes:⁠
🌱 Olive Oil⁠
🌱 Keratin ⁠
🌱 Sweet Almond Oil⁠

A ll to help to nourish and a dd body and shine to the ma ne! Your best hair days are on the ir way!

Available at Clicks, Dis-Chem Pharmacies a nd Takealot


Which 90s corner are you sitti ng in? Did anyone else try a nd wear all of these at t he same time?!⁠

Drop the appropriate emoji f or your favourite 90s hair accessory:⁠

🌟: Co mb Headband⁠
🌸: Scrunchie⁠
🍬: Plastic bobbles⁠
🦋: Butterfly clips⁠

T ag that friend who had the be st 90s hair accessory collection! ⬇️⁠


They say that good things co me in threes 3️⃣ Three-course meals, three-d ay weekends, three ice cream scoops.⁠

But mo st importantly, this little trio comes to mi nd, and they all have something simil ar in common: they are packed fu ll of strand-loving ingredients which nourish a nd care for your hair in the ir own unique way. ⁠

Wondering which o ne is for you?⁠

🌿 Herbal Gro Shamp oo: to quench your hair with Oli ve Oil and Keratin which will ta me frizz and help you embrace yo ur hair's natural wave. Perfect for tho se wanting to use less heat on the ir hair! ⁠

💧 Deep Moisture Shampoo: to hydra te and retain more moisture if yo ur hair's on the drier side. Perfe ct if your hair is feeling a litt le frazzled⁠

⏰ 2in1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo + Condition er: to cleanse and purify your sca lp without stripping the hair from t he good moisture and oils. Our 2i n1 is super-hydrating, and perfect if you' re always in a bit of a rush⁠

Whi ch is your favourite?⁠

Available at Clicks, Dis-Ch em Pharmacies, Takealot


A closer look at Horse Chestn ut 🔍⁠

One of our favourite ingredients to ca re for your lovely hair 💛⁠

One of t he main benefits of Horse Chestnut is th at it boosts circulation to the sca lp, helping to improve a healthier environme nt for hair growth. It also hel ps to repair hair that is damag ed by heat or hair dye, maki ng it a perfect all-rounder in o ur eyes! ⁠

You can find our fa ve ingredient in the following:⁠

🌿 Herbal G ro Shampoo⁠
🌿 Herbal Gro Conditioner⁠
🌿 Herbal G ro Leave-In Crème⁠
🌿 Gentle Replenishing Conditioner⁠
🌿 Detangler⁠

Save this to remind yourself w hy this ingredient is so magical!

Available at Clic ks, Dis-Chem Pharmacies and Takealot

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