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Photos from The Defa's post 13/02/2024

Transform your space into a haven of romance this Valentine's Day using perfect lighting options to set the mood. Here are some simple tips to create the ideal date night ambiance.❤✨


We’re thrilled to announce our participation in ’24! Join us to explore our collection of contemporary lighting at the DEFA and Delta Light booths 1 & 2.

Save the date from 15th to 18th February for an enriching design journey!


If you are captivated by the shimmer of light, today's inspiration from is sure to impress you. ✨

Their latest design, Raw Crystal, is a masterpiece of unparalleled artistry, drawing inspiration from the sparkling wonders of the universe. Each component is a handcrafted piece made from Bohemian crystal. This organic light installation seamlessly blends with various interior styles. 💎


Photos from The Defa's post 06/02/2024

Revisiting one of our versatile projects with at Arriba. A space where you get to appreciate modern design inspired by traditional Tapas Bars with intricate lighting techniques to create an atmosphere of moody elegance.

Project: Arriba, Hyderabad

Photos from The Defa's post 02/02/2024

This weekend's lighting inspiration focuses on the concept of multifunctionality, an idea that streamlines every decision-making process.

We're discussing Bell by .studio. Its timeless design and meticulous use of textured materials allow for diverse applications in indoor or outdoor lighting, as well as residential and retail spaces.✨🏡

Design: .studio
Image :

Photos from The Defa's post 31/01/2024

Brighten your indoor space with a versatile lighting option. Here we introduce track lights and all you need to know about them. Their sleek design and adjustable spotlights ensure that every corner is well-lit, accentuating the beauty of your decor and creating a warm, inviting ambiance. 🔆


Our goal was to design the office conference room to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. We believe that a well-designed workspace can significantly enhance productivity by fostering focus and inspiration.



The elegance of this residence is amplified by subtle warm lighting. The indoor space is bathed in a glow that elevates the tasteful decor and creates a welcoming environment. This intentional lighting design not only enhances the aesthetics of the property but also adds to the inviting atmosphere.



Today's mid-week inspiration comes from the TEE Collection by . It masterfully blends the modern essence of geometric shapes with the fluidity of light. With sleek lines and decorative accents, it mirrors the elegance of the Calla Lily Flower, adding a touch of elegance to any room. 💮🔅

Design by
Image by


When working with a large indoor space, we have the opportunity to experiment with various light fixtures. This not only serves as a visually pleasing element but also effectively illuminates the wide area. In the current project, we've created a harmonious balance between sparkling ceiling lights and the subtle glow of cove lighting. ✨

Project: Hyderabad Residence


Effective lighting in a workspace can significantly elevate your productivity while reducing eye strain. It goes beyond simply brightening the surroundings; it involves creating an environment that fosters concentration and inspiration.

Office Architecture & Interiors - House of Ruya office
Photo credits :

Photos from The Defa's post 19/01/2024

This week's outdoor lighting inspiration comes from Rakumba's outdoor collection. Soft lighting streams through a luminous central column and spreads out through the surrounding glass tubes, flowing all the way to the base. The ION, characterized by luxurious materiality, is the choice for introducing a gentle ambiance. ✨

Image via:

Photos from The Defa's post 16/01/2024

Crystals have an inherent refractive nature that allows them to manipulate light in a unique way. When light passes through these structures, it bends and scatters, which can bring out the light's most magnificent form.
The Port Table Lamp, designed by , showcases this unique feature, enhancing any room with its stunning illumination.

Image via:


Spotlights have the remarkable ability to enhance the lighting within a walk-in closet. Beyond simply illuminating every corner, they also accentuate the features to provide a space that is both aesthetic and functional. Each element is thoughtfully designed, with spotlights serving as the final touch that unifies the entire wardrobe.



This week’s inspiration comes from this beautiful OMMA Table Lamp, courtesy . It features a wooden texture that emits a gentle glow, demanding attention and providing just the right amount of light to create a calming atmosphere.



Inspired by "nappine" or tassels, the Nappe Collection by is a work of art that adds a distinct touch of dimension to any room. Showcasing the timeless beauty of Venice, this elegant design immediately captures the attention of anyone who enters the room and leaves a lasting impression.



Photos from The Defa's post 05/01/2024

Let’s talk about The Briolette Collection by Gabriel Scott 🔅

These beautifully crafted double blown glass pendants instantly illuminate any room by diffusing a warm and inviting light. They are the ideal minimalistic addition to bring in a touch of elegance to your interior decor.

Image via: Gabriel Scott


If your new year is about taking more time off to unwind, it's essential to transform your space into a peaceful haven. An elegant bedside lamp is designed to do just that. Not only does it create a soothing ambiance in your bedroom, but it also adds a touch of sophistication. It provides practical lighting for reading or simply enjoying your favourite beverage before bed. 🫖

Project: Embassy Woods


Introducing a spotlight to your powder room not only adds a touch of dimension but also brightens up the focal point. It allows you to experience the magic of a well-lit space that showcases the beauty of your design and accentuates every pattern to create a captivating ambiance.

Project: Begumpet Villa


As we embrace a fresh start, may your 2024 be filled with bright moments that light up the spaces you cherish the most. Happy new year! ✨

Photos from The Defa's post 28/12/2023

Experience the enchantment of Port Wall Stadium by . Made of cast crystal glass, this fixture dazzles with its textures and radiant glow, crafting the illusion of an invisible light source. What's more? Its reversible design transforms moods effortlessly. 🌟

Image via


May your celebrations be illuminated by the warmth and wonder of festive lights. Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas! 🎄


An artful blend of various lighting elements work like magic in this expansive kitchen. Recessed lights illuminate functional areas, soft cove lights add a cozy ambiance, and stylish pendant lights over the island provide focused brightness.

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Bathed in natural light, our goal was to make the office conference room both practical and beautiful through thoughtful lighting. From boosting daytime work to creating a classy evening atmosphere, these fixtures add charm, making every meeting a shining success! 🌟


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As the holiday season draws near and offices prepare for closure, we reflect on one of our standout projects. Lending a bold and elegant flair to a conventional office interior, we amplified the ambiance of this space.

Project: EMC Aquamarine

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Elegant pendant lights not only enhance the ambiance of this conference room but also play a crucial role in highlighting its distinctive features. Separated from the surrounding space with the help of clear-glass synchronised sliding doors and a custom-painted back wall, the abstract art adds a touch of serenity to the atmosphere when illuminated by the lights.

Architectural & Interior Design:

Photos from The Defa's post 12/12/2023

Light up your holidays like a pro! Here are five simple secrets to create a dazzling Christmas display that will make your home shine with festive cheer 💫🎄.


'Nime' by is a world of possibilities. The innovative design transforms spaces into experiences. The combination of its focusable beam angle along with its adjustability allows for several application possibilities, while maintaining a uniform look and feel throughout the space.

Image via

Photos from The Defa's post 08/12/2023

The careful selection of distinctive lighting fixtures allows for an exquisite interplay of light and shadows in this bedroom. These fixtures are not just ornamental; they've been strategically positioned inside and outside the room to ensure both visual appeal and purposeful illumination. 🤍

Project: Villa by


Working on this project for ’s mock villa was an absolute delight! Spanning approximately 3000 square feet, the vibrant atmosphere is brought to life through striking colours, captivating art installations, and the task of illuminating every corner.

Project: Villa by

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May your celebrations be illuminated by the warmth and wonder of festive lights. Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas! 🎄
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