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Everything's KK

Eudaimonia (n.) "human flourishing"; a contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous

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Timeline photos 17/06/2016

2 weeks to go until the ! Very cool to do a little jog along the course this weekend ✌

Timeline photos 16/06/2016

I already know this weekend is going to have plenty of fun and laughs with lots of storytelling and adventures! We're pretty much going to find all the solutions to the world's problems and how to make our future's fortune with minimal effort, for max return. I'll let you know how that goes! 😂😂😂

Timeline photos 12/06/2016

Food that is so flavoursome and amazing - and people criticise a paleo way of life 👌

Timeline photos 10/06/2016

What an incredibly, insightful and empowering week in Melbourne at the Australian Childhood Foundation Trauma Conference! Today I was fortunate enough to listen to .dansiegel speak - the guru of mindfulness! The wheel of awareness, presence, the hub, the plane of possibility, mwe!! My mind is full! 😊

Timeline photos 05/06/2016

Between leaving cold and dreary Rads and arriving in rainy and bitterly cold Melbs, this was the nicest looking sky - high above clouds 😨 melbs

Timeline photos 29/05/2016

Good morning Moonta Moonta (you have to say it twice for each person's 2 heads!!) Let's make it a good week 😄

Timeline photos 29/05/2016

Sunday morning runs when the sun's out! Only 5 weeks until the EEK!!! 😨 to go

Timeline photos 25/05/2016

Lunchtime treats at the best cafe on Yorkes 👌

What Starting Your Day With Exercise Does To Your Psyche 23/05/2016

Morning exercise has you doing something that is consistent with your values while seeing the birth of a new day -- which is actually a really positive thing ✌

What Starting Your Day With Exercise Does To Your Psyche Whether it’s morning or night that you hit the gym, there’s no question exercise is good for our cardiovascular health, muscle fitne and general wellbeing. Many studies tell us as far as phy

Timeline photos 02/05/2016

My faith in the goodness of man kind is some what restored after reading this story 😊 Be one of the good people in the world, not one of the morons that give strangers a bad name!

After finding out a 93-year-old woman was trying to mow her lawn, two strangers, Rodney and Terrence, rushed to her assistance. And this isn't the first time the boys from the U.S. have done this... They often mow lawns for the disabled, the elderly and for single mums, free of charge. Hats off to you guys! Photo: Rodney Smith Jr.

Timeline photos 26/04/2016

The long road to marathon completion! I've somehow got to find an extra 17ks on top of this morning's efforts 😦

Timeline photos 24/04/2016

Healthy Sundays are the best Sundays 👌

Study Finds Travel Makes You A Better Human 21/04/2016

We all love a great holiday, but too often we make excuses for not biting the bullet and booking that break away! "I can't afford it", "I'm too busy", "I've only got a couple weeks of leave left". Just do it!! Here are some added bonuses of making memories 👌

Study Finds Travel Makes You A Better Human Taking a holiday can help you lose weight, gain confidence and even improve your s*x life.

Timeline photos 19/04/2016

When there are too many options in the fridge and you have to choose just one 😂

Timeline photos 16/04/2016

S**t afternoon up the river 👌

Timeline photos 13/04/2016

"If it were easy everybody would do it. But it's not. It takes commitment, it takes patience and it comes with plenty of failure along the way".

This sums up the past 2 years of doing extra study! Huge learning journey in the literal sense, but personally too. Thanks to everyone who supported me, believed in me, housed me and generally put up with my stress!

Timeline photos 10/04/2016

My current obsession :: nuts about walnuts 👌

Timeline photos 04/04/2016

Apparently this is what the suburb next door to Struggletown looks like!! 😂😂😂 Thanks

Timeline photos 03/04/2016

This is the face of a person absolutely exhausted but pretty proud of themselves too 😊 21 is the number of clicks covered this morning at the Clare Valley half marathon!

Timeline photos 27/03/2016

WE ARE :: 🍐

Timeline photos 11/03/2016

Delish start to our Foodie weekend on thr EP ::

Timeline photos 08/03/2016

Here's to strong women :: may we know them, may we be them and may we raise them 😙 a couple of my fave gals right here! H A P P Y International Women's Day!

Timeline photos 07/03/2016

Right on Dr Libby ✌

The Top 10 Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Adelaide 04/03/2016

Well this is a little depressing... if you know me well you'd know brunch is my favourite meal of the day! I've only been to 1 out of the 10 best breakfast spots in Rads (according to this list)! How many of them have you been to?

Lets brunch please!! 😊😊😊

The Top 10 Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Adelaide Whether you're after a Big Breakfast with all the trimmings, or just a cute and colourful cupcake and espresso, Adelaide has the brunch spot for you.

Timeline photos 21/02/2016

I've been a little MIA on fb lately. Life post holidays has been crazy busy! I've started a new job and winter sport commitments have been cranking up. Although I've been super busy, life is good!

This morning though I caught up with my fave young gal and heard about all her boarding school adventures. Makes my heart smile hearing her happy 😊 Chilled weekends are the best!

Breakfast with a view 👌 and good company too 😊

Timeline photos 24/01/2016

3 weeks, 134 towns & 5,313kms later and we're home! What a beautiful country Australia is. Diverse in all aspects: landscapes, people and weather! So grateful to be able to travel this big wide world 😊 Ps. I promise all the holiday posts will stop - back to reality tomorrow!

Timeline photos 22/01/2016

Instagrammer accounts are full of beautiful, lush photos that essentially imply one's life is fabulous ALL THE TIME! My page would certainty allude to that at the moment too, and that's because it's true, it has been fabulous for the last 6 weeks while I've been on holidays! But the fact of the matter is... life isn't always rainbows and skittles, there are days that aren't so rosey!
For the last 2 days I've been confined to the seat of this car. 21 hours driving across our big, fat country! It certainly is a diverse land we live in, from rolling mountain ranges to flat, barron paddocks. I've seen it all! The long haul drive or flight home is the unfortunate part of travel. But without it, fabulous days and memories wouldn't be made! Remember, your outlook on events inevitably shapes the life you live! 😊😊😊

“Lleyton, we didn’t always love you, but we do today.” 21/01/2016

Honest and true sentiments. Good job Ley Ley 😊

“Lleyton, we didn’t always love you, but we do today.” An era has ended.

Timeline photos 14/01/2016

Just your casual morning stroll through a rainforest ✌

Timeline photos 11/01/2016

Well this certainly is a rarity for me to see :: the first light of the day! It's going to be a good one 😊